Five Nights in Paris

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Chapter Seventeen

Holly, Present day

When I got back to the apartment I had to get my ass in gear, we needed to leave in two hours to catch the train to Marseille, a three-hour ride, and I needed to look nice enough for a party in the richest area of France. Adrien was waiting for me as soon as I stepped in the door, sprawled across the couch in jeans and an orange V-neck sweater. He got up instantly, padding across the living room to pull me in for a deep kiss.

“We have to get ready,” I mumbled against his mouth. “The train--”

He cut me off, “I chartered a jet, the ride is only an hour-long, we have plenty of time.” At my shocked face, he chuckled. “Come with me, I have something set up for us.”

Who charters a jet? He pulled me along behind him, excitement building and taking over from the immense confusion. We entered into the entertainment room, the dark red walls dimly lit by the sconces, and the projector off. He turned around to face me, his hands coming up to cradle my face as he gazed at me intently.

“I can undress you, or you can strip for me,” he said, his voice was firm and gruff.

I drew in a shaky breath and reached for the zipper on my top, pulling it slowly and deliberately. I was braless and instantly my nipples hardened in the cool air, he hands roamed my body as I kicked off my heels and quickly unbuttoned my pants. When I pulled my hair down from its bun he took a step back to stare at me intently, I started to wrap my arms around my waist and instantly he seized my hands in his. I gazed up at him, vulnerable and shaky and wishing he would kiss me again.

“Can I undress you, Master?” I asked softly.

He stepped closer to me, smiling warmly as he allowed me to pull his shirt off. He refused to let me take his pants off though, only the belt and to undo the buttons. He led me over to the massively oversized recliner, sat down, and had me sit in his lap before letting the footrest up so I was forced to lean back against him.

“You seem to really like this position,” I remarked.

“It’s quite good for control and,” his knees parted - pushing mine out further as well. “That’s an added bonus. Now watch the screen.”

I shivered at the feeling of his mouth on my ear and stared straight ahead, instantly the screen lit up. I watched as a shaky camera panned up to long slender legs draped across a plaid bedspread. Oh my God, I can’t believe he still has this. Our sex tape, the first one, that we had filmed seven years ago.

“I was thinking about this earlier, and I wanted to show you what I see.”

I watched the footage open-mouthed and shocked. I looked so different; I was much slimmer, my breasts were smaller, my hips narrower, and my hair far curlier and shorter. My breath caught in my throat as the camera came in close to my face, I was staring beyond the lens to the person behind it, laughing at something he said. My lipstick was bright pink, slightly smudged, and my eyes were huge - fully dilated and staring in awe.

The lipstick was atrocious. “That color looked awful on me,” I muttered.

He kissed my shoulder and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. “You look stunning, then and now.”

The camera moved back, and I watched myself kneel on the bed, my hands roaming from my tits to my completely bare pussy. The younger me started to masturbate and I dug nails into Adrien’s arms as I watched, unable to look away.

“You never took your eyes off me,” he whispered. “Not for a second. Do you remember what you told me?”

I swallowed hard. “That I wanted to put on a show for you.”

Adrien’s hand came up to grip my neck, the other moving down to stroke my pussy softly. His fingers moved across my slick folds, carefully avoiding my clitoris. I could feel his cock starting to harden under me and I moaned, grinding down on him. His hand tightened a fraction and I gasped lightly. The younger me fell back against the bed, legs spread and fingering myself. I felt my cheeks get hot as I watched the lewd act.

Why was it so embarrassing watching myself? I watched as I pulled my digits out and brought them to my mouth, the camera came close to my face again as I licked them. I felt my own wetness starting to coat Adrien’s fingers and my thighs, all too soon he pulled his hand back and I whimpered in protest. The onscreen me reached for something out of the shot and I held my breath, when my hand came back into focus I was holding a small silver vibrator. Adrien reached down beside the chair and I closed my eyes, trying to prepare myself.

"Chaton, look,” he growled.

I opened my eyes as the sounds of my moaning started filling the room. Adrien’s movement caught my attention and I glanced down. Oh shit. He held a Hitachi wand, cordless, and poised mere inches from my clit. He shifted his grip higher on my throat to pull me back harder against his chest.

“I want you to watch the screen.” His voice was harsh, commanding, and I loved it.

I cried out as he turned the vibrator on, directly on the most sensitive spot and I was unable to squirm away. I did as he told me to though, watching as the film version of me writhed on the bed in ecstasy. Adrien’s hand came into the shot, sliding up my torso to play with my tits. I threw my head back as I felt my orgasm getting closer, muscles tensing, my pussy aching desperately. Through the loudspeaker I heard him telling me to come, telling the younger me to come. My toes curled and my back arched as I screamed out, his hand constricting on my neck and white sparks flowering behind my eyelids. My wetness flowed seemingly endlessly, bathing my thighs and his. I ground my teeth together as my pussy tightened on nothing and another orgasm started building.

Ripples of torturous pleasure shot through me, pushing me higher and higher until I couldn’t go any further. “Master, please!” I choked out.

The vibrations stopped instantly, the wand pulled away from my oversensitive clit and I scrambled to turn around. I kissed Adrien hard, my tongue stroking his and my hands grasping at his neck. His hands moved fast, shifting me upwards so he could free his hard cock. Distantly I could hear us through the speakers - me begging him to fuck me harder. I reached between us to ease myself down on his length.

“Am I still that whiny?” I asked breathlessly.

He laughed but didn’t answer as I fucked him, my hands braced on his chest while I rose and fell against him. His palms slid up my thighs to my hips, urging me to go faster and harder. I leaned back and gripped the armrests, every one of his thrusts pumped his cock further into me until I was moaning in delicious pleasure as he hit my cervix. He sat up suddenly, I wrapped my arms around his neck and his mouth found my throat, sucking and biting hard at the junction of my shoulder. My hips shifted slightly, my eyes rolled back as the curve of his cock stroked my g-spot.

“Do you want to come, chaton?” Adrien growled, his teeth raking my jaw.

I begged, my voice hoarse and low as I pleaded for him to make me come. His grip tightened and I fucked him back harder. His breathing hitched and his hands came up to clutch my hair, balling it tightly around his fists and forcing my mouth apart with his. I pushed my hips down and ground against him, he groaned, and I felt his cock pulse. Time stood still, my body felt like it was on fire as I came - my pussy clenched around him and I shivered as my breathing started to even out again. My head drooped to rest against his shoulder, Adrien cupped my cheek and urged me to look up at him.

“You were never whiny Holly, you were needy - and I loved it as much then as I do now,” he murmured, rubbing his cheek against mine.

I huffed in mock outrage. “I was going to be nice and help you clean this chair, but now I think you should do it yourself.”

Adrien laughed loudly and pulled me back with him, his fingers running through my hair as we laid together.


I stood in front of the mirror in the walk-in closet, assessing my dress with uncertainty. Not quite knee length, fit and flare, and stark white with brilliant red embroidered roses. I turned and frowned, maybe backless wasn’t appropriate for someone’s anniversary party. Adrien’s wolf whistle made me giggle and turn to him, he stood leaning against the door jam in a towel.

“Gorgeous,” he murmured. “I have something to go with it.”

I glanced at him in confusion as he pulled open one of the cabinets and retrieved a small black box. My mouth went dry as I stared down at the H W on the lid.

“Adrien...” I whispered.

He opened the box and two diamond ear studs on wires sat nestled in the black velvet. “Let me help you.”

I gazed at him in the mirror as he put one of the earrings in for me. “You didn’t need to do this--”

"Ma chere, these have been waiting here for you for seven years. Stop fretting.”

I watched as he inserted the other earring and I reached up to touch it daintily. “I think pearls would go better with the dress.” I feigned a sigh of annoyance.

He grinned and stroked his hand down my arm. “I already gave you a pearl necklace in the shower yesterday.”

I swatted at him as he went to get dressed and turned back to the mirror, trying to create some form of moral outrage. I wanted to be distressed that he was giving me jewellery worth more than anything I could ever afford, I also wanted to be distressed that it came on the heels of us having sex. But I wasn’t, not even a little. The earrings were stunning, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least somewhat materialistic.

Adrien had pulled out a brocade suit, a red and gold rose pattern that matched my dress well, and I thought it was sweet that he tried so hard to look like a well put together couple. We finished getting ready and had a taxi bring us to the airport, an event in which he cursed his parents nonstop for having the Maybach sent back to the Marseille estate already. While the entire concept of chartering a jet to fly to another city was baffling to me, I had to admit it was a pretty decent way to travel. Hideously expensive, completely unnecessary, but luxurious and more comfortable than I could ever ask for. Adrien had balked at the idea of having the Maybach pick us up though, instead insisting on having the Aston Martin ready for him. Apparently, the chauffeur was only preferable to have when in the city, now that we had a wide-open highway to travel on, he wanted to drive.

“I think collecting cars is supposed to wait until you’re in your forties, otherwise you don’t have much else to buy when you hit your midlife crisis,” I said as I watched him stroke the hood lovingly.

Adrien smirked. “You say that now, but when I bend you across the front end there won’t be any complaints.”

I rolled my eyes but smiled as I slipped into the passenger seat. His hand rested on my knee as we raced down the highway, my heart rate picked up and I placed my hand over his, suddenly filled with adrenaline as trees became blurs around us. I pushed myself back in the seat slightly, my hand gripping his harder as I felt the car accelerating again. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the speedometer.

I don’t know if I was relieved or disappointed when the estate came into view; the combination of vibrations and adrenaline had me more turned on than I thought I could be after the events of the afternoon, but I certainly wasn’t up for any other naughtiness considering I was still a bit sore.

The estate was just as stunning as I remembered - a towering white mansion with eight floors done in a classic baroque style, glowing warmly against the night sky, and trees flanking the driveway as we approached the grand entrance hall. Twinkling lights and candles surrounded the cobblestone around the fountain and guided us down a path to the back yard while the valet took the car. Adrien held out his arm and I gladly took it, hanging off him as we strolled through the canopy of semi-sheer drapery and rose hedges.

“This is so beautiful,” I murmured.

Adrien raised my hand to his lips and my breath hitched when he kissed it lightly. If an American guy ever kissed my hand, I’d think he was trying to be an asshole. As the path opened into the expansive backyard, I scanned the space for Blanche and Charles. There had to be over two hundred people, most mingling around the stone fence overlooking the cliffside, others sitting at tables or dancing on the newly built stage. The band was near the pool, a jazz singer crooned seductively, and I wanted nothing else but to dance with Adrien while she sang.

Adrien nudged me. ”Ma mere et mon pere.”

I glanced over and smiled, waving lightly at his parents. Blanche looked stunning in a shimmery white, empire-waist gown; her hair pulled up into a twisty updo with locks artfully hanging around her face. She smiled widely as soon as she noticed us, pulling Charles with her to come to talk. Charles looked less enthused, regarding me with narrow eyes and a clenched jaw. He had put decidedly less effort into his outfit than his wife, opting for a plain charcoal gray suit, the jacket open and sleeves pushed up. It was startling how much Adrien looked like his father; the hair, his stature, even the way he frowned, the only difference was his eyes - Adrien had his mother’s beautiful green eyes.

Blanche kissed her son’s cheeks before throwing her arms around me. ”Mon ange! I’m so happy you came.”

“I couldn’t stay away from you Blanche; I’d miss you too much,” I said as she ran her hand through my hair.

"Mon pere, I’m sure you remember Holly,” Adrien said forcefully, returning his father’s intense stare.

“The American,” Charles replied sourly.

And so, it begins. I smiled tight-lipped at him, willing myself to not be a dick back. Adrien slipped his arm out of my hold to wrap around my waist, pulling me close. I glanced up at him and silently pleaded to not have him start an argument. I caught Blanche staring at Adrien’s hand, and the knowing smile she cast me. My stomach twisted painfully as I thought about Ian’s article again, and what she might think of me about it. I hoped she wouldn’t resent me for not being able to do anything.

“Blanche, may I speak with you privately?” I asked, ignoring the huff from Charles.

She looked perplexed but agreed and escorted me into the house, fetching champagne from the counter as I tried to find my balls. I leaned against the kitchen island, idly chewing my bottom lip as I thought of the most tactful approach. “That interview with Ian--” I began before she cut me off.

“Oui, yes, did he get enough material? I can always call Vivienne over again if you’d like - she loves to visit.”

“No - I mean, thank you, but that’s not what I was going to say.” I paused and downed the rest of my flute. “You told Ian something about your company closing, and he intends to publish it.”

Blanche’s eyes narrowed, confusion taking over. “Yes, I suppose I did...It occurs to me that Adrien must not have told you what was going on?”

What? “I have no idea what you mean.”

She poured us each another glass. ”Mon ange, you should let your boss know that the company is not closing. Adrien will take over as a figurehead until they find a suitable replacement, he and I discussed it on Wednesday.”

Two days after the interview, when I went out with Ian for drinks. “Oh, that’s good to hear.” I didn’t know what else to say.

She took the flute from me and set it down, gazing at me intently. I couldn’t look away from her if I wanted to, it was too much like the way Adrien looked at me when he was worried. “Is there something wrong? You know I’m always here to help in any way I can.”

I told her everything, what Ian had told me, what he planned to do, and what happened at the hotel. I omitted the bits with the name-calling but otherwise, I felt she should know what he planned. I apologized profusely for not telling her sooner, for not telling Adrien, and for not being able to stop Ian. She was silent for a long time, listening to me patiently, and nodding along.

“I never planned on closing the business, only leaving the company,” she began. “However, I was having issues finding someone to take over my position since Adrien no longer wanted to. He and I had a long discussion on the matter, and he has agreed to stand in while I’m staying in London.”

“While you stay in London? I thought you and Charles were retiring, do you plan on returning?” I asked, confused at why she would be coming back to the company. I didn’t want to be rude, but Blanche and Charles were in their late sixties, I assumed they would retire for good.

A shadow passed across her face before she spoke. “We are returning to London while I undergo cancer treatment, I’m hoping to come back to the company, but things aren’t clear as of yet...”

My heart clenched painfully, and I was the one that pulled her into a tight hug this time. I fought back the tears that welled up as I thought about Blanche in the hospital for treatment. I couldn’t believe Adrien hadn’t told me. And with another pang, I remembered that we had only been speaking again for a week, of course, he wouldn’t have told me that his mother had been diagnosed. She gave me more assurance that whatever Ian planned to have printed wouldn’t affect her, and happily told me that it would just appear to be a very incorrect rumor.

The relief I felt as we stepped back into the cool night air was massive, I was lighter than I could ever remember feeling but short-lived as I realized that I had put spending time with Adrien’s mom above calling my own, or responding to any of her five emails that I hadn’t even read. I resolved to call her in the morning. I congratulated Blanche and Charles and Adrien dragged me off towards the center of the yard to dance. I smiled up at him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and his wrapped around my waist. We swayed lightly to the soft violin and piano, I closed my eyes as the strong breeze carried the scent of saltwater and fresh flowers.

“Are you and my mother plotting something?”

I opened my eyes, meeting Adrien’s amused gaze. “Yes, we’re plotting to see just how much I can piss off your father without even saying a word. I’ve been upgraded from ‘your company’ to just ‘the American’ though, that has to count for something”

He looked past me to the house and smiled crookedly. “That’s easy enough, I think he’s already set about calling you a gold digger to his friends.”

I frowned at Adrien. “You know it doesn’t help my cause when you charter a jet and gift me earrings that cost more than a year’s worth of rent. I really don’t want him to hate me forever.”

He looked down at me, bemused and clearly annoyed. “It doesn’t matter what he thinks, or anyone else for that matter. I do what I like and buying stuff for you is one of the things I like.”

“Well I don’t like having people talk about me like that Adrien, we just had this discussion about Ian,” I snapped, irritated that he didn’t see the issue.

“Forget I said anything,” he muttered.

“I’m not going to ‘forget’ it. You do this on purpose, using me as a prop to irritate your father puts me in a shitty position.” This wasn’t the place to be having this fight, but I couldn’t let it go.

“I don’t use you on purpose, I just want him to know that you aren’t going away just because he wants you to.” His tone softened and I could hear the resigned sadness.

“You have to see how it looks to him,” I urged. “I show up in a foreign country, start screwing around with my teaching assistant, and then he gives me presents. I disappear and come back years later, and now you’re flying me around and I’m spending days on end in your luxury apartment - wearing things I could never afford.” I saw his jaw clench for a fraction as he shut his eyes before tilting my chin up, the intense look he gave me made me defrost a bit.

“I wish you didn’t worry about what he thought,” his voice was low, commanding, and hushed - Masters voice, I shivered unintentionally and rested my head on his shoulder. “I like seeing you wear the jewelry I give you because it feels like a collar to me, it makes you mine, and when you wear it around it feels like you’re carrying me with you. It’s not a sex game out here, it’s a very literal tether to me and for me.”

Why am I alright with being marked like a piece of property? I reached out and kissed him softly, his mouth opening against mine but pulled back before the kiss got too heated. “I am yours, with or without the jewelry, or any other gifts.”

He whispered low in my ear, “I’m selfish, Holly. I like seeing you wear the jewellery I buy you, the clothes, dinners, and getting to give you those things fulfills a need in me to take care of you. I know exactly why that sounds horrible and wrong, but I want it, I want you to rely on me because it makes me feel good. I’m not asking you to give up your agency, I just want to give you material things from time to time and anyone who’s bothered by it can fuck off.”

I had never felt more conflicted then, dancing in a garden behind a mansion as Adrien told me that he wanted to buy me things because it made him happy. He didn’t care if I didn’t want him to take care of me like that, and I felt like the biggest whore in whore town as it slowly set in that I liked it. Or at least some of it. I enjoyed the gifts, travel, dinners, or any other little thing he wanted to give me, but it was against everything I had ever wanted for myself, everything I was taught and raised to believe. I tried to reason with myself that it didn’t make me a prostitute or a gold digger to like having him spend money on me.

“I don’t like how that makes me feel,” I mumbled against him. “I like the gifts, but I don’t like the idea that it ties me to you like a leash. We already have a leash for exactly that purpose.”

He laughed into my hair and we kept dancing. We could revisit this subject when we weren’t at a party celebrating another couple’s love. Tonight needed to be a good night, tomorrow would be my last day in Paris and I wanted everything to be perfect.

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