Five Nights in Paris

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Chapter Twenty-One

Holly, Present day

The door slammed behind us and I stumbled backward in the dark living room, a dim glow emanated from the windows and cast dancing shadows across the walls. I grabbed Adrien for support, he tripped and cursed as we both fell against the couch. I gripped the back of it, my nails digging sharply into the upholstery, my other hand twisted in his hair as I tried to keep his mouth glued to mine. The sound of metal clattering to the floor echoed harshly around the room as he pulled the pins and clips from my hair frantically. I moaned against him, my tongue searching for his while his hands found the back of my dress. He tore my dress apart at the zipper, the shredding sound jolted me, and he used the opportunity to push the top down. I panted heavily as I looked up at him, he moved back to see me fully, I saw him lick his lips before his eyes met mine and he pulled me to him roughly.

“Look at you,” he whispered. He kissed the soft spot behind my ear, sucking and tonguing it as he dug his fingers into my ass. “Is this all for me?”

“Is there someone else here?” I teased. “And you’re replacing that dress you know.” My eyes rolled back as his mouth moved lower, I couldn’t put even an ounce of conviction in my voice.

“Suddenly you don’t have an issue spending my money?” he asked with a breathy laugh. “The next one will be shorter, tighter, and probably sheer.”

I held his face in my hands, desperate to meet his gaze in the dark. “I said I liked being bought things if there were no strings attached.”

The shadows from the window that danced across him couldn’t hide the wicked glint in his eyes or the sudden smirk. “So, I can’t buy a platinum butt plug and then tell you I want to fuck your ass?”

“Okay, I don’t mind that either, but don’t push it.” I tried to sound exasperated, I didn’t think it worked that well.

I pulled his jacket off and yanked his shirt, buttons skittered across the floor as I kicked my heels off. We were attached to each other again in seconds, he hoisted me up, my legs wrapped around his waist as he carried me down the hall.

“So, what if I did actually get one?” He was testing the waters.

What does he have planned? “I’d say that sounds like a good time.”

He grinned and stopped short in the hallway at the spare bedroom, chills washed over me as I thought about what was waiting for me on the other side. He pushed the door open and set me on my feet, I blinked, my eyes adjusting to the change in lighting. The chandelier was dim and flooded the room with warm gold light on royal blue wainscoted walls. Plush crème carpet was soft and silky against my feet, I turned slowly as I examined the room. The massive picture window had the curtains drawn, on one side of the space was a fourposter canopy bed with matching side tables, on the other was empty except for the metal rod secured about seven feet in the air and further back had imposing dark wood cabinets flanking double doors. The rod had several rings, leather cuffs hung from two of them and I felt goosebumps rise as I realized that I would be secured to it.

Adrien’s hands moved up and down my arms slowly as he looked for reassurance. “I need you to be honest, ma chere. I need to know if this will be too much.”

I closed my eyes and leaned back against him, reveling in his touch and felt warmth spread throughout my abdomen. “I can handle it, je promets.” At least, I hope so.

“Do you want to see what else I have ready?” His voice was low and husky, the warmth deep in my belly turned to fire.

He pulled me along to the cabinets, inside held the closet of my dreams; racks of sex toys. Dildos, vibrators, different colors of tensioned rope, both metal and leather cuffs, and to the side were two different spreader bars - one had what appeared to be a collar attached. There was more, a lot more, my heart was pounding in my ears and I swallowed as I tried to calm the sudden surge of electricity that coursed through me. Adrien pulled out a length of rope and a spreader bar before he led me to the hanging cuffs. I thought he was going to harness me first, instead, he secured my hands above my head and then my feet to the bar. He knelt in front of me and his hands slid up the backs of my legs to squeeze my ass. He leaned forward suddenly and kissed the dimples above my panty line, I licked my lips as I watched him move lower, he went torturously slow.

Adrien didn’t touch the garter belt or my stockings, but in one quick motion, he ripped my panties into scraps that fluttered to the floor. I drew in a shaky breath as his tongue followed the length of my slit, he stood suddenly and chuckled at my whimper. He picked up the hot pink cord and I stared at him questioningly; I was already secured, what else could he have done with it? He walked behind me, I listened to the light padding of his steps as he went to the bed, I tried to keep my breathing even while I squeezed the chains above me anxiously. He came back around my stomach plummeted; the Hitachi was in his hand and he raised it up and cocked an eyebrow at me.


Yes! I nodded, he could do whatever he wanted to me tonight, I was more than willing. A smile flickered across his face and my heart fluttered as he knelt in front of me again. I stared up at the ceiling as I tried desperately to not look down at him, his fingers skittered up the inside of my thighs before he lightly stroked my slit, I sucked in a sharp breath, my skin was so hot his touch felt icy and sent little chills through me. He pulled away suddenly and I felt the silky rope touch my hip as he tied a harness to secure the wand on my clit, the cord wrapped around each thigh and over my hips in some weird crotchless underwear design. I bit my tongue on a moan as the wand touched my aching pussy.

Adrien stood and grasped my chin to tilt my head down forcefully. “I thought about gagging you, but I want to hear you scream for me when you come,” he said absently.

My lips parted and my eyes couldn’t leave his gaze as his hand moved to cup my cheek, I nuzzled into him before he pulled away to plug in the toy. The wireless one was less powerful, and I was always thankful for it, but he wanted to test my limits tonight and I was nervous that I would never want to touch myself again after this was over. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on anything but the fact that I was completely exposed to him.

“Holly,” he snapped. I jumped and opened my eyes, he glared at me, his jaw clenched. “I want you to focus on me, understand?”

“I understand, Master,” I whispered. “I’m sorry.”

Adrien’s mouth met mine and coaxed my lips apart, everything slowed down; my breathing, my heart rate, even his touch moved slower along my waist. Something cool touched my stomach and I pulled away; he held a small butt plug with a glittering stone on the stem. I licked my lips unconsciously and looked back up at him, he grinned and moved to stand behind me, my heart rate spiked again as the sound of latex being stretched filled the room and his hand slipped between my cheeks. He probed gently before pulling away when his fingers returned, they were slick with lube, he pressed into me and I sucked in air sharply as he began to fuck my ass with two digits. The invasion felt foreign, I hadn’t played with my ass in years, not since he and I were together.

It wasn’t wholly uncomfortable, but his fingers were thick and sent dull waves of pain through my lower half. I started to relax a bit against him as he kept up, steady, slow strokes, the sudden removal made me whine softly. He spanked me hard, the sharp bite of his hand made me yelp and squirm. His hand pressed against my stomach and pulled me close to him as the toy pushed into me, I rested my head back on his shoulder and moaned as it slipped into place.

“Oh, Chaton,” Adrien cooed. He squeezed and massaged my breasts through the thin material before roughly jerking the cups down and exposing my nipples. In an instant, he moved down and flipped the switch on the vibrator.

I cried out and pulled at my restraints, it felt like I had been doused in ice water as the toy worked furiously on my exposed clit. I tried desperately to close my legs, clenching my teeth as I shivered, and my orgasm mounted quickly. I wailed as I went over the edge, warmth washing over me in relief before it turned to fiery torture. I writhed and twisted, unable to get away and feeling another building too soon. My chest heaved and I opened my eyes, Adrien stood in front of me; he pulled off the latex glove before he loosened his belt. He was staring at my now dripping pussy.

He threw the glove to the floor and stepped forward, kissing me hard and twisting my hair around his fist. I mewled and whined against him; he was acting as if I wasn’t stuck in a perpetual state of coming. “I’m going to fuck your sopping cunt, chaton,” he warned.

I squeezed my eyes shut as he moved back behind me, I shivered with hot and cold flashes of electricity as his hands met my hips. I could barely focus on anything with all the overwhelming sensations, vaguely I felt his cock head press against my opening. Adrien held it there for a moment, waiting until I reached my next crescendo before he slammed into me. I screamed, unable to hold back as my pussy burned with his brute force. The toy in my ass made everything tighter, aided by my clenching as I came, and I felt like I was going to pass out. My mouth hung open as he fucked me, my tits bouncing, the wand jostled against my clit and only urged me on, my ass ached again but more severely this time. The pressure of him hitting my cervix on every thrust made my eyes roll back, stars burst behind my lids as he brushed my g-spot and I was pushed over the edge again. I jerked on the chains hard as I felt my wetness flood down my thighs and his cock. I clenched my fists tightly, my nails eating into my palms.

Adrien stilled, sheathed inside my pussy, one hand wrapped around my throat as he pinned me to him, the other pulled my hair hard. “I could keep you here all night,” he murmured into my ear. “Tied up, and unable to stop me as I fuck you over and over.”

His words sent me crashing down again as I came, my scream turned into a strangled sob as the hand on my throat tightened and cut me off. Tears that had been building finally spilled and I jerked against him uncontrollably, my wetness flooding down my legs in a near-constant flow. Adrien flicked the vibrator off instantly and I sagged against him in relief, I was about to turn into a puddle at his feet. He pulled out slowly and my breathing slowed a bit. “Please let me suck your cock,” I begged. “Please, I want to taste myself on you.”

He kissed my neck and released the spreader bar before he moved to my wrists, after, he unwound the rope the vibrator clattered to the floor and my clit ached. He pulled me back against his bare chest, his hands coming up to massage my tits while I lolled my head back on his shoulder. His touch was so soft compared to every other sensation. He turned me around slowly before he kissed my jaw and raked his teeth along my throat.

“You want to taste your cunt?” he growled. “Then kneel, slut.”

I dropped to my knees instantly and reached for his glistening cock, it was slick from my release and I quickly took the tip into my mouth. Salty, tangy, and almost sweet, I moaned as I gazed up at him. My Master. Every nerve hummed and vibrated as I sucked his length, one hand massaging his balls, the other twisting and pumping as my tongue swirled around him. His fingers dug into my hair as he started to fuck my mouth in shallow thrusts, I closed my eyes for a moment as I fought the urge to gag, when I opened them again, he was staring down at me hungrily. He looked gorgeous from this angle, his well-defined abs glistened with a light sheen of sweat, green eyes almost glowing in the golden light, the dark trail of hair down to his cock was tantalizingly close and for a fleeting second I thought about running my tongue through it. I didn’t have the chance as moments later he slammed completely into my mouth with a long groan, his cock sliding down my throat as it pulsed and jerked with his release.

I pushed at his hips after a minute as I desperately needed air, he released me quickly and I gasped loudly. I panted as Adrien sunk to his knees in front of me, enveloping me into a tight embrace as he buried his nose in my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him back with me onto the carpet, we sprawled out together; my head on his chest and his hands stroking up and down my back.

“My ass is sore,” I mumbled.

Adrien laughed and pushed himself up, he kissed my forehead gently before he spoke; “I have something for you. I didn’t want to give it to you right away because I was worried you wouldn’t accept it…” he trailed off, his voice cracked, and a distinct flush crept up his neck.

The matching bracelet to my earrings? I raised a brow at him as he stood up, I made to move as well but he motioned for me to stay. I sat back on my knees as I watched him open the other cabinet when he turned, he held a black leather box and the breath was sucked out my lungs as he stood in front of me with it. I stared up at him, unsure, and almost shaking from anticipation. Adrien opened the box and immediately new tears sprung. The collar was stunning, three rows of small blue diamonds glittered luminously against their dark leather setting, bound with a heart-shaped lock in the back that had something engraved on it. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out to touch it, stroking the gemstones reverently. I reached for the lock with cold clammy hands to read the delicate script; mon âme, ma amour, mon chaton. My soul, my love, my kitten. I wiped desperately at my tears as I tried to find my voice.

“I love you, Holly,” Adrien said softly, squatting down in front of me to stroke my cheeks. “Please don’t cry, ma chere, I love you so much.”

I sobbed and threw myself into his arms, holding him tightly as I went into emotional overload. It felt like we stayed that way for hours before I finally calmed down enough to speak. “You’re not going to make me put it on myself, are you?” I asked as I gazed up at him through blurry eyes.

“Of course not, that’s my job.” He pulled away and stood back up, I pulled my hair out of the way as the cool fabric touched my still sweaty neck, the weight was unexpected but not unwelcome. The click of the lock sliding into place made goosebumps rise on my arms, I reached up tentatively and stroked the choker. Adrien’s hand cupped my chin and I looked up at him, the warmth in his smile, the way his eyes sparkled, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Je t’aime aussi, mon cher.” I love you too, my dear. I threaded his fingers through mine and squeezed his hand tightly before he pulled me to my feet.

We stood entangled, our mouths glued to each other and holding onto one another as if we depended on it. I felt light, my heart fluttering, and everywhere he touched soothed my burning skin. However, I couldn’t ignore the persistent ache. “I would love to stay here like this, I really would, but my ass is still not doing great…”

Adrien chuckled and led me back to his room, into the ensuite for a bath. Taking the toy out made me wince, I definitely needed more warmup if we were going to do butt stuff in the future.

The massive clawfoot soaker tub was glorious, filled with vanilla-scented bubbles, and deep enough for the both of us to have the water come up over our shoulders.

“I thought about sapphires, to match your eyes, but I thought the diamonds looked nicer.”

I reached back stroked his hair with my wet hand, twisting the tendrils around my fingers. “It’s beautiful, I love it.” I twisted awkwardly and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I won’t be wearing it on the plane tomorrow, but anytime we’re together, alone, I will.”

Adrien’s fingers trailed down the valley between my breasts to my naval. “Even if I’m being a twat?” he asked with obvious amusement.

“If that’s the case I’ll wear Walmart jewellery just to spite you,” I said, giggling at his huff.

“About that plane ride…” he trailed off.

“I’m still going back to New York, tonight hasn’t changed that for me, Adrien.”

He kissed my hair and stroked it softly. “That wasn’t what I was getting at, I was just going to tell you that there could be a change to your flight plans.” He paused. “Our flight plans.”

Our plans? I mean, I figured he would come to New York, he had said as much, I just didn’t think it would be with me right away. “Come again?”

“I ordered tickets a few days ago, I figured you wouldn’t stay, and I wanted a back up just in case,” he said sheepishly. “It was too late to charter anything for just us, but I got first-class tickets for tomorrow, 3PM, so we have an extra hour before we leave.”

Some part of me wanted to be irritated at his assumption, but everything else melted at the idea that he was so convinced we would stay together that he already purchased plane tickets. A thought struck me, and I grinned up at him. “Mya is going to be just thrilled to see you.”

He scoffed. “Mya wouldn’t loathe me so much if you would have told her what happened from the beginning,” he grumbled. “But I can live with that.”

He tickled my sides and I squealed, trying to get away and sloshing water over the edge of the tub. Adrien laughed and held me tight to him as he kissed my shoulder. Everything in me was calm, happy, and ready to go home - with him.

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