The Letters of Sierra Charmonte

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When sixteen-year-old heiress Sierra Charmonte lost her father because of pneumonia, their close family friend, Celeste Sinclaire, was bestowed to take care of her as stated from her father's Will and Testament. Unable to be visited by her Aunt, Sierra was given tickets to travel to America, instead, alongside her trusted associates. Sierra did not know how to cope with her father's passing, but she found comfort and joy from a steward she met boarding the RMS Titanic.

Romance / Drama
Jo Abrigo
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A Letter from Father

16th of November 1911.

Dearest princess,

I wish you were here, my sweet! Perhaps, I should have transferred you to a new school for us to be together, but considering how great you have been doing, I cannot possibly just take that away from you.

Your aunt Celeste was surprised that you did not journey with me, and I believe she wrote you a letter regarding that. She was hoping to see you as soon as I walked into the doors of their estate! She told me that it had been three years since she saw you last. So, I showed her your latest photograph, and she said that you blossomed as stunning as Eliza. It is true, my princess, you have become more beautiful.

Hold on, Celeste just gave me a massive package, and she said it is for you. Knowing her better all these years, I will take a shot in the dark and assume that the box contains at least a piece or two of the latest fashion trends here in America. She hopes you will like it.

Now, this information might be a bore to you, my princess, but she and I have been talking about the expanding of our mining company here in America, and things are looking bright! We are going to be talking to the board of directors and trustees to build an offer. And if this goes smoothly, which I think will, we might move here after you graduate from school. Is not that the grandest news?! You can apply for college here! I heard they offer a course that might be to your liking, arts, and literature, for instance!

My sweet, all this good news is making it difficult for me to break the bad. Unfortunately, since my idea has caught the interest of Celeste’s friends, I will be staying here for the holidays to mingle. I know, this is the first time we will not be celebrating together, but not to worry, Henri will come home soon, it will feel Christmas then for sure. I think he will sail next week. But Henri will stay there for just a few days since he will go to France. Although I think he will be back before you know it. I am sure he will enlighten you with this subject.

The telephone is ringing, work is calling to me now. I will write more soon, my princess. You are always in my mind, all right? I love you.

Your old man feeling remorseful,


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