Five Nights in Paris

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Chapter Eight

Holly, Present day

Backed up to Adrien’s bedroom wall was certainly not how I expected the day to go, nor was being half-naked and panting while in this position either.

“I’m glad you still have your belly button pierced, it’s hot.” He smirked down at me. “We should have a safe word, just in case, do you have one in mind?”

He was so calm and even when he talked about this stuff that it still felt like he was light years ahead of me, almost intimidating, but the casual tone was enough to keep me calm. The fact that he had me pinned against the wall with my blouse on the floor and his hand up my skirt, however, was making my heart pound and my face get hot. The hand that wasn’t currently pulling at the waistband of my panties was braced above my head, effectively making him lean down over me. I pressed my hands flat to the wall I was pinned to, the coolness helped the clamminess of my palms and kept me from throwing myself at him. You already threw yourself at him, kinda fucked that up, Chief. I forced myself to look up at him, the eye contact made my heart skip a beat and my stomach free fall. How can he do this so easily?

Every memory I had of him paled in comparison to the real thing; his eyes were a darker green than I remembered, his nose was slightly crooked up close and I knew that was from a dumb bar fight before we met. But his mouth captivated me the most, the perfect cupids bow, full and wide, that usually tilted to the right with matching dimples. I couldn’t forget how it felt on mine, or really anywhere else on my body; my hips, my back, my breasts, anywhere he wanted to make me feel beautiful and desired.

I haven’t needed a safe word in a long time. “Is ‘stop’ not good enough?” My voice cracked and I saw a muscle in his jaw twitch.

“I seem to recall you saying stop before, and then being upset when I did.” He was being very patient with me.

“Do you have any suggestions then?” My brain wasn’t able to process properly when I could feel the warmth of his body so close to mine.

“Do you remember the system we used before? It would probably be the easiest.” He got closer to my ear as he spoke, and I couldn’t stop the way my breathing sped up.

I cleared my throat before I replied, “Could you refresh my memory?”

His hand suddenly left skirt and he held it up as if in surrender. “This is red.”

He moved his hand back to my thigh but kept far from the hem of my skirt. “Yellow, if you want to keep going but slower or more gently.”

I couldn’t help myself, “What about green?”

He kissed the spot behind my ear that made my eyes roll back and my thighs clamp together. Suddenly the wall wasn’t helping my sweaty palms.

“I would hope that you know what green is, Holly.” His voice wasn’t calm anymore, it was rough and deep and I wished he would keep talking. “With that in mind, where are we right now?”

His hand moved up my skirt and I felt him press his knee between mine, wedging my legs open so he could run his fingers along my slit through my panties. I drew in a ragged breath as his lips came down to kiss my shoulder, and then my collar bone.

“Green,” My voice shook. “Very, very green.”

“I think you’ve forgotten your manners, mon chaton,” He nipped at my ear lobe before continuing. “My kitten.”

Oh fuck, he’s really going to pull out the pet names this soon? I was silent for a second, weighing my options and trying to keep my breathing from giving away just how much he was affecting me. When I spoke my voice came out in a whisper, “Green, Sir.”

As soon as the word was out his hand left my aching pussy to clasp my throat. He used little pressure, I knew he was just testing the waters but I desperately wanted him to use more force. Adrien brought his eyes level with mine. He’s baiting me.

“Are you really going to be that soft on me, Master?” My voice was strong this time, and I refused to break eye contact.

The growl that escaped him made my heart leap in triumph, and I felt myself getting wetter. He kissed me suddenly, hard and without restraint. His tongue found mine and I moaned against his mouth. He tasted like the wine, sweet and tangy, making my mouth tingle. Finally, I let myself touch him, running my hands up his chest and grasping at his arms. I wanted to touch every inch of him, and the feeling of his muscles tensing as our tongues explored each other was heavenly. His grip on my neck tightened and I gasped lightly against him. Everything changed fast then, he released my throat and pushed off the wall taking a step back. I stood in shock, panting and taking in the lovely view. Obviously, he was gorgeous, but the large pane glass window behind him, showcasing the Paris skyline against the night sky, solidified this as something straight out of my dreams. He was smirking and I watched him put his hands in the back pockets of his trousers, relaxing as he stared back at me. I like this game.

I rushed forward, reaching out for him. His arms came around me clasping tight to his body, his hands were fanned out in a way that I never experienced with anyone else; it was like he wanted to hold all of me, every inch, and I loved how it made me feel. I threaded my fingers through his hair, it was longer than he usually kept it and secretly I hoped he wouldn’t cut it again. Our kissing was sloppier, his mouth missing mine in my frenzy to get his shirt off. I felt his hand go for my bra strap and I pulled back to lecture him. “Don’t rip it, it was expensive, and I only have one other one for this trip.”

He laughed into my hair but listened to me as I felt him undo the clasp gently. The second it was off his hands found my tits and I tipped my head back, reveling in the sensation of his fingers brushing across my nipples. He kissed my neck then, at the same time he suddenly grasped them between his fingers and pulled lightly. I arched my back and moaned, little jolts going straight to my clit. I straightened myself up and jerked at his shirt, I heard buttons hit the floor as I got it off of him. He was still in very good shape, from his abs to the well-defined pecs, I felt the butterflies come back to my stomach just looking at him. I ran my hands across his chest, feeling the short smattering of hair under my fingers, my mouth watered, and I scratched down him lightly with my nails. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and yanked my head back to look at him. I gazed up at him, my Master, it had been so long since I could say that. Oh no, please, not again. I tried to stop it, but I felt my throat tighten and tears welled up. His eyes softened and an unreadable expression flashed across his face. He released my hair and stroked my cheek softly, his other hand holding me to him. It had been so long since I was in this position since I had someone, I wanted to call my Master. And now I’m in Paris repeating the same mistakes, knowing full well I have to leave in a week. The tears spilled before I could stop them and I looked away, wiping my eyes.

“I’m sorry.” I hiccupped and sniffled. “I didn’t mean t-to ruin this, I can’t remember crying this much, ever.” I tried to laugh but I couldn’t get it out. He didn’t say anything at first, just held me to his chest. I clung to him, I wanted to remember exactly what this felt like.

“You didn’t ruin anything, ma chere.” He stroked my hair as he spoke, while I tried and failed to contain my sobbing.

I wiped at my tears again as he tilted my chin up. He kissed my tear-stained cheeks before he kissed the corner of my mouth. I wanted to keep going, I didn’t want to waste one of the few nights I had left crying about things that were out of my control. And while I knew that tears weren’t a total boner killer for him, I figured that full-on sobbing was. I tested the waters anyway, reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck I pulled him close enough to kiss his jaw and then down his throat. His embrace was still gentle, and his hand steady on my hair, frozen mid pet.

“If this is something that is going to upset you later, we can stop.” He said it so softly I was caught off guard.

“I want to keep going.” I paused and rubbed my cheek against his stubble. “If it’s ok.”

“Mm.” His chest rumbled as he hummed.

In one swift motion he picked me up, my legs wrapped around his waist and his hands gripping my ass, I giggled happily as he carried me to his bed. He leaned over to drop me on it and I pulled him down on top of me. This was where we left off; happy, going at each other like rabbits, and not worrying about what came next. That’s what I vowed to do now, stop worrying about what came next and enjoy the time we had. The only difference this time was that I wasn’t his student. He was still the hot, slightly older man that wanted to show me better pleasure than I could find anywhere else. And I was still more than happy to be on the receiving end of that and to lay on the softest down feather duvet I had ever felt.

“I’m not going to call you names tonight, I won’t have you do anything truly degrading, and I’m certainly not going to restrain you in any way. You’re emotional, and I don’t want to see you drop when we’re finished.” His voice was stern, but I could hear the notes of concern and affection.

I couldn’t say that it wasn’t disappointing to hear, I had spent the better part of five years masturbating to the memories of all the ways he humiliated and degraded me - chasing the sexual thrill. But I knew Adrien was right to keep it off the table right now. We had this discussion before, the first time I had cried while we were together, edge play had the potential to do real harm to someone’s mental state - but as an emotional outlet, it could be freeing and powerful. He cares, and I need to not be focusing on this right now or the waterworks will start again, and then I’ll be going back to the vibrator at the hotel. I reached up to him stroking the sides of his face. I knew thirty-four wasn’t old by any stretch, but I could see the changes in his face from age, he smiled, and the corners of his eyes crinkled slightly. The changes in his maturity were there too, we played fast and loose with the rules before but now he was being more cautious about our games. He bowed his head down to mine and I closed my eyes, just letting our foreheads touch lightly. It was a while before we moved but the feeling of his body pressing against mine, and the sensation of our bare chests together, started to make me squirm under him.

I moved first, tilting upwards to kiss him and grasp at his hair. Adrien pushed himself away - despite my whining - to work my skirt and panties off. I tried to sit up as he finished, wanting to do the honor of removing his pants. He wasn’t having any of that tonight, pushing me back against the bed as he removed them. I laid back on my elbows and watched him with fascination. Oh, wow. I couldn’t remember everything, and as I watched his hard cock get freed from his pants, I was reminded of that. Uncircumcised, long enough to grasp with both hands, and if memory served correctly my fingers couldn’t get all the way around it. My mouth watered as I watched him stroke it slowly, working the skin back over the glistening head. I looked up and realized he was watching me, my heart sped up as he leaned forward to push my legs back so they were bent and my feet pressed flat to the mattress. I clasped my knees together in embarrassment, it had never gotten easier being exposed, and I couldn’t help but think back to my early college years where I’d wax it all - that was certainly not the case right now. He pushed them apart with ease and came back to lean over me, trailing light kisses up my neck.

“That’s not going to stop me, chaton.” His voice was rough again, full of want.

I moaned when I felt his hand cup my pussy, one finger lightly probed my opening. “I don’t want to stop you, Master.” My voice came out as a whisper, nervous and excited and completely at his mercy.

“You don’t want to stop me from what, exactly?”

“T-touching me--” I stuttered.

He cut me off, his words drawn out, threatening, and right next to my ear. “Touching you where?”

I tried to press my legs together again unconsciously, only to have him grab my knees to hold them apart. I swallowed hard before I could answer. Staring up at the ceiling I wondered if he could tell how wet this was making me. Pussy is not the word he’s looking for. I knew it wasn’t, but I couldn’t make myself say the one he wanted to hear without feeling the need to wash my mouth out with soap.

“My pussy.” I squeezed my eyes shut bracing myself.

“I think you mean your cunt.”

I nodded helplessly, I couldn’t say that, and the way he did made me feel like my whole body was on fire. Why does it sound even dirtier with a French accent? He chuckled and kept kissing as he moved down my body, taking a long pause to suck my nipples into firm peaks only to bite them harder than I anticipated, making me yelp in shock. I grasped the blanket under me when I felt him kiss my hips on either side, my stomach fluttered, it took every ounce of self-control to not push his head down faster. His fingers parted me first then, with no warning, I felt his tongue lick the length of my slit and swirl around my now swollen clitoris. My heels dug into the mattress as he did it over and over again. He kept teasing me with his fingers, never quite pushing in but not leaving my pussy either. It was maddening; I could feel myself getting closer, my breathing getting more labored, and every inch of me felt like I was going to explode from sensory overload.

“Please,” I begged, finally giving into him. “Please, Master, I want to come - I need it.”

He moved, suddenly pushed my spread legs back, his mouth closed around my clit and he sucked hard. I started to whine and moan, my hips jerking up against his mouth. His teeth scraped my clit and I wanted to scream in ecstasy. He kept going, faster, his tongue danced across every inch of my exposed sex. When I felt him roughly force two fingers into me and press hard on that sweet spot I cried out, my nails dug into the comforter and I pushed back on his hand. My pussy tightened on his fingers as I came, my back arched, and I saw stars as he sucked hard on my clit once more. I couldn’t help the sudden flood of wetness, but I knew he didn’t care. As he released my legs, I frantically reached for him, pulling him up to me by his hair. His mouth was wet, and his chin glistened, I pushed myself up and kissed him, parting his mouth with mine and tasting my arousal on his tongue. Adrien’s hand found my hair and he held it tightly in his fist, we fell back on the bed and as he moved further up, I could feel his hard cock pressed against my slick opening. We need condoms, I don’t know where he’s been. Well, I knew where he just came from anyway.

“Condom,” I mumbled between kisses. “We need a condom.”

The way he froze told me everything I needed to know. “Adrien, you can’t not have condoms. You’re single and living on your own for Christ’s sake.”

“For your information, ma chere, I ran out some time ago and haven’t had a reason to purchase more.”

Ugh. What single guy doesn’t have condoms! I groaned and rubbed my eyes in frustration, I took a deep breath a lowered my hand, meeting his defeated gaze. He wouldn’t push the subject; I knew that better than anything. I could finish him off easily enough if I wanted, and hell - I really wouldn’t mind a good throat fucking, but that was not what I really wanted right now. I was going to make a terrible decision and I didn’t give a shit. “I’m fine with it if you are.” I watched his expression closely as he thought about it for a moment.

“I’m clean, I was tested two months ago now - so as long as you trust me--”

I cut him off with another deep kiss, I wanted him back in dominant mode - not fretting over the decision, worrying if I was just doing this for his benefit. I wasn’t, I wanted this more than anything else in the world, and I trusted him completely. He ground his pelvis against mine and I wrapped my legs around his hips. My hands clutched at his back, nails digging into his skin as I felt him press into me. I inhaled sharply as he eased in, he stretched me far more than I was used to, it burned slightly, and I hissed as I buried my face in his shoulder. I arched off the mattress and whimpered when I felt him start to bottom out against my cervix. “Slowly, please,” I begged quietly.

The feeling of his cock head rubbing directly on my g-spot with every slow, determined thrust had me panting and chasing my next orgasm. He pulled away from me, sat back on his knees with his hands sliding down to grip my hips. As he sped up I grabbed his wrists in shock, every hit to the back of my pussy sent shocks of pain - but the curve of his cock, and the head, kept dragging against that spot, making me moan his name and fuck him back.

“Touch yourself, chaton,” he ordered.

My eyes snapped open at his command, his voice was strained, and I knew he was getting close. I did as I was told, one hand sliding down my stomach to my clit, the other cupped my breast. As I teased my clit, I felt myself get wetter around him, he was moving easier now and I wanted him to fuck me harder.

“Harder,” I gasped as he hit my cervix again. “Master, please fuck me harder!” The last of my words came out in a strangled sob as I felt myself going over the edge again. I cried out as his movements became more brutal and my orgasm seemed to go on endlessly. My legs shook and I heard him groan as I clamped down around him again. Distantly I heard him swear, a French word I could barely pronounce but had heard many times before. He fell on top of me, still rutting against each other I wrapped my arms around him - one hand in his hair, the other digging into his back while I buried my head into his neck.

“You’re mine, every inch of you, you always have been. Mon âme - my soul.” His words made me shiver; my heart felt like it would burst if he kept on.

I tilted my head back and kissed his jaw, I indulged myself this time and daintily traced my tongue through his stubble. His breathing hitched and his movement became jerkier. “Come inside me, Master. Make me yours.” My voice was barely a whisper, but his reaction was instant.

His hand slammed against the headboard as he shuddered against me, pushing into my pussy completely and painfully. ”Fils de salope,” he choked out with a groan.

One of the few phrases I actually knew - son of a bitch. We lay there for a while, his head resting between my breasts as I played with his hair. We gazed out the window in content silence, the dimly lit room felt warm and homey, the slick fabric of the silk under me was soothing on my hot skin. Paris was lovely at night; the city glowed, and the Eiffel Tower off in the distance made everything feel surreal - magical even. His words played over and in my head: mon âme - my soul. He first called me that when he took me to visit the tower, it seemed like a lifetime ago now.

"Ma chere?”

I jumped, startled by his voice.

"Tu peux rester avec moi ce soir?” He murmured the words against my skin, and my embarrassment returned.

“I’m no better at French now than I was seven years ago, probably worse honestly...” I felt him shake with silent laughter and my face got hotter. I’ve spent a year in Paris, now I’m on a business trip to Paris, I really need to get my shit together with the whole language barrier issue.

He pushed himself up on his elbows, his eyes glittered with amusement as I met his gaze. “Can you stay here tonight, with me?”

Oh. If I thought my heart would burst earlier surely that was nothing compared to the feeling of it melting at his words now. “I would love to, mon âme.”

As we kissed one last time, I felt myself relax deeply against him. As much as I wanted to stay like this forever, I had to clean myself up, my thighs were sticky, and I need to get my makeup off before I left stains all over his sheets. I picked his ripped shirt off the floor and shrugged it on when I came back, he was waiting for me, the lights out and the cover pulled back. I crawled across and into his arms.

“Do you know why I’m glad you’re here tonight?” He murmured against my temple.

“Because you get to spend the night with the prettiest American in Paris?” I asked, batting my eyes up at him.

He kissed my forehead before he continued, “Yes, and a thousand other reasons - but it means I can fuck you over and over again and try to earn back my pride by lasting longer.”

I giggled and reached up for another kiss, I didn’t care if he lasted two minutes or two hours - it was nothing compared to this.

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