The Turned Luna

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Alpha Hunter Green met his mate in a situation he would not have imagined in his wildest dreams. The more he learned about the mysterious woman and her inner demons the more he wanted to be by her side. but with a pack of his own and countless enemies that might target her, can he keep his words? Phoenix Carson has been through a lot at a very young age. So, she always protects what is hers. But when she gains an entire pack and the most charming alpha she met as hers, she wonders if she can protect it all.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Hunter P.O.V

I was walking outside a foreign club named ‘Roxberry’ with my beta Logan and my gamma Noah when I smelled it. More like smelled her. She smelled like melted chocolate. Logan and Noah seem to have noticed the change in my demeanor. I started following the chocolaty smell that was driving me crazy.

“Dude, where are you walking off to?” Logan asked while trying his best to follow me. I could feel Noah was also thinking the same thing.

“Mate,” I replied. “My mate is here. I can feel it.” Noah suddenly got this huge grin on his face and said, “Well, let’s go find our Luna then.” At his words I stilled. What if she didn’t want to be a Luna? What if she didn’t want the responsibility that came with being mated to an Alpha? Shit. I hadn’t thought of things that far ahead. What if she wasn’t even a nice person?

“What the hell are you thinking, dude?” Noah asked. I was about to answer but suddenly I heard a scream coming from the place where she was supposed to be at. Is she hurt? Did someone hurt her? I’ll kill anybody who tries to hurt her. Anger flooded through my mind. And with it panic. Will I be able to protect her? Will I still have time after I reach her? All kinds of questions ran through my mind as the three of us ran towards there. What we saw there was something none of us expected.

There she was. From this far off I couldn’t make the color of her eyes. Her shiny raven hair cascaded to the middle of her back. She was of average build. But even from here, I can tell that she had a strong body. She was wearing a light blue hoodie and black pants. But what surprised me the most was the fact that she wasn’t alone. There were three men on the ground. All of them badly beaten up and bloody.

“Next time you try to attack me I will rip your head off. And that’s a promise.” My mate said to the one she was still kicking. That’s when I realized that the scream I heard wasn’t exactly feminine. I would laugh when I realized it but I was still on alert. And then I noticed a young boy fighting- looked like he was winning- against another man. He didn’t look more than twelve years old. While the man he was fighting against looked in his late twenties. Still, he was effortlessly dodging his attacks. And landing punches and kicks anywhere he could reach. “You can take care of him, right, Jay?” My mate asked the pup. ”Yea, this moron is so weak that it’s funny.” She just stood back from him and watched with amusement.

I was in such a trance that I couldn’t move or speak. Logan and Noah were at least being entertained. Noah chuckled at the pup. We could all tell even with the distance between us that the men there were not wolves. Suddenly the man pulled something from his pocket. It was a knife. The dude wanted to use a knife against a fucking child. As I was about to stroll down there she saw the knife.

“Oh, fuck no, dimwit. You will not hurt my brother while I’m here.” She roundhouse kicked him from behind knocking him out. I was surprised by her. I could feel pride coursing through my wolf Xavier. He wasn’t the only one who was proud though. I could see that Logan and Noah were impressed by her as well.

“I could’ve handled that idiot, Nix.” The kid said. “I didn’t doubt for a second that you couldn’t handle that shithead. I just don’t want to have you hurt and whining.” She- I suppose Nix is her name- said as she ruffled the pup’s dark brown hair. I chuckled at her comment.

“She’s so cool, dude,” Noah exclaimed.

“She’ll be the perfect luna,” Logan said smiling to me.

I just grin at my two friends. Suddenly as if she could sense me she looked at my way. My heart started thumping against my chest so hard I was afraid she would be able to hear it from there. She looked me straight in the eye. Her eyes were so brown it looked black. I felt like I was being sucked in them. The pup seemed to have noticed us as well. They started walking towards us. She came over and sniffed at me.

“Why do you smell like marshmallow and coffee? I haven’t met any wolves who smell like that.” She asks me.

Noah laughed out loud at her question. Logan was trying to stifle his laughter as well.

“I smell like marshmallow and coffee?” I asked her smiling from ear to ear. I don’t care if this smell is so girly. Xavier was doing a happy dance at the back of my mind for having a conversation with our mate.

“Yes. It’s putting my wolf on the edge. I don’t know if I should trust you or not.” My smile fell at her words. What the hell? She doesn’t know it’s the mate bond that is doing this? Why wouldn’t she know this?

I try putting on a fake smile but the moment I look at her curious eyes it turns into a real one. She looked adorable.

“I’m sorry but she has no manners.” The pup says apologetically. “I’m Jayden and this is my sister Phoenix. We were passing by when those men attacked us.” Jayden explains.

“How old are you Jayden?” Logan asks curiously.

“I’ll be turning thirteen this week, Mr.-”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Logan. I’m the beta of the Darkblood pack. This is Noah. He’s the gamma. And this is the alpha, Hunter.” Logan introduces us to them. I noticed how Phoenix shifted uncomfortably.

“Where did you learn to fight like that?” Noah asks Jayden. Impressed.

“Nix trains me,” Jayden explains to us as I notice Phoenix shifts uncomfortably. I let it go for now. I need my mate to trust me.

“Which pack do you guys belong to?” I asked kind of pissed that their pack didn’t teach Phoenix about mating and mate bonds.

“We don’t belong to any packs.”Phoenix says softly. “We’re rogues.”

Phoenix P.O.V

Hunter’s face remains expressionless. I’ve been a wolf long enough to know that being in a pack means a lot to most wolves. The smell coming from him is intoxicating. I feel like I’m drowning.

Great. Now I want coffee with marshmallows.

‘Or maybe it’s him you want.’ My wolf Blaze says in the back of my mind. This bitch has given me troubles since the first day I found her in my mind. I mean, aren’t wolves supposed to be animals who only need food, sleep, and to procreate? But no. As if the problems in my life were nothing to worry about, the moon Goddess has given me the most sarcastic wolf she could find. She’s fun most of the time but she likes playing games a lot. Mostly with my patience.

‘You know something that I do not.’ It wasn’t a question.

‘You will know soon enough.’ She just says.

‘Ugh. You piss me off.’ I try to contain my anger.

‘You know you love me.’ She says smugly as I shut her off and focus on the man that has the most delicious smell I ever smelled.

“How long have you been rouge, Phoenix?” The blue-haired guy-Noah, I think- asked.

“For as long as I have been a wolf.” I say. They look at me and Jayden confused. I know I should explain but I’m quite enjoying this.

Jayden rolled his eyes at me and explained, “She’s a turned wolf. Her parents were humans.”

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