The Letters of Sierra Charmonte

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10/04 (3)

So, I let him take me back to my room. I know we were taught not to talk to the help, but why couldn’t I stop myself from wanting more about this man?

I suppose, you are wondering what he looks like and I’m happy to oblige describing this Bellboy, Alec Sanders. His hair, neatly tied-up in a ponytail, is neither brunette nor blonde; I have no idea how to describe the colour, it changes in the light.

If you glance at him, you will find him looking like he was brooding, must be because of his eyebrows; thus, making him look intimidating. His eyes, green or brown, are mesmerizing.

He is so tall and has broad shoulders, that if I hide behind him, you would not be able to see me (assuming, I’m not wearing a massive skirt). But when he smiles, sweet and welcoming, it shadows the fact that he is scary. The way he stands in an elegant form makes you forget he is just a bellboy. I do not think it matters, and I hope this does not bother you. There is just something about him. I find it captivating.

Also, his deep, rich, mellifluous voice was music to my ears, that the sound of my name when it rolled off his lips took my breath away.

I could not wait for tomorrow to come!

When I got back from my little adventure and got dressed for supper, Mr Andrews escorted me to the extravagant heart of first-class, the Grand Staircase. You know me well, I have always rubbed my gloved fingers along the gilt-edged railing, and so I did, feeling like royalty, as always.

I and Mr Andrews, alongside Ms Abram and Henri, walked up to the purser’s office, which is on C deck at the landing of the Grand Staircase, and to the inquiry window. Mr Andrews requested a form to send a Marconigram, and I have sent Aunt my first message!


‘Make sure all of the replies are directly sent to Miss Charmonte,’ said Mr Andrews with a warm smile.

The purser’s assistant nodded while taking my form and sent it via pneumatic tube to the Marconi room, on the boat deck.

During dinner, I was sitting across Ms Abram while Henri sat beside me at the Café Parisien. Ms Abram gave me stern and sharp looks because, when she got back from smoking and entered the room, I was nowhere to be found. Now that I was in front of her, she silently disapproved of my recent appalling manners.

Henri soothed her by saying, ‘She is just a child, forgive her. It’s not her fault she is interested in knowing more about the ship,’ he elongated his arms, acknowledging the surroundings, and then he winked at me. Ms Abram rolled her eyes and nodded as I smiled at him as a sign of my gratitude.

I have always liked Henri ever since I could remember. I am grateful he is here with me. I am lucky he is here to alleviate Ms Abram’s wrath towards me. But I have to be honest I will be turning seventeen in a few days, and I am still a kid to him?

I had always looked up to him, figuratively and literally. I must always be just a younger sister to him. You can call me naïve, but it hurts that he never sees me in that way. Am I not beautiful or old enough for him? Guess not.

After a long five-course meal, Ms Abram took me back to my suite, and she retired to her room. I am in my sitting room, writing this down before I forget all that happened. I hope to hear from Auntie soon because of the new technology.

Your lovable tyke,



Foolish me, I forgot that I wanted to visit Jane in the Cabin Class when I got away from Ms Abram.

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