The Letters of Sierra Charmonte

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A Letter from Henri


23rd of February 1912.

My dear Sierra,

Please tell me how you are doing? I can’t help but worry about you sometimes, you know? I must admit; but I regret that I am here, fulfilling my duty. If only I could only be there with you, granting every whim and wishes you require. I am, forever, your humble servant, my dear.

The reason I am writing to you is that it is the first month of our beloved Daniel’s passing, and it breaks my heart that I am not there with you. But let us not be melancholy, for it is not what your father would want for us. Surely, he would love to see you smile as you remember him through the photographs, letters, and the memories he shared with us. He would never want to see you frown now, right?

Your last letter was much appreciated, for I sincerely missed you too. I feel your pain, and I wish I could make you smile and laugh, just as always. I am longing for the sound of your voice, Sierra. And, your drawing, it’s remarkable! Are you sure you did not trace it or copy one of our photographs?! I’m impressed!

If you were here, I know you would already be in the Louvre, mesmerized by the art, or promenading along the Seine, wondering about the history of each bridge, or dragging me to the Eiffel Tower and watch the city as we head to the top, just like the last time we were all here for the holiday. I could still picture you holding your lacy umbrella, laughing with Daniel as one of the street performers let you pet the dancing monkey. Oh, it was such a delightful sight, my dear. I may not have a camera with me that day, but it will always be painted in my mind. It was a good day.

Work has been a drag but thinking of you puts a smile on my face, and I’m counting the days to see you again, it makes me jump in joy! Oh, I had received Celeste’s letter last week, and I got a ticket to travel by cruise liner to New York in April! What a thrill to be journeying with you again.

I cannot wait to see you. I know it’s just been weeks, but I, truly, am electrified to see you, my dear. Keep thinking of me as I think of you! Please, send my regards to Sadie and Jane!

With all my love,

Henri Colinsfirth


My dear Sierra, I hope you and Jane are not tormenting Sadie with your scathingly, brilliant, mischievous ideas!

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