The Letters of Sierra Charmonte

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Dearest reader,

Before I got really into what happened on Titanic, I played a choices app game called Storyscape, and one of the stories they offered was Titanic. The game-play was amazing! The art style, the plot, the characters, and the music were truly remarkable. It was the entire reason why I got myself into writing my own story about the greatest ship during her time. It is such a shame the app is no longer available.

I wanted to be as accurate as possible but, it was sort of hard to dig into the past not truly knowing what happened during those fateful days. I found it difficult as I came closer to the truth. Thank you to the websites, books, and newspaper clippings, and to my friend, Jules, who shared her insights and research about the fascinating events that happened in the Titanic.

All characters are fictional but I put some real-life passengers on the ship. I apologize if I did not capture their real personalities and/or behaviour. I do not want to be disrespectful for they were real people, especially, the Naval Chief Architect Mr Thomas Andrews, the unofficial advisor on White Star journeys. He has a lot of cameo in this story, solely because he is my favourite individual aboard the ship and it is how I could imagine who he was, kind and cheerful. Any errors that occurred are wholly my own.

During the time I was writing this story, I was having trouble with sleeping, hard time breathing and sometimes I wake up sweating and heart pounding. Most of the events I had written in The Letters of Sierra Charmonte came from my strange dreams as if I was really there; especially on the night of the inevitable. Some of my friends suspected that I might be one of the passengers but, I thought that was ridiculous.

For some peculiar reason, when I was drawing Henri Colinsfirth, I feel like he was a real person in the Titanic and passed away that time. Whoever it may be, he will always have a special place in my heart.

Some elucidations to clarify:

I. The Sinclaires are a close royal family friend of the Charmontes’, for they are part of the noble court of a fictional kingdom.

II. Celeste Sinclaire and Henri Colinsfirth are not blood relatives of Sierra.

III. I take this time to apologize if you are a Henri stan. He is my favourite in this story and I was a wreck for WEEKS when I decided to kill him off the story.

Pardon me if could not paint more emotions or vivid scenarios to this story but I can assure you, I poured my time, heart and soul to this, and I thank you for reading it!


J. Abrigo


I would like to thank my sister for the patience and humouring me while editing my story; To my friend, Rabiya, whom I pitch this idea first and loved it since the first draft; To mum, for finally reading one of my stories and actually liking it; To all my friends who supported and tolerated me as I write this story;

And most of all.

Thank you

For reading my heart and soul.


If you’re curious what my characters look like, check them out and follow me on my Instagram for more. Thank you again!


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