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Please give it a chance, you won't regret it. "Love weakens the strong, and strengthens the weak; fools make wise, and the wise fools; burning passions, quenching reason; in one word, it will turn everything upside down. " "As long as we love someone because of his virtues, it's nothing serious. But when we start to love him because of his faults, then it is love." - Sasha Guitry "Men want to be the first love of a woman. Women are smarter: they want to be the last novel of a man." - P. Buck

Romance / Mystery
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Life is a story that we write to ourselves. It doesn't know the boundaries and we all make mistakes. It's never a straight line, there are always some curves.

In my story, in my life, there are many curves, but I don't mind. On the contrary, all these curves are beautiful and painful situations that made me of what I am today. They built me ​​as a person, and the scars as a consequence of these situations stand there to remind me that everything is transient. Both, happiness and sorrow.

Happiness is always there somewhere above me, but it looks like I can't catch it. Maybe I should jump or stretch out to get it ?
However, the greatest curve and temptation in my life was when I lost my mom.
I don't like to recall that scene, but the images themselves come to my eyes. As well as tears, every time. The wound is still fresh and I don't know if it will ever heal.

Father. He left us a long time ago. I don't remember how he looked like, and mom never liked to talk about it. If I tried to find out something, she answered that the story about him would only hurt and disappoint me. She thought that I shouldn't feel anything bad about him. I think she secretly, somewhere deeply in herself hoped that one day he would walk back into our life. Different than he was when he left us.

However, there is always some good side in all that evil which I've been through. I'm not alone. I have an older brother, Ian, and I am very grateful to God for that.

I lived with my mom in New York, and Ian stayed in our home in London to complete a college, from which he later simply gave up.
My mother's wish for me was to finish my high school and college in New York. The city where she grew up and in which she met my father. She always said that her most beautiful period of life, before my brother and me, was just that.
It was not hard for me to satisfy her desire. On the contrary, I liked it. Everything would happen that way, but in the third year of my studies there was an accident in which my mother died.

I returned to London to be with Ian after seven years and I will finish my college here. I don't intend to stop studying, because she was happy with every success that I have achieved. She was proud of me, and I want to remain so, although it is very difficult after all.

In New York, I had many friends until that day that changed everything. I started getting into myself, and the circle of those friends around me began to decrease. All that was used by a girl named Rachell, sister of my ex-boyfriend. I always felt hatred towards me with the envy and jealousy on her part.

Ian gave up college on his last year. He couldn't fight with our mom's death, and now I came here too. The younger sister he needs to worry about. Although I think that I can take care of myself, but I understand the pressure that he feels. To each other we are everything we have.
He opened a club named "Moto Beach", which has a race track beside it. I know he used to drive a motorcycle, but I think that all of this for him now has even more importance. This is his way to heal the wound that we both have. I didn't fight when he asked me if I wanted to give a part of our mom's savings which, after her death, was divided equally between us. Besides that this would help him to heal the wound faster, I sincerely believe that this is a very good investment of money.
I think mom would be proud of him, on the way he fights with all of this.

Ian's girlfriend Marry, who I met for the first time in London at the airport when I landed, took me through the streets of my hometown, which I no longer remember as well as before.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the first semester of the fourth year and honestly, I have no idea how I will survive this year.
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