Five Nights in Paris

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Chapter Seven

Adrien, September seven years ago

I did not want Holly to leave. Having her in my bed for the entire night was a gift from God. Holly wanted to cuddle, it wasn’t something she did just because I wanted it and fuck me if that wasn’t my favourite thing in the world. Well that and this thing with her tongue that made me come instantly, but right then I was hung up on the cuddling. I could hear her in the shower, she was almost finished, and I just had to find a way to get her to stay longer. But I also had to make it seem like it wasn’t a date. We had talked about that soon after having sex, when I was in my post-orgasmic glow and almost ready to propose, she was adamant in keeping whatever we did non-romantic - but she was more than happy to keep up the sex stuff. I flicked through my phone, trying to find something for us to do together when it hit me. The yacht is in the harbour, I could take her sailing. If she liked sailing anyway, I had no clue what she liked beyond what we had already done. I really didn’t know anything about her at all. That settled it, I could drive us down to Le Havre and bring brunch, I mean we should know each other at least a bit if we were going to fuck around. Holly’s voice startled me, I hid my phone, suddenly guilty.

“I just fell in love with your shower; I mean seriously - an aromatherapy rainfall? If my clothes were here, I’d never leave.” Her voice was dreamy, and she had a lopsided smile as she towelled off her hair.

“I’m more than happy to share my wardrobe since it appears you found my closet anyway,” I smirked at her blush, I really didn’t mind, my t-shirt looked better on her anyway. I held my arms open in invitation, she giggled and jumped on the bed to nuzzle into my shoulder. She smelled lovely, like lavender from the shower diffuser. “Do you have plans for today?”

Holly kissed my neck before she answered, “None yet, why do you ask?”

“I was thinking of taking a day trip to Le Havre, get brunch, go boating, you know - regular Sunday stuff.” Please say yes.

“In like, a totally not-date way?” she asked tentatively, pulling back to look at me with narrowed eyes.

“Non-romantic, completely platonic, je promets.” I held up my hands in surrender, not wanting to push her. She looked at me quizzically, and I kissed her cheek before answering, “It means ‘I promise’.”

“You actually are required to teach me French, you know, I’m holding you to that.” She checked the time on her phone. “Le Havre is in Normandy, right? How long is the drive?”

I nodded, pleased that she recognized the area. “Two hours, my Jag is in the garage so we can leave anytime you’d like.”

She snorted. “Not so fast, I need to go back to the dorm for clean clothes, I can’t really go out in this and my dress isn’t really appropriate either.”

“Then I’ll call to have the car brought up and we’ll leave shortly, we can stop at the dorm then head for the A13.” I was thrilled, childish excitement filled me at her acceptance, I wanted to run away with her right now.

We got dressed before leaving, I pulled out a loose white linen button-up, dark grey shorts, and slides, it should still be pretty warm on the water I reasoned.

I didn’t like driving in the city, it was unnecessary since I lived near everything, and having the Jaguar F-Type in a crowded urban area was pointless. But right now, with the top down and seeing her leaned back in the seat and laughing at something I said, I was more than happy to bring her out in it. I dropped her at the dorms while I called the crew to prepare the Gianella, a luxury sail yacht. I didn’t know how she felt about yacht’s, but it was technically a boat.

When Holly stepped out on the street, I had to push my sunglasses up, wanting to take her in fully. She wore a white shirt tied loosely at her waist, hanging open in a way that revealed the navy and crème horizontal striped bikini top, along with ripped acid-washed short shorts, and gold gladiator sandals. Her hair was blown out into soft, raven coloured waves, and she was wearing the same pink lipstick from the night before. As she slid into the leather seat I was engulfed in the scent of lavender and vanilla, I resisted pulling her in for a kiss knowing that it was a line I shouldn’t cross in public yet, instead, I rested my hand on her knee and we were off.

The trip was a little over an hour, we got to the harbour at 12:30 and everything was ready for us. The ship was gorgeous, a thirty-one-metre hull, built-in 1992, and a combination of oak and teak. Maman would be thrilled that it was finally getting some use.

“I’m pretty sure you said boat and not yacht,” Holly said as I helped her aboard.

“I said sailing, and it is a boat, just a big one.” I grinned at her eye roll. “Have you been sailing before?”

“My Dad has a houseboat we use in the summer, and I’ve been jet-skiing, not real sailing though.” She glanced around wide-eyed and backed up into me by accident.

I steadied Holly and gave her the grand tour; the living space up top with panoramic views of the ocean, an adjacent galley style kitchen, six bedrooms below deck all with ensuites, the master suite boasted a custom king bed with a skylight above - perfect for watching the stars, though I doubted she would want to stay that long. I went to greet the crew and check-in. Once we were ready for launch, I went to sit with her on deck in the loungers, grabbing some snacks and champagne on the way. She had taken off her top and undone the buttons on her jeans, showing off the edge of her bikini bottoms, I didn’t hide the way my eyes roamed over her hungrily. As I sat down, I took in a deep breath of the fresh, salty air. It was crisp on the water, but still uncharacteristically warm for September. The sun beat down on us and danced across the choppy, deep blue waves seductively.

“Is this how you lure all the dumb American girls in? You charm them with great sex, then whisk them away on your yacht to international waters before you brutally murder them?” she asked happily, sipping from her flute.

“Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine?” I raised an eyebrow at her as I poured myself some whisky. “To be fair, I could have murdered you when I brought you back to the apartment, it’s not like you told anyone where you were.” I took a bite of the artichoke galette and suddenly worried that I hadn’t asked her what she wanted to eat. Merde. I should have asked.

“This is true,” she replied. She quelled my worry instantly as she ate the avocado and cherry tomato toast with gusto. “Well, I should be able to tell the police more than just a name, is there anything you want to tell me before I run for the hills?”

I laughed, grateful that she was at ease enough to joke around. “Well I’m an only child, apparently this makes me selfish and self-centred - or so I’ve been told. I’m working on my Ph.D. in economics, and I’m an Aquarius.”

Holly stared at me in shock. “Seriously, an only child? I have four siblings; I couldn’t imagine not having them around growing up.”

I shrugged, it didn’t really bother or even occur to me how many people found it odd. “It was nice, I value my privacy because of it, and my alone time. Are your siblings older or younger?”

“Both,” she said with distaste. “One sister, three brothers, my brothers are all younger and my sister is older.”

That sounds like a loud house. “I take it you don’t get along with all of them?” I finished my glass and reached for a handful of grapes.

“April and I don’t usually, she’s four years older so we never had much in common. The twins, Kenny and Jason, are four years younger than me, and they mostly stick to themselves. Aubrey is the youngest though, he’s only nine but he’s my favourite, he’s such a sweetie.” She had a wistful look on her face as she smiled at her glass, it was endearing to see how much she cared for him. Her face changed suddenly, and she frowned at me. “Can I ask you something sort of ignorant?”

Ignorant? “That’s blunt, but of course, go ahead.” I felt myself become guarded, ready to defend myself from an attack that hadn’t happened.

“I haven’t spoken to a lot of people in Paris, but the ones I have don’t usually speak much English at all, so how come you do?” she asked, her voice wavered as if nervous.

I laughed again, unable to hide my relief before I spoke, “I went to a private school in England. Not to mention mon pere - my father - is English, and ma mere - my mother - is French. I lived in France when I was away from school and I had French nannies, so it was my first language, but I was taught solely in English until I entered college. My father doesn’t speak a word of French out of pure spite, he hated that I preferred to live here.”

“But your mom was born here, why would he hate France?” she asked as she finished the second slice of toast and I poured her another glass.

“He comes from a ‘superior’ country, it’s ridiculous but ma mere loves him anyway.” I have no idea why.

“That’s shitty, I’m sorry.” She offered me an apologetic look.

We sat for a while, finishing lunch as we talked more about our families. Holly admitted to having gone to New York to put as much distance between her and them as possible, and I felt the same - having stayed in Paris knowing that mon pere wouldn’t visit unless forced to by ma mere. My mouth watered as a bit of custard from a tarte dripped down her lip, she swiped it with her finger and licked it while staring out into the horizon, the light caught her hair perfectly.

I leaned forward, a wicked idea consuming me. “You missed some,” I murmured. “Right here…” I kissed the corner of her mouth, my hand cupping her face gently. She made a startled sound and I turned her to face me, my lips meeting hers and my tongue swept her mouth. She tasted like raspberries and blueberries from the dessert.

Holly moaned and pulled me to her, the empty plate clattered to the floor and our glasses tipped over on the lounge chair. I leaned back and pulled her into my lap, so she was straddling me. I ran my hands up and down her back, trying not to give away the fact that I was undoing her bikini top. She ground down on me as she pulled at my hair, she pulled back suddenly and I pouted at her.

“Can the crew see us?” I couldn’t read her face, she seemed worried, but the way her eyes glittered made me think she wasn’t.

“I doubt it, but we can move downstairs if you’d prefer.” I should have brought the gag. She could be loud, and while I loved it, I didn’t want to embarrass her or make things awkward for the crew. Though I hadn’t really brought up anything about sex toys or my preferences I got the distinct impression she wouldn’t object.

“I have a better idea,” she whispered against my ear.

An electric current shot up my spine at the husky sound of her voice. She urged me down to the end of the lounger and kneeled in front of me. My heart rate skyrocketed as she undid her top completely and discarded it beside her. Her nipples hardened and I noticed that I had left a couple hickeys on her tits, her body was beautiful, and I was torn at having marred her and feeling satisfied that I had left my mark. She didn’t seem to mind as she toyed with her breasts, cupping them and pinching her nipples lightly. I started to get hard, the outline was obvious on my shorts as she reached for the zipper - a mischievous smirk on her face. I moaned and leaned back on my elbows as she gripped my shaft, exposing me to the cool air. Her tongue trailed up my length and swirled around the head, her hand cupping and massaging my balls while the other began to slowly stroke my cock.

She tilted her head to the side, batting her eyes as she gazed at me. “How much do you think I can fit in my mouth?” She ran her nail lightly up my length as she spoke.

Oh, bordel de merde. Fuck me. “If I fuck your mouth, you’ll be taking all of it, chaton.”

Holly grinned and that was my only warning before she took the tip into her hot, wet mouth. Her tongue danced around the sensitive head, and she grasped my hands, pulling me back up and placing my hands on her hair. I twisted it in my fists, groaning as she started bobbing up and down, taking a bit more each time. She continued to jack me off at the same time, and her other hand tightened and released my balls. I couldn’t help myself as I pulled her forward, forcing more of my cock into her mouth. Her eyes opened and she stared up at me, tears welling up. I held her there until a tear leaked down her cheek, when I dragged her back she gasped for air, panting heavily. I waited until her breathing evened out somewhat before pulling her in again. Her lipstick smeared across my shaft, and drool pooled around her lips as I fucked her mouth in short thrusts. She never took her eyes off me, the same colour as the ocean water and just as easily made me drown in her. I shifted forward suddenly, moving closer to the edge of the chair as I slid her off my cock. I wanted to test her limits, see what she would let me do.

“Lick,” I growled, pushing her head down to my sack.

She kissed and sucked my balls, gently pulling one at a time into her mouth as her hand on my cock tightened and twisted hard. Currents of white-hot pleasure radiated from her touch and I groaned as I threw my head back, feeling myself getting close and torn at what I wanted. Her mouth was inviting, covering her tits might be even better, or her face, anything but in her hand. She released my sack and flattened her tongue against the underside of my shaft, slowly moving upward. My breathing hitched and I felt the intense pressure building, my hands tightened in her hair reflexively and I fought the urge to push her head down.

Chaton,” I tried to warn her.

Her mouth closed around the head again and she sucked it, hard. I cursed and forced my cock down her throat, gazing down at her as my length pulsed and balls tightened, my release shot into her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked up at me, her nose almost pressed against my abdomen. I panted and released her, regaining my sense of control as I watched her lick her lips. I pulled her to her feet, and we fell back against the chair. She yelped and clutched my arms as she landed on me, I chuckled and stroked her hair softly, revelling in the silky feeling. Holly stretched out, humming quietly as she nuzzled into my chest hair.

“You smell good,” she mumbled.

“Thank you, I shower regularly.” I made a mental note to keep my cologne in stock, if she liked it then I would wear it more often.

“Aren’t you funny,” she said, and mock laughed at me.

“You’re so cute,” I whispered into her hair. “Tu es mignon.”

She propped herself up on me, gazing at me with curiosity. “So, French swear words…” She said, raising an eyebrow.

I smirked at her. “Just the swear words?” She nodded vigorously and I continued, “Merde is ‘shit’, va te faire foutre is ‘go fuck yourself’, fils de salope is ‘son of a bitch’, and encule is ‘fuck you’. Use them wisely, and if you use those against me, I’ll never forgive you,” I teased playfully, she could call me anything she wanted.

Holly giggled and tested the words out, I tried to hide my amusement at her accent and the way she stumbled over the words, but it was charming. She sat up, straddled my waist, and asked if I would help her with the suntan lotion. If I hadn’t just come, I would have as I rubbed the oil into her shoulders, listening to her moan softly and roll her head back. I slipped my hands around to knead her breasts and she arched into my touch. Tu es tellement sexy. She stood up suddenly and wiggled out of her shorts, her ass jiggling in my face. I seized her hips, leaning forward and biting her ass cheek gently as she squealed and tried to pull away, I jerked her back down into my lap.

“I haven’t finished you know,” I cooed against the shell of her ear.

She snorted. “Yes, you did, I swallowed it.”

I grinned and buried my face in her shoulder as I wrapped my arms around her waist. “You can take the bottoms off too; they won’t be able to see if you’re lying on the chair.” I just wanted her to be completely naked, but it was true - the angle wouldn’t allow the crew to see her while she was lying down.

I stripped my shirt off and she happily undid her bottoms, then kicked me off the chair so she could lie back but let me massage the oil into her legs. I didn’t hide the fact that I was staring hungrily at her cunt, she was clearly wet and I wanted to taste her, as I moved to do that she pressed her foot to my chest and pushed me back, grinned and told me I had to wait until we were back on land. I glanced at the time, almost three, I didn’t want to take her back yet, so I decided to play by her rules, no matter how frustrating they were. Seeing her stretched out, eyes closed, and draped elegantly on the soft cotton padding, her tan glowing against the pale green material - it was perfect, she was exquisite. My phone went off and I kissed her forehead, excusing myself into the living space.

Ma mere, Christ. I answered and was immediately met with a barrage of questions; was I on the yacht, who was I with, why wasn’t she invited too, was I with a girl, would she be meeting with the said girl? I pinched the bridge of my nose, sensing a migraine coming on as I quelled her hunger for information, I was with someone, oui, she wasn’t invited because it was too soon, and no she would not be meeting her anytime soon. The disappointment in ma mere’s voice was obvious, she hadn’t liked Emilie, and was thrilled that I was moving on. But there is no right way to tell your mother that you’re not dating, just fucking. She found out I had taken the yacht out because an alert was emailed to her letting her know we had left the harbour, and the crew would bill accordingly. I tried not to voice my frustration at her continued insistence at meeting Holly soon, I didn’t want her to feel awkward and I certainly wasn’t going to approach her right now and ask her to meet ma mere, how fucked up would that be? I finally got her off the phone and rejoined Holly on the deck. She was looking at images on her phone and I leaned in, trying to see the pictures better.

“Whose are those?” I asked, looking at the abstract landscape paintings.

“Mine,” Holly replied. “My parents emailed me asking which ones I wanted to sell, and which were going into storage.”

“You painted these?” I asked in awe. “They’re beautiful.” Would it be awkward if I bought one?

She beamed up at me. “Thank you! I won a few competitions in high school, but I mostly do it for fun now. I wanted to bring my oil paints with me for something to do but travelling with stuff like that is brutal.” She put her phone away. “Do you have any hobbies like art or other stuff?”

“Photography, I converted the walk-in in the second bedroom into a dark room - but I don’t use it nearly as often as I used to. I play the piano too, just not very well.” I smiled and shrugged at her apologetically.

“What kind of photography?” Holly asked, excitement brimming in her voice.

“Portrait mostly, I have a collection of cameras too, remind me to show you sometime,” I said, as I sat down across from her.

I asked her more about her painting, she showed me several other paintings and I marvelled at the technical ability. Most were abstract, and a few impressionists, all were beautiful. Watching her face fall when she said she couldn’t paint in her dorm because she had none of the supplies made me think, maybe I could give them to her. I had no idea how she would feel about a gift like that though and decided to shop around before I approached her with it.

I wanted to stay on the water with her for the rest of the night, but I knew she wanted to go home. She got dressed just before we docked and were back in the car as the sun was setting, I rested my hand on her knee again and this time she turned it over to thread her fingers through mine. I glanced at her and she smiled at me sleepily, I noticed her doze off on the ride home, but I didn’t complain. As we pulled up in front of the dorms, I woke her up and she stretched languidly in the seat before turning to me.

“This was nice, a lovely stealth date,” she murmured, pulling me in for a kiss. “I meant what I said Adrien, I’m just not looking for that right now.”

My face felt hot and I rushed to explain myself, “I just thought it would be a good way to get to know each other. Don’t be mad, s’il vous plait.”

She smirked. “I’m not mad, I won’t hold it against you. I just don’t want you to get any expectations.”

I kissed her cheek and assured her I didn’t have any. As she jogged up the stairs and disappeared behind the glass door, I felt my heart fall. I already wanted more, but I couldn’t will myself to let her go.

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