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"You Obviously Know Nothing About Me."

Chapter 2

Given the wonderful facts at Steven’s, or should I say, my new step-fathers, birthday party a few days back, I have now come to three conclusions. One; I hate redhead. Two; I have to learn to like Steven eventually and three; sadly, Donovan and I will not be getting along. Not that he’d want to by the fact that I am younger than him by two years. Now, I can understand why’d he’d be upset about suddenly being told that he’s getting a whole half-sibling and needs to be okay with it, but what made me rightfully hate him is our conversation after the party...


Saying I’m done with this party is an understatement. I groan in annoyance as I scan the party room to see only a few stray partiers still swaying sloppily and stumbling over nothing. I flick my eyes towards my mother and Steven as they’re sitting at my table -- canoodling or whatever the hell old people call it when they’re sitting up all lovey-dovey together. I don’t really care, but I do know that I’m not going to sit here and endure any more of it. I stand up rudely, but they don’t even notice me angrily leaving the table. I make a pit stop at the table full of food and grab a vine of grapes, then continue my journey outside of the party room. Everything is quiet and calm and instantly puts me in a relaxing mood.

My dad and I are going to have a lot to talk about this weekend when I go over to his house, and lord knows how much I can’t wait until then. I sigh softly and plop myself down on a fancy plush couch for two, then put my feet up, remove my killer heels, and then devour my grapes. I lean my head back and feel myself drifting off, but then giggles catch my attention and I’m now whipping my head around in circles as I try to find the source of the noises. Suddenly, redhead appears from around a corner with tousled up hair and Donovan (my new not so thrilled stepbrother) is right behind her with a smug grin on his face.

Ugh, no need to guess what they were just up to.

I look down at my phone, trying to subtly ignore them, but redhead has this weird idea that we’re friends or something, cause she stops and starts yapping that trap of hers again, “Oh hey! I never got your name from earlier. Babe, isn’t this your soon to be stepsister?” She asks, grinning up at him in a teasing manner and Donovan scowls at her; avoiding having to look at me.

“No.” He grunts.

“Aw, Don -- don’t be that way. She seems nice. What’s your name, sweetie?” She speaks directly to me now as her hand is frantically raking through her hair.

I smile slightly, “Zara.” I try not to sound annoyed, but come on -- redhead is just dragging it out of me. I mean, she’s treating me as if I’m ten. She has to be no younger or older than Donovan.

Redhead smiles, “That’s an interesting name. I’m Layne; Donovan’s girlfriend of six months.” She boasts happily and I purse my lips and sit up straight, placing my bare feet on the weird and fancy designed carpet. I give her a look that I’m hoping she’ll see it as a look to retreat and leave me alone, but she’s still smiling. I’m not sure I wanted to know her name, but now that I do I can make childish rhymes like, ‘Layne is a pain’.

“Wow, fun facts,” I say deadpan and she smiles happily. Donovan seems not so pleased by the way I just talked to her though.

“Seems like you’re a little brat, aren’t you?” He scoffs and I raise my brows in surprise, then decide to tinker with him. I lock my phone; making the screen go dark.

I gaze up at him, “Brat? That’s a pretty harsh label to give someone you’ve only just acquainted yourself with.” I tilt my head sideways and then smile, “Oh wait, you’re upset that your daddy is trying to replace you so quickly already. Right or wrong, Donovan?” I say so softly and I feel satisfied as his eyes darken in anger. Layne whips her head back and forth between the both of us.

“Hey now, let’s just calm down you guys. No need for any problems. We’re all going to have to get along sooner or later.” She says, trying to make peace between us, but the war has just begun between me and Donovan. He shoves her aside as she’s been pressed into his side this entire time.

“No one has to learn to like anyone. She’s going to learn how to watch that sassy mouth of hers. If I don’t take my dads' fucking attitude, my mothers or my girlfriends, then I’m not going to take it from some whiny, dumb bimbo brat!” He snaps.

I pout dramatically, “Aw, bimbo? Is it because I’m blonde?!” I shriek; trying not to laugh, but I fail as I start giggling, then burst into full-blown comedy laughs. I clutch my stomach as I watch Donovan’s cheeks redden and he scowls brutally, probably by now trying to mentally kill me. Layne grips his arm and does the first smart thing of the night -- drags him away from me.

“Come on, let’s cool off. See you around, Zara.” Layne smiles faintly and I mutter under my breath once they get about five feet away.

“Yeah... Hopefully not.”

My eyes then widen as Donovan suddenly swoops his head around and glares at me. Holy shit, he fucking heard that? He’s not human, he has to be some sort of mythical creature -- that would explain his exotic eye color. He finally turns back facing forward and I breathe deeply as they disappear back inside the party room.

“Yay Zara. One point babe. Keep it up.”

-End of Flashback-

I roll my eyes at the memory and feel annoyed with all of this mess that’s been going on. My mother has just been glowing like a fucking lantern ever since being engaged and I’ve just been -- Zara. Not giving a damn and dragging myself through the motions of life. I look up from my bed as my room door creaks open and my moms' face pops inside, “Can I come in?” She asks softly.

I smirk, “Given the fact that you’re already halfway inside...” I trail off and cringe from her menacing glare, so I smile cheekily, “I mean, please -- come in mommy dearest.”

She walks in and slowly walks around, “Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve actually had a good look at things in here. You’ve changed things. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You are a working woman now and you love your space.” She mumbles more to herself and I nod wordlessly while every so often looking up from my nail painting. I feel this unwelcome aura sweep over me, so I stop painting my toenails and look up to see my mom staring at me with her eyes wide and far away -- as she twists her new engagement ring around her tiny finger. Once, twice, three times.

This is annoying me.

“Mother, was there a reason for your visit?” I ask politely and she gives a dramatic sigh.

“Zara... you know I love you and only want the best for you. I also know Steven isn’t your favorite person as he’s very flashy--”

“Flashy’s not classy,” I say in a bland voice.

She rolls her eyes, “Of course it isn’t, but sweetheart, we need to talk about some things. Some things that I’m sure you’ve already figured out since Steven asked me to marry him.” She explains while sitting on the end of my bed, careful not to jostle around too much. I nod, distracted as I start painting my toes again and she continues, “So I’m sure there’s going to be no surprise when I tell you that I’m selling the house and we’re going to be moving in with him.” She rushes and I have a spaz attack.

I accidentally paint the side of my big toe a bright teal and then stare at her in horror, “What!?” I splutter, blinking rapidly. Oh god, oh god I didn’t even think about this! Jeez, I let my fucking blonde hair get me again! I stare in despair at my mother and she looks guilty,

“Oh Zaria, I’m sorry sweetie, but I can’t keep you both happy by living with me in this house and then be a wife to Steven and not live with him. It’s all going to work out--”

“How can you say that!? I despise him and his son is not a fan favorite either!” I cry and watch her frown. She knows he’s an asshole cause he treated her the same way he treated me when Steven introduced us. Her face softens, “Okay, let’s just calm down. It’ll be about two months before we move out of here and put up the house. Everything will work out.” She says again.

I raise a brow, “And you know this because? What does Steven have to say about all of this?” I ask and she smiles in relief.

“Actually, I’m glad you asked. We’re meeting him for dinner in about two hours.” She says cautiously and I just stare at her, hoping that if I stare hard enough she’ll disappear -- it eventually works.


“Zaria, I want you to know that I’m not offended that you haven’t really taken a liking to me yet,” Steven says bluntly and I purse my lips while twirling my pasta noodles around in my bowl. We’re in some fancy Italian restaurant and I’m in a dress... for the second time this week. He continues, “I also want you to know that I endeavor to get us closer since we’re both going to be sharing your mother and all.” He replies and I almost spit at him.

Share my mother? Dude, really?

“But I want you to consider trying, cause if you put in the effort, then I will continue to put in mine.” He finishes and I suck in a deep breath, then look up to meet his eyes. My mom is staring at me with wide eyes as I sit across the small square table from them on my own with an empty chair. I watch Steven glance over my head from time to time and I finally speak.

“I want to consider it too, but I’m not a fan of your ways. You’re too money bags and high class. I didn’t grow up that way because my parents aren’t that way. I don’t like to see you corrupting my mother with your bank account.” I snap and my mom looks utterly embarrassed.

“Zaria.” She speaks frantically, but Steven holds up his hand.

“She’s right, I do tend to flaunt and spend excessively. Looks like we’ll all have something more to discuss tonight. I’m sure once you and Donovan get to know one another more tonight, that we’ll--”

“What?” I snap and watch him nod behind me.

“Donovan. I invited him tonight and though late as ever, he’s here. I know he wasn’t the politest to you or your mother, but we’re going to settle that tonight.” He smiles smugly and I narrow my eyes and stare down the salt shaker as the empty chair next to me gets dragged out and filled with a body. I can smell a light cologne waft into my nostrils, but I still stare down the salt shaker.

You’re gonna die, salt.

“Donovan, nice of you to finally join us,” Steven says in irritation and I stiffen as Donovan speaks, but it sounds nothing like how he spoke to me a few days ago.

“I’m sorry and I want to start off the night by apologizing to the Lisle women -- I had no right to snap at either of you in a rude manner. I know this is going to be a dramatic change for all of us and I apologize sincerely.” He says and it makes me whip my head up to look at the side of his face. His black hair is swooped up in his signature mohawk and his jawline is clenched, so I know he’s bluffing. He confirms it as he turns his head and narrows his eyes slightly.


Steven smiles triumphantly, “Thank you son, that was very prideful of you.”

“Yes, I appreciate it as well, Donovan. You’re a very mature young man.” My mother adds on and Donovan closes his eyes in sweet acceptance of the praise and grins,

“Thank you... Janine.”

“Oh come on!” I snap, “He’s fucking lying!” I shriek and then cover my mouth as I realized I just dropped the dirty flower. Mom looks outraged and Steven looks taken aback. Finally, after some silence of taking in what just recklessly fell out of my mouth, he speaks.

“Well, now that that’s knocked out, we can discuss housing issues. Zaria, if you really cannot stand Donovan so much, you have a little leeway as he does not live with me. He lives with his mother and doesn’t wish to stay with me. So you’re good there.” He glances at us back and forth and I go to let out a relieving breath, but Donovan clears his throat.

“Actually dad, I wanted to talk about that. You see, mom lives farther away from the school and she won’t pay for the out of district fee anymore, so I kind of need to stay with you so I can finish senior year with all of my friends.” He says, wanting sympathy. I drop my jaw and watch him continue, “It’s only right, I’ve been with them for years, it’d suck to just go to a new school -- for senior year.” He urges and Steven is looking gullible. Too damn gullible.

Steven glances at me and then takes a deep breath, “I’ll see.” He mutters and I push away from the table.

“Excuse me kindly, but I need to use the restroom.” I snap and then clack off in my heels. Once I get out of view of the table, I make a detour to the front of the restaurant and leave out the door. The night air is cool and I do what I always do when I’m lividly done. I scream my ass off. I scream loudly and start to kick a nearby shrub; thanking god no one is outside of the restaurant right now. After about three minutes of abusing nature, I step back and breath in deep breaths.

This is not okay, none of this is even slightly okay. I lift my face to the sky, then start to boil all over again as a deep voice chuckles.

“Did the brat have to throw a tantrum?”

“Did the ass have to make another lie like probably coming to check up on me?” I spat and whirl around to see Donovan smirking in the light of the restaurant sign. He steps forward.

“I really don’t like you, Zaria.” He hisses.

I place my hands on my hips, “It’s Zara and I really don’t give a damn.”

“You should. If I don’t like you and we’re going to be living under the same roof, you won’t make it a week in my presence.” He warns. I scoff in disgust and take a step forward.

“What makes you so sure you’re moving in? Steven said he’ll think about it.” I growl, but it only tickles Donovan. He hunches forward and then sighs after having a good laugh. We’re now close enough to start dancing together as he looks down at me and I crane my neck back slightly to glare up at him.

“Zaria, what you fail to realize is that whether I act up or not, my dad is going to let me move in. All he wants is for me and him to bond and if I’m offering, he’s approving. My dad wants nothing more than for me to depend on him... and with his money -- I have no problem with that.”

“You’re using him.” I spat.

“So? And why should you care? You don’t like him.” He chuckles and I feel my cheeks heat up as he’s right. I take a step back and scowl at him furiously.

“Well, you should know you’re playing with the wrong girl. I may be young, but I can take you there. I can push your buttons and I can set you off. You think you’re always the one in charge? You obviously know nothing about me.” I snarl, suddenly feeling very determined to show him what’s behind the dark door. I half expect him to pull back some, but he just grins in a creepy way.

“Seems like I have a challenge. Don’t worry though, I’ll be having you packing and moving in with your daddy no more than a week after we all move in together. I think what you’re failing to realize is that you know nothing about me -- and no one scares me off. Now get it together brat and get back in here... you’re ruining our parents dinner.” He smiles maliciously and then backs away from me, then turns and walks back towards the entrance of the restaurant.

After the door closes, I fight the urge to scream again, then realize I need a new way to blow off steam. I can’t keep letting him address me as a brat. It’s tedious and frustrating and I hate it -- but not as much as I hate him as a person in general.

I’ve never even had a sibling and I thought it’d be exciting. Having someone watch out for me as I watched out for them and we’d be the best of friends that no one would understand because we’d be siblings and be bonded together by love and support.

Yeah no... fuck all of that.

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