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Claire Evans is a Normal-- oh.. Not normal.. She has a Tough.. Really. Tough life.. She is a 24 yrs old woman.. After her parents died.. She lived with her devil aunt... What if she cross path with Tobias Ethan Spence or A.K.A Lucifer? Will he be a another burden to her life?... Or a Gift sent by God?.. Let's see...

Romance / Erotica
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"Shh... Don't cry baby girl.. Just moan." he said and I pushed him out of the bed but..

It doesn't work. But I made his length out of mine. He stand up on his own... And whisper something on Coby's ear that made him wlak towards the door..

"No! No please coby! Don't leave me here!" but.. He still leaved. And I turned my head to Tobias...

That's.. Tooking off his shirt... Now he's pants.. That leave him in his boxers... He slowly got in to my top...

"No.. Please!" but he slapped me... I hold my cheeks thats burning in hurt! "I said don't shout at me anymore! Baby girl." tears started to flow into my cheeks...


Hi guysss! If you want a Possessive Romance or Story! Then this is what you need to read! And I promise to all of you that you'll love this! Cause its Possessive! But I remind! This is a 18+ story! There is some smut chapters.. And some killing... And torture.. But I hope you all like it!
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