Five Nights in Paris

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Chapter Twelve

Adrien, October seven years ago

“I think we should just stay in,” I declared happily as I watched Holly stand half-naked in front of the full-length mirror. She held a silver cocktail dress in front of her, this had to of been her tenth choice, she was terrified nothing was good enough for my parents.

“We’re going, you were all happy about it yesterday - what changed?” she asked as she huffed and threw the dress off to the side.

“Seeing you naked, your ass looks like it’s in desperate need of being paddled.” Again, and this time I’ll make sure you have bruises.

She smirked in the mirror and tried to hide her giggle. “I promised your mom…”

“That I would spank you? That’s a bit odd you know,” I teased. She blushed bright pink. “Ma mere would understand if we didn’t go.”

She turned, pouted at me and clasped her arms behind her back to force her chest out. “But I want to go to a party.”

My cock started to harden as she moved slowly towards the bed. “Chaton, I don’t like a tease,” I warned. My eyes roamed over her hungrily, the dangling royal blue stone at her naval glittered with each step as she swayed her hips deliberately.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The Cheshire smile that formed on her lips made me clench my jaw.

Holly stood at the foot of the bed and bit her lip as she watched me through hooded eyes. The black lace panties that sat low on her hips were the only things standing between me and her cunt. I lunged across the bed; reaching for her as she squealed and bolted for the door. I was out of the bed and on her heels in an instant, she fumbled with the locked door to the study and I caged my arms around her. She was so soft and a bit cold to the touch. Probably need to turn the air off.

“Where did you think you were going to run to?” I tried to mask my amusement by kissing her shoulder.

“The spare room, but you got up quicker than I thought,” she whispered with a breathy laugh as I rubbed my scruff on her throat.

I glanced at the door to the study and my heart stuttered; I had kept it locked since I brought the easel home three weeks ago, afraid that she would stumble upon it before I was ready to show her. But right then, as I stood with her in front of the door, all I could think about was giving her the present.

“How would you react if I told you I wanted to give you a present?” I blurted.

Holly twisted in my arms to give me a dramatic eye roll. “Butt plugs aren’t a present, we’ve been over this.”

I disagree. “It’s not a butt plug,” I stated flatly.

She tilted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes at me before she responded; “Oh?”

I loosened my hold on her and retrieved my keys from my bag in the kitchen when I came back Holly had her arms crossed over her chest and watched me quizzically. My heart was pounding, and I tried to hide my shaking hand from her as I unlocked the door. I wanted her to like it, more than anything I didn’t want her to leave because I was trying to change the nature of our relationship.

I shoved my hands in my pockets as I forced a smile and gestured to the door with my elbow. She pushed the door open and stepped into the darkened room with her brow furrowed, I followed behind her and flicked the light on. Holly stilled, completely frozen as she stared at the easel in the corner beside my desk. I moved around her slowly, my nails digging into my palm as I tried not to broadcast my uncertainty to her, her eyes were wide, mouth open, and she reached out to swat my arm repeatedly.

“Adrien,” she whispered. “That’s for me?”

“You said you missed painting,” I said quietly.

The speed at which Holly turned and threw herself at me, jumping up and wrapping her legs around my waist, made me gasp and start to laugh as I held her tightly.

She attacked me with kisses, on my cheek, neck, shoulder, even my hair wasn’t safe from the onslaught. “I love it,” she gasped out.

She kept repeating it over and over, her hands clutched at my neck and her thighs squeezed tightly around me. The elation I felt was like a high; nothing to bring me down, and completely addictive. What else can I give you? That was a dangerous thought because I knew deep down that I wanted to give her more, and if I allowed myself to give in that there would be nothing to stop me - even if she didn’t want it.

I set her down gently and watched with a wide smile as she looked over every piece with growing excitement. She raved about the colour palette, stroked the easel lovingly and assessed each brush closely before telling me about what she would paint and when. I could have listened to her animated excitement all day, watching the way her eyes sparkled and the face splitting grin as she raved about the pigment quality.

When Holly suddenly pulled me down for a long, hard kiss I almost jumped out of my skin from her sudden change in demeanour. My arms came around her again and I lifted her onto the desk, in a quick motion, she had her hand down my sweats and gripped my cock as her tongue traced mine.

I sighed and adjusted my bowtie for the hundredth time, I really hated to wear full black-tie formal attire. The Carrousel du Louvre was lit up in a mix of scarlet red lights and warm gold hues. The towering skylight showcased the star-speckled night sky, underneath, people crowded around in huge groups. Tables surrounded the gathering area; the glittering crystal and china sat upon gold silk table dressings with brilliant rose centrepieces. Holly gripped my arm tightly as her eyes moved around the room, her face suddenly pale as she tried to get closer to me.

“This is a lot,” she whispered close to my shoulder.

I nodded. “Oui, but this is still not as big as ma mere has done before. She really goes all out for Christmas parties.”

I shifted my arm out Holly’s grip so I could rub her back reassuringly. The dress she wore was a stunning teal floor-length gown with a halter neckline, a hidden slit up the side, and a sash at her waist to emphasize her figure. Her hair was done in a braided updo, little glittering pins and clips shone under the lights and made her look almost ethereal. It had taken a lot more convincing to get her to accept the gown as a present, but she didn’t have anything with her that would be appropriate for this type of event. Trou du cul. I really wasn’t trying to be a dick; I just didn’t want her to stand out with a cocktail dress in a room full of evening gowns.

I guided us down the steps into the throng and my grip on her tightened as she leaned into my side. I scanned the room solemnly; I knew Emilie wasn’t here this evening and was mildly disappointed that I wouldn’t get to introduce her to Holly. But off to the side, laughing loudly, was ma mere et mon pere. I took a deep breath and smiled down at Holly, she smiled softly in return and I gestured towards my parents.

“Please, s’il vous plait, don’t take anything he says too seriously,” I begged. “He can be a twat.”

Holly laughed as I led us over to them. Inside I felt like I was about to step into a raging fire, outside I tried to appear at ease and relaxed with her. But I knew mon pere, and I knew how he was prone to treating women I brought around like gold diggers.

As if he could read my mind his eyes met mine and almost instantly narrowed as he noticed Holly attached to my side. Ma mere noticed us next and dragged him over, her eyes crinkled at the corners as her smile grew wider.

Ma mere,” I murmured as she kissed my cheeks

She kissed a distinctly embarrassed Holly before she gestured to mon pere. “Holly, we’re so happy you came. This is my husband, Charles.”

He pursed his lips as Holly reached a hand out to him, a futile invitation but sweet nonetheless. “Hi, thank you so much for having me here,” she said with a well-practiced and disarming pageant smile.

He shook Holly’s hand with a blank expression. “An American, how charming. When I heard you were bringing company, I assumed it would be Emilie,” he said dryly.

It’s been over a year, drop it already. “That would be rude considering my relationship with Holly.” I rubbed her arm as I pulled her into my side, her arm wrapped around my waist and I felt my stomach flutter in an unfamiliar way.

“Yes, and how long has this one been? A week? Two, perhaps?” he asked in a bored voice.

“Charles be nice,” ma mere whispered. “If he’s happy it’s none of our business.”

Mon pere rolled his eyes and excused himself to visit a group of his equally vile friends. Ma mere offered Holly an apologetic smile and thanked her profusely before she went to join the MC on the stage for her speech.

“I’m not sure what I should be offended more by; the charming American comment or being called ‘company’.”

I snickered as I guided Holly to our table. “That’s probably the tamest thing he’s referred to the women I’ve brought around before, but I am sorry.”

She patted my arm reassuringly. “It’s fine, it could have been worse. Are you going to tell me who the elusive Emilie is?”

“A close friend, an ex-girlfriend. We went to the same private school and our fathers worked together, mon pere has been obsessed with us getting together for a long time.” I shrugged and threw my arm over the back of the leather chair.

Holly’s eyebrows shot up as she accepted a glass of chardonnay. “So, I’m competing with an ex?”

My lip twitched as I hid my smirk. “I think only girlfriends can be competing with exes,” I said slyly.

She shifted away and watched the crowds with sudden intense interest. I gazed at her with a heavy heart; I didn’t know how long I could go along with this game but being here like this reminded me how much I wanted the white lie to be true.

“Emilie almost always hosts a New Year party; I’d like you to meet her and that would probably be the most convenient time…”

Holly faced me again and smiled. “That sounds good to me.”

We had dinner and listened to an endless amount of speeches Ma mere thanked countless people for the latest acquisition for the company, at one point I joined her on stage as well to lead a toast. The other guests at our table grilled Holly with questions all throughout dinner, they wanted to know about school, her family, there was a not so subtle question about her parent’s careers and I knew they were trying to find out her financial background. She cast me a pleading look that I used as an opportunity to steal her away to the dance floor.

“Did that woman just ask how much my dad makes? Or did I imagine that?” She asked incredulously.

I held her close as we swayed to the band’s song. “Aunt Eleanor loves an opportunity to talk about money…” Holly was quiet and my stomach flipped. “Je suis desole, chaton. I’m sorry.”

She nuzzled into my neck and her embrace tightened. “It’s fine.” There was a long silence before she spoke again, “No, actually it’s not alright. We’ve never talked about…you know, the money stuff.”

Merde. “The money stuff?”

She pulled back to meet my gaze, her deep blue eyes reminded me of the water when we went sailing. “You know what I mean Adrien; the easel wasn’t cheap, neither were those paints, and I don’t even want to mention this dress.”

“Is that a problem?” Say no.

“No, but I don’t know, I just-- there’s no tactful way to ask…” She trailed off.

Our movements slowed as the song ended and I felt like I was being put on the spot. “I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world Holly, I think that’s a good enough answer.”

A shadow passed across her face and she excused herself. I watched as she left me standing there and I wanted to punch myself. Foutre. Fuck. I ran my hand through my hair and went to follow her when a hand clamped down on my shoulder. I turned and came face to face with mon pere.

“What do you want?” I snapped.

He narrowed his eyes. “Don’t be a cunt, I want to know what you’re playing at.”

“Nothing, I brought a date, it’s not a crime. Ma mere insisted she come.” I wanted her to come as well, but I didn’t want the night to end like this.

“A suitable date would have been Emilie, not a child.”

“Holly is not a child, and you don’t get to sit here and call her names. Emilie and I have been done for over a year, get over it.” I struggled to keep my voice down as I glared back at him.

I didn’t wait for his response as I went off to find Holly, my chest heavy and desperate to apologize and bring her home. I froze as I saw her in the garden, her back to the doors but still clearly wiping her eyes.

I pushed the door open and stood there for a moment. “Holly?” She spun around and the first thing I saw was the tears glistening in her eyes. “Oh, chaton, come here,” I whispered as I pulled her to me. My hands rubbed firmly up and down her back as her fingers dug into my jacket.

“Everyone in there thinks the same thing,” she sobbed. “These women in the bathroom-- I’m sorry.”

“We can go back to the apartment, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for the night to go like this.”

“Do you think I’m here for your money?” she demanded. She wiped her eyes and pulled away.

“No,” I assured her calmly. “It’s just how they are, and you aren’t the first that they’ve made accusations about.”

I kissed her cheek and she insisted on staying a while longer. I waited while she cleaned up and we went back inside. I didn’t leave her side for the rest of our night; my arm around her waist, refusing to leave her out of conversations and bristling at even a sideways glance in her direction. I wasn’t letting them make her about to be a monster, she didn’t deserve that.

It was long after midnight when we were headed back to the apartment, I stood unlocking the door as she stood slumped against my back. I pulled her inside and unzipped her dress for her after tossing my jacket haphazardly on the couch. I was caught off guard when Holly wrapped her arms around me and tucked her head against my chest.

“Thank you,” she mumbled. “It was still a good night, even if your dad is a dick.”

I laughed and kissed her hair. “Please don’t think that I have ever, or will ever, see you as a gold-digger. It comes with the territory Holly, if you want to come to these parties then you have to play the games.”

She gazed up at me with a mixture of adoration and incredulity. I knew she could stand up against other people and their harsh comments, but I didn’t want her to think for even a moment that I had ever seen her as someone out for superficial means.

“I’m not afraid of what other people are going to say,” she said defiantly.

“Good,” I said. “Now get on your knees and beg to suck my cock like a good girl.”

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