The Letters of Sierra Charmonte

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The Last Letter of Sierra Charmonte

21st of April 1912.

Dearest father,

Now I think I know how you felt when mother passed. Although, the bright side of it was you had me and Henri. Oh, father, how did you cope with this agony? Because this pain is eating me whole, I just want to (tear stains)

I apologize. I should not be thinking of this in the first place. Thinking how disappointed you would be if one day, you open your eyes (tear stains) and see that I am there with you, mother, and Henri. But I cannot seem to stop these dark thoughts clouding my mind.

Arriving at Aunt’s home, I did not notice the stunning English style architectural structure of The Eastridge Manor. I wanted to be distracted (tear stains) from my inner thoughts, so I explored after Aunt showed me my chambers. She outdid herself this time, by the way. My room is spacious and luxurious, and like most of the other rooms, the ceiling is high, as well as the French windows plastered on the walls. It looks luminous in here; it really is stunning. My queen-sized, four-poster bed faces the massive French balcony doors that overlook the garden. My new home is gorgeous. I can already see myself leaning over the stone fence and reading a book, or using Henri’s gift, the easel, and painting the sky or the view. However, even with basking sunlight from the wide-open windows, the house is gloomy. (tear stains) Everyone in the household is mourning from the loss of their young master.

Okay, to brighten up the mood, even just for a little bit. You would not believe how much interest I gained in our mining company. I never knew how fun it is to collect the data and progress of diamonds and gems. Do not get me started about the investigating of a potential land. I asked Aunt to educate me because I do not want to hear my obscure self-loathing thoughts.

Ms Abram is helping me understand how it works. I tried and successfully not fall asleep when Aunt told me the story of how our business started. I must say that I found it impressive. It dated all the way back to the 1400s! No wonder why we are what they call old money. I never noticed how expensive diamonds are. But I have always known they are rare and beautiful. And I was in awe when your great-great-grandfather once designed the crown of the heir to the throne! Now I know which side of our family I got the creative skills.

Okay, none of the business talks. I just genuinely enjoy finding out the history of the business and the places we excavate. Now, I sincerely regret not listening to you before. Oh, how I wish I could turn back time. Also, your lawyer revealed another will to us and read it once more when the unfortunate circumstance befell. He read:

To my darling daughter, Sierra Desiree Reyes Charmonte, I leave all of my possession — including the DelaCour Estate, money in all the banks I owned, and all the properties I had — to you and my business partner, Henri James Colinsfirth. Even if you were ever to refuse the arranged marriage to Charles Alexander Sinclaire, you will still have your inheritance. I trust you and Henri to carry on my legacy.

Since my daughter is still underage, I, hereby, leave Celeste Sinclaire as her guardian until she comes of age, and to be presented properly to society. She will also groom Sierra to conduct and continue by working on my company to its peak. Once my daughter turns eighteen, all will be transferred to her name with or without a husband.

Father, you left me with so much responsibility, but for the faith you have in me, for trusting that I am ready enough to carry on your legacy, I will do my best to make you and Henri proud. Being a woman in this world will be tough. I know it will. But I will arise to the top and be respectable as Aunt Celeste. With this, I do not think I will be able to be a bride, anyway. So, I suppose it will be alright. Accompanied by my creative mind and Aunt Celeste’s good taste, we will dominate the world!

However, now that I will have a tight, busy timetable as you did and Henri, will I be able to return home to our estate? How are things going to be from now on? Realizing this makes me think of how much I terribly miss you and Henri.

I apologize, once again, for setting the tone down. Today is the memorial service, you know. Am I ever going to be ready to say goodbye?

My stomach growled angrily at me. I must head downstairs and break my fast.

With all my love,



I have made this a habit for the past few days, don’t you think? I will write more whenever I can. I love you so much, father.

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