Five Nights in Paris

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Chapter Eighteen

Adrien, December 31st seven years ago

“We have to go,” Holly mumbled against me. “Adrien--”

I sighed and pulled away, she was right, we needed to leave before we convinced each other to stay in. “I’ll call for the car, you finish getting ready.”

She smiled widely at me and turned back to the closet, her hair flaring outward and faintly brushing against my face. That smile could make me do anything she wanted, and I think she knew that. I watched her ass sway as she walked and I wondered, briefly, if I could convince her to go without panties under her dress. Reluctantly I looked away, pulling out my phone to call down to the doorman. We had a driver tonight, but he would be driving my Jag and I was bitter about it. I should have brought the Pullman back into town, then we could enjoy ourselves some more. Oh well, nothing to be done about it now. I checked myself in the mirror one more time; red sateen dress shirt, black jeans, matching leather belt and shoes. I frowned, maybe a jacket was a good idea, it would be cold on the Tower when I brought her there. She had no idea we were going and the more I thought more about it the more anxious I became. We had officially been sleeping together for four months, and I had been biting my tongue for at least two now - I wanted more and I had no idea if she wanted that too. She was so guarded and even aloof at times that I couldn’t be sure that she returned my feelings at all, and some cynical part of me wondered if that was her way of telling me she wasn’t interested in anything else. She said she wanted platonic intimacy when we first started screwing around, but it wasn’t enough for me anymore. I tried not to dwell on it as I waited for Holly in the foyer, fidgeting impatiently with my watch.

“Do you think this is too short? I don’t want to be dressed too slutty; it’d be awkward” Holly’s voice carried from the hallway.

My mouth went dry, the dress was beautiful on her, and I couldn’t help the way my heart stuttered when I saw her wearing something I picked out. It was a glittery black slip dress with shiny fringe layered down the front, a plunging neckline emphasized her tits and lack of bra, but it was short, as in just touching above mid-thigh. Her hair was brushed out but several curls still defiantly hung tight around her face, and her pouty lips were coated in a soft pink lipstick. I wanted to see it smeared and faded surrounding her mouth as she sucked my cock, I hoped it would last the rest of the evening. I wanted the heels to stay on as well, the black stilettos brought her up to level with me, making her legs look longer and the dress appeared skimpier.

“It’s perfect,” I paused trying to hide my smile. “Are you wearing panties?”

She blushed the same colour as her lipstick. “Maybe...”

I stepped closer to her, squaring my shoulders and straightening up. “How would you feel about me holding on to them for you?” My voice was low and controlled, I wanted my kitten to come out and play.

Her larkspur blue eyes widened slightly, and her lips parted. She nodded and worked the tiny scrap of material down before crouching to retrieve them and pressing the black lace into my hand. I knew she liked these games; she had slowly started to reveal her desire for exhibitionism, and I was more than happy to play along. I tucked it into the inside breast pocket of my leather jacket, smirking at her shocked expression. I wrapped my arm around her waist as we made our way downstairs, she needed the intimacy when we played games to stay in a good mindset.

“You might get cold; do you want my jacket?” I asked, rubbing her arm.

She smiled at me and rested her head on my shoulder. “No, I’ll steal it from you later when you get too hot.”

I chuckled and opened the door for her, the Jag was waiting for us with the driver already situated. I suppressed my irritation at someone else behind the wheel, it wasn’t the time to be annoyed. I watched as Holly carefully got into the back, keeping her thighs pressed together forcefully. I slid in beside her, she immediately cuddled up close, the smell of coconut and vanilla engulfing me.

“You look really good tonight, are you dressing up for me?” she asked softly, her head resting on my shoulder.

I kissed her hair before answering, “Who else would I be doing it for?”

She didn’t respond, just threaded her fingers through mine and hummed quietly in content. I didn’t want to get out of the car when we got to Emilie’s apartment, I just wanted to stay engulfed in Holly’s scent and the warmth of her. Unfortunately, she felt differently, wanting to dance and drink the night away. I couldn’t be mad at that; I knew how much going to a party for New Years instead of staying in meant to her. I did remind her that Emilie and I had a history, recent history, but had remained close friends and Holly said it didn’t bother her.

Emilie’s apartment was completely different from the last time I was here; the classical style was gone and replaced with a bohemian flair, complete with colourful furniture, beaded curtains and a hookah in the corner. There were people everywhere, groups clustered around talking and dancing to British pop music.

“It’s so tacky, I love it.” Holly looked around the room in amazement.

Chaton, I beg you not to say that in front of her,” I pleaded gently. I didn’t want Emilie ripping Holly’s hair out.

She snorted and spotted a girl across the room that she recognized, she kissed my cheek and went off to join her friend. I smiled as I watched the two women hug chat animatedly. I went on a mission to find the booze before stepping out on the balcony for a smoke. I didn’t do crowds, but I had to try for her.

“Ooh, Adrien Bouchard actually showing up to an event he was invited to - how lucky am I?” Emilie’s exaggerated amazed voice came from the doorway behind me.

“Oui, you should get a picture before I sneak out,” I remarked dryly.

Emilie laughed and perched herself beside me on the railing. Her long ombre hair was curled and teased meticulously, and she wore a silver sequin jumpsuit with the neckline cut down to her navel and matching heels. It was very her. She reached for my cigarette and I huffed, handing it to her and lighting another.

“I missed you, it’s been too long. I heard you were teaching again this year,” she said.

I nodded and smiled. “I am, NYU wanted me back, so I’ll be doing the rest of my placement with them.”

“That’s great to hear! Congrats hun, you deserve it.” She took a long drag as she paused. “I heard you brought a date tonight, a student. You left that out when you were telling me about her.” She grinned wickedly at me, trying to make the word sound as scandalous as possible.

“News travels fast, but yes, she is a student and we came here together.” She’s no longer my student. “I’m not here to gossip about my private life.” I tried not to sound irritated.

“I’ve been elbow deep in your private life since we met, besides - I need the details from the horse’s mouth or I’ll just have to believe the rumours.” Emilie reached for her cocktail as she spoke, stirring it slowly.

I stubbed out my cigarette and glared at the city, unable to hide my sudden anger. “What rumours?”

She waved her hand dismissively as she spoke, “The standard garbage; you’re slumming it, she’s a gold digger, you’re stringing her along, she’s looking for a good grade. It’s honestly pretty basic, I preferred the ones about me baby trapping you when we were together.” She finished her smoke and flicked the butt over the balcony.

I took her untouched cocktail and downed it despite her complaints. “Does mon pere know?”

“Charles called me, he wanted to know ‘what the fuck that cunt has done’. I didn’t know if he meant you or your little pet.” Emilie rolled her eyes, hopped down off the railing and leaned against it instead. I glowered at her and she snickered. “Sorry, I’ll be nice. Mya seems fond of her too, clearly, I’ll have to take a look for myself.”

I chuckled and looked out into the distance, the Eiffel Tower glowing brightly across the river. “I’m taking her to the tower tonight, she doesn’t know yet. I want to tell her I love her.” It felt good to say it out loud, I trusted Emilie to be my support. She looked away, refusing to meet my gaze. “Em? Say something, si’l vous plait.”

She glanced back at me, frowning and looking somewhat guilty. “Adrien, I am happy for you, and she looks very happy too, but I worry about you getting…bored let’s say.”

“I’ve never gotten ‘bored’,” I said, stopping as she glared at me. “I wasn’t bored with you, we fought too much and it got on my nerves. I don’t fight with Holly.”

“We fought because you’re a control freak and you hate compromise,” Emilie snapped, her hands on her hips defiantly.

“Oh, that’s such bullshit! I am not a control freak.” I tried to keep my voice down, trying not to alert the party-goers.

Please! Adrien be honest with yourself; you don’t want a real, fleshed-out girlfriend. You never have. You want a doll that you can play with, dress up, and brush her hair, one that does everything you want when you want.” She craned her neck to look in the window, speaking as she searched the room for Holly, “You want everything your way. She’ll either put up with it and be happy as your little pet or she’ll get wise and grow a backbone, and if she does, you’ll stop wanting her. Just like me, just like Maria, and every girl before.”

My mouth went dry and I was at a loss for words. Was I really a control freak? I swallowed and looked away, thinking back to every ex and every fight, were those really my fault?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for the night to go like this,” Emilie said softly, pulling me out of my thoughts. “I’m sorry if I upset your evening.” She touched my shoulder gently as she went back inside.

I clenched the cold railing tightly, trying to be rational. It takes two to tango, so I couldn’t be the one in the wrong for every breakup. Right? I took a deep steadying breath. My stomach twisted in knots and suddenly the cool air was making me shiver despite my layers.

“Are you gonna stay out here tonight and be a loner?” Holly asked cheerfully. “Emilie is really nice, she offered to go out for lunch with Mya and me later this week.”

I jumped, not realizing she was there but smiled as she wrapped her arms around my waist. “I’m glad to hear that, Chaton. Come, I know you want to dance.” I pulled her with me back inside.

I resolved to not think about it, I wanted to enjoy at least some of the party together. She introduced me to her friend Mya, which I quickly realized was her new TA for our class. They were giggly and excited, drinking copiously and dragging me in on their fun.

We stayed for another two hours, and as much as I didn’t want to drag her away from the festivities, I desperately wanted to bring her to the Eiffel Tower as I planned. Preferably before I sobered up enough to chicken out.

“Wait, we aren’t leaving yet, are we? It’s not even midnight.” Holly asked, clearly disappointed.

I kissed her cheek and ran my hand through her hair. “I have something planned of us; I know I’m dragging you away from the fun, but I promise to make it up to you.” Please Holly, s’il vous plait, don’t be upset with me.

She sighed heavily and glanced back longingly towards the party before she spoke, “I’m holding you to that, Mr. Bouchard.”

I laughed and we said our goodbyes, Emilie hugged her happily and shot me a warm smile, one asking for forgiveness. I would text her later. I guided Holly back to the Jaguar quickly, we didn’t have long before midnight and I wanted to have her at the top of the Tower for the fireworks.

The ride was short, her hand rubbing my knee the whole time and making it difficult to focus on anything else.

“The Eiffel Tower?” she asked, gazing up at me in wonder.

“I said I had something planned, are you still annoyed with me?” I helped her out of the car as I spoke, watching her carefully holding the hem of the dress down in the light breeze.

“Only a little, but it’ll be gone before we go back to your place.” Her tone was casual, but she smiled widely at me and I knew I was forgiven. “You know, I haven’t actually been here yet.”

“Well now you’re going to see it at the best possible time of year, it’s also a fortune to travel here during the holidays so there’s not many tourists,” I assured her.

Holly watched excitedly as the elevator brought us higher and higher, her hand tightening on mine as we reached the top. I squeezed back, sudden anxiety gripping me, and I prayed I wouldn’t start sweating. She released my hand and ran to the railing, looking out at the glowing city. She looked so beautiful, the tower lights made her look like a goddess shimmering in the moonlight, her hair blowing in the breeze and dress fluttering around her. A dress I picked. The lipstick I liked. Going where I wanted to go. Maybe Emilie was right. I swallowed hard and turned away, I needed liquid courage and I figured Holly would enjoy the champagne. When I brought the flutes over and she turned to me, all pink-cheeked and smiling. My heart stuttered as I gazed into her eyes.

“This is so beautiful, thank you.” She threw herself at me in a tight embrace.

I closed my eyes and basked in the moment, as she pulled back, I handed her the glass and we clinked them together. I downed most of it in one go, my throat bone dry and hands clammy. It was now or never, I had to know, I had to tell her. It was a good thing there was a fence around the railing or I might have thrown myself over the edge.

“I wanted to bring you here,” I paused and drank the last little bit in desperation. She gazed at me, confused and interested, I steeled myself and reached out to pull her to me. Her closeness was calming. “You wanted platonic, I know that but I want more, I need more. I want it to be real, I want you to be my girlfriend, ma copine. I want to take you on dates and not add the caveat that it’s just friends going out. I want you to spend the night more often because I like being close to you, and I thought it was just because I saw you as my kitten, my slut, and I wanted to stake a claim on you but it’s more. I love you Holly, je t’aime ma chere.” Everything came out so fast and I worried for a moment that the look on her face meant that I had blurted it all out in Français.

Her eyes watered, her lip trembling, and in an instant, her arms were around my neck and her mouth on mine in a fierce kiss. I could faintly hear water running onto the metal floor and realized she had tipped over the champagne flute. I laughed against her mouth and sunk my hands into her hair, wishing I could pull her closer if it was possible. My tongue roamed her mouth, and she moaned against me. She pulled back and I growled in protest, trying to hold her to the spot.

“I love you too, Adrien,” she whispered softly.

The sudden flood of emotions was going to make me cry with her, tears streaming down her face as she looked at me through hooded eyes. I had never felt this protective, she trusted me enough to submit completely, she cared enough to tell me she loved me, and she wanted me as much as I wanted her. There was loud shouting down below and we glanced down, the countdown to midnight.

“I’m yours, Master,” she said, reaching up to cup my face in her hands. “Kiss me, please.” The desperation in her voice was thick.

I obliged gladly, losing myself in her. Excited screams came from below again as the loud thunder of fireworks sounded. I held her tightly, breathing in the scent of her and trying to hide my tears in her hair.

“Oh, how sweet, would you two like a picture?” An excited, thickly accented voice asked.

I released Holly as we turned to the other woman. She was older and smiling widely at us, she wore a long silver gown, and her blonde hair pulled up on top of her head. Another woman stood beside her, linked arm in arm, wearing a matching royal blue gown and her short brown hair waving in the breeze.

“That would be amazing, thank you so much,” Holly said, handing the woman her phone.

The woman waved it off and reached into her purse, she retrieved a Polaroid camera while Holly and I posed. She stared at me and it felt like she was looking into my soul, her wide glittering blue eyes never leaving mine, her hair blowing wildly. I wrapped my arm around her waist just before the flash went off. The woman cooed over us again and her partner chided her softly before they gave us the photo. We thanked the women as they left, and I slipped the photo into my pocket.

“Can we go home now? If we don’t soon, I’m going to start acting like a bitch in heat, and I’d rather do that in your bedroom,” she whispered softly, nuzzling my cheek.

My face felt hot, it wasn’t often that Holly could make me blush, but I had to admit that was not what I expected to hear. I leaned down to whisper in her ear, ”Ma chere, if you want to act like a bitch then I can get you a leash. A collar would look stunning around your beautiful throat.”

“What happened to collaring being a very big step?” she asked, sounding excited.

“Saying ‘I love you’ is a big step, but if you like being my kitten then maybe we should go shopping.” I licked her throat playfully, half-joking in case she didn’t like the idea but more than willing to find her a beautiful leather or metal piece if she did. I caught the sudden shift she made, her eyes lowering and clutching my arm lightly. I fucked up; I shouldn’t have done that here after teasing her all night and getting her worked up before we even left the apartment.

Holly giggled and pulled me along to the elevator. The wait was excruciating as I listened to her laboured breathing, I could feel her hand sliding across my lower back to my waistband. When she tucked her head against my shoulder hiding her face, while her other hand pressed hard on my abs, I knew we weren’t going to make it back to the apartment. I closed my eyes for a moment, tensing as her hand slipped into the back of my pants.

"Chaton,” I growled through clenched teeth. Her determined touch was affecting me in the most obvious way.

“Please,” she mewled. Her hands roamed over me, and she tipped her head back, eyes watery and lips pouty.

I seized her hand as the elevator doors opened and dragged her behind me, down the corridor away from the lift, to the bathrooms. As the door clicked shut behind us, I flipped the lock and turned to face Holly. She cocked her head and smiled as she pulled the hem of her dress up, revealing her bare, glistening cunt. I straightened up unconsciously, approaching her slowly as she backed up against the counter looking like a deer in headlights. I was breathing shallowly as I braced my hands on either side of the counter, trapping her between me and it.

I grasped her hair tightly and jerked her head back so I could see her face when I spoke, “You’re already wet and I haven’t even touched you.” I kissed the spot behind her earlobe that made her thighs squeeze together. “Get on the counter before I bend you over it.” My voice was harsh, gravely.

She licked her lips and she batted her eyes before doing as I said. I grabbed her legs and forced them apart, the dress riding up and exposing her slick folds. She whimpered and I smirked as I realized her thighs were damp too, her own juices dripping down them. I glanced up at her, my eyes narrowed as I saw her looking up at the ceiling. I jerked the tie behind her neck, making the top half of the dress fall and reveal her tits. “Look at me,” I ordered.

She swallowed and lowered her chin, levelling her unfocused eyes on me. “Yes, Master.” She reached for my belt, fumbling as she tried to undo it. “I’m sorry, I know better,” her voice wavered.

I kissed her cheek, letting her know it was okay, I wasn’t going to punish her or make her wait tonight. She let out a shaky breath as I took over, getting my pants undone and freeing my hardening cock. I leaned forward for a deep kiss while I probed her cunt with two fingers. She moaned against my mouth as I stroked her g-spot. She was sopping and my hand became coated in her fluid. I reached into my back pocket, frantically trying to find the condom.

“No condom,” Holly mumbled between kisses. “Not tonight.”

I groaned and seized her neck in a tight hold as I rubbed the head of my cock on her opening. She was covered, we had both been tested, but we hadn’t barebacked it yet. I couldn’t think of a better time to fuck her raw than after declaring our love. I thrust forward suddenly, and she cried out, her shout muffled against my mouth as my tongue traced her lips. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders as I released her throat, grabbing her legs as I fucked her brutally.

She buried her face in my neck, whimpering and moaning loudly. She felt like heaven; tight, hot silk, soaked and wrapped firmly around my shaft, her tits bouncing and brushing my chest with each thrust. I panted into her hair, the head of my cock slamming against her cervix repeatedly felt amazing - knowing that I filled her completely, that I was almost too big for her tight cunt, made me delirious with ego inflated pleasure.

“I’ve wanted you all night Master,” she gasped out. “Thinking about your cock, about how much I wanted you to tie me up again.”

“You want me to tie you down and use you, chaton?” I growled in her ear. “I won’t be so nice next time; you’ll be face down so I can fuck your ass - I know how much you want me to.”

She moaned and her nails dug into my shoulder. “I do, I want you to claim my ass.”

My fingers dug into her thighs as my motions sped up, feeling my orgasm coiling low in my groin. Holly was shivering lightly and begged me for permission to come. I love the way you sound when you beg.

I pulled away and jerked her hips with me, causing her to slip back on the counter with a squeal. “You need to come, mon chaton?” I asked sweetly.

Tears leaked down her cheeks as she gazed up at me, need radiating off her in waves. “Please!” she begged again.

I angled Holly’s hips down slightly and sheathed myself in her completely, as I did, I watched her eyes roll back and I knew I had found the right spot. I leaned down, sucking and biting her throat as I fucked her harder, her gasps of painful pleasure made my toes curl and my balls tighten as I got closer.

Her nails dug into my back, raking up and down as she screamed out her finish. It was my turn for my eyes to roll back as she clamped down around my cock almost painfully, the rush of wetness, as she came around me, was more than enough to push me over the edge, her fluid splashing the crotch of my pants. Despite everything in me screaming to pull out, I didn’t, I couldn’t. I had never let myself go this far, but I wanted to fill her with my release. It sent a twisted thrill through me; the idea that she was going to walk around with me in her, like a marker. She was officially mine.

"Je t’aime mon cher,” Holly whispered. Her voice was soft and sleepy as she came down from her high.

“I love you too, my dear.” I nuzzled into her hair as I zipped my pants back up. I pulled her panties out of my pocket and pressed them into her hand. “I think you’ll need these.”

She blushed bright pink but pulled them on before jumping down off the counter and tying her dress back up. She stepped forward and stopped suddenly, causing me to bump into her. “What’s wrong?” I asked, fear twisting in my gut.

“Um, I can feel it,” she said shakily.

It? “Can you elaborate?” I asked, my brow furrowing. With a jolt, I realized she meant my semen and I started to laugh.

Holly smacked my arm, her eyes narrow and mouth contorted in the cutest pout. “Don’t laugh at me! You did this, I didn’t know it would feel like that.”

“Oh, ma chere, you’re too cute.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “You’ll need to walk in front of me, I don’t want people thinking I pissed myself.” To my relief, she laughed and pulled me along behind her.

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