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A Love as Deep as The Ocean

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Elegant yet glowing with mischief, the 16-year-old heiress Sierra Charmonte had lived an abundant life with her devoted and loving father, Daniel, and the orphaned son of his best friend, Henri Colinsfirth. But when she unexpectedly lost her father to pneumonia, her vibrant spirit diminished, as life without him was unimaginable. In the wake of Daniel’s passing, their close family friend, Celeste Sinclaire, had been bestowed guardian of Sierra, per her father’s Will and Testament. Whilst Celeste displayed regret that she couldn’t visit her in London, enclosed in the letter, Sierra received tickets to travel to America alongside her most trusted associates, including Mr Colinsfirth. Sierra was still grieving and struggling with the loss of her adoring father whilst embarking on the much celebrated maiden voyage of the grand R.M.S. Titanic. A serendipitous meeting with a steward would change everything, including the course of the young heiress’s life as she knew it. ********** Cover Design © Jo Anderson 2020 Photo Background of Titanic's Grand Staircase © Jules Ellenberg 2020 ********** No part of this book may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without express written permission of the author. Your support of the author's rights is appreciated.

Romance / Drama
Jo Anderson
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1. A Letter from Henri Colinsfirth



23rd of February 1912.

My dearest Sierra,

This letter comes hoping I am there with you as it leaves me at present; will you please enlighten me and tell me how you are feeling as of late? Most of my days, dear, I worry about you. Forgive this inescapable thought of mine. My dear, I must admit how regretful I am for being here, fulfilling my duty.

The reason I am writing is that it is the first month of our beloved Daniel’s passing, and it breaks my heart, for I am not by your side. If only I could be there with you, I would be granting every whim and wish you might require. I am your humble servant for ever.

However, let us not be melancholy. Your father would never desire it for us. Surely he would love to see your bright smile when you remember him through the photographs, letters, and memories he had shared with us. He would never want to see you frown now, am I correct?

Your last letter was much appreciated, for I sincerely longed for you as well. Your pain was emanating from the ink to my heart, and I wished I could make you smile and laugh, just as always. I yearned for the sound of your voice, Sierra.

Work is tiring; nevertheless, thinking of you shines a smile on my face. Counting the days to see you again makes me jump in joy! And your drawing is remarkable. Are you sure you have not traced one of our photographs? I am impressed!

If you were here, beyond doubt, you would already be in the Louvre, mesmerised by the art, or promenading along the Seine, wondering about the history of each bridge, or dragging me to the Eiffel Tower and watching the city grow smaller as we headed to the top.

It would be like the last time we were all here during the holiday. I could still picture you holding your lacy umbrella, laughing with Daniel as one of the street performers let you pet the dancing monkey. Oh, it was such a delightful sight, my dear. I might not have had a camera with me that day, but it would always be in my mind, painted in such beautiful colours. It was a good day.

I received Celeste’s letter last week and an enclosed ticket to travel by cruise liner to New York in April, as well. What a thrill to be journeying with you again; I cannot wait to see you. Yes, my dear, it has just been weeks, but I am thrilled to see you. Keep thinking of me as I think of you! Please, send my regards to Sadie and Jane.

With all my love,

Henri Colinsfirth

PS. My dearest Sierra, I hope you and Jane are not tormenting Sadie with your scathingly brilliant and mischievous ideas!

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