When They Met...... Again

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They were strangers, still understands each other more than anyone else. She was not looking for a love story, still, she fell head over heels for this handsome stranger. Now to save her heart she did what she thought best, to leave him. But little did she know this was just the beginning, their story is yet to start. And he is definitely not going to make it easy for her, after all, he doesn't like being played by anyone.

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It’s early morning, and the view is breathtaking, the sea is beautiful with the sunrise and there is a light breeze.

But unlike the previous days, I can’t seem to enjoy it. Everything is so fresh and calm but my mind is a whirlwind of emotions like a storm is rising inside my head. It’s anything but calm. A full-blown breakdown is due anytime, but I know I have to hold on until I am away from all this. I know I have to vent out all these pent up emotions. How I wish if Gia was here with me, at least I could have talked to her. God, I miss her even though I know she will be mad at me and is definitely gonna yell for doing this. Still, anything would have been better than this silence.

But hell here I am sitting all alone in an old boat, surrounded by strangers traveling to the other part of the town leaving that island and memories of the past few days.

At some point in the future, I am gonna feel like these few days were just a dream, I have this pendant around my neck as a token, to remind me that this was all real.

He was real...

And of course just minutes before I left him sleeping, there on the balcony where we were stargazing last night. Or more precisely sneak out of that place which felt like heaven in the past few days where we have made a lot of memories...

It hurts and definitely I am gonna regret leaving him, but this is the right thing to do to save my heart before I completely lose it to him. After all, this will never work out right.. probably it’s just a fling for him.. and for me.. well I am in deep trouble.

This stupid heart of mine is already breaking …..

Maybe because I know I will never get a chance to stare at those blue orbs again, or that mischievous grin..

God, I am so in trouble.

And with all these thoughts doing cartwheels in my head, I stepped on the deck and turned back to see that place which holds a lot of memories for me is now far. I saw it for one last time, which is going to be a distant memory and so is him….

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