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The one thing she never wanted was a boyfriend. DarkAngel Yushi made it very clear to Kai Sorion. The ultimate player/bad boy/pervert/daddy's rich boy in the whole school. And DarkAngel hated him the day they met, since middle school. It's now her second year of high school and trouble is already brewing between the two rivals. Kai suddenly has started acting super flirty with DarkAngel and they start a flirt war. Suddenly, in the midst of the battle, the class is sent to live in cabins on a mountain top in the woods for two months. Everyone gets paired up, including DarkAngel and Kai. And in the depths of the woods, DarkAngel and Kai experience something they didn't expect to happen during their ride into the wilderness. WARNING: This books contains strong sexual activity, violence, and death. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Romance / Drama
Lucifer's Child
Age Rating:

Boy in Blue.....

I sat in my small bedroom, with the tan blinds closed and dust particles floating around. I was trying to catch my breath, it was terrifying. I could still feel the fear from inside my chest, the noise from my heart pounding in my head grew louder and louder....

And then I woke up, panting like I had been kissing someone too hard for too long. But, it was a dream! It couldn’t be real.

But, the feeling in my chest was so...strange.

I shook my head, the boy in my dream couldn’t be him it was too weird. I hated that guy from the very beginning. Kai Sorion was the player of my school, got into lots of fights, a daddy’s boy, and a pervert. I had almost every class with him and every time we saw each other it would make my blood boil.

“DarkAngel,” My father called from downstairs. “it’s almost time for school, sweetie. You need to get dressed quickly or you’re going to miss the bus!”

I cursed at myself and rushed over to my red closet, it gave my nightmares whenever I looked at it at night, I wonder who painted it? I got dressed in my usual white t-shirt and oversize black hoodie with the BTS logo in pink cursive on the front. I quickly pulled on my ripped blue jeans and sprayed some perfume that smelled like flowers.

“I’m leaving, Dad. I love you,” I rushed past my dad and slammed the door behind me, running over our beautiful front lawn and over to the bus stop.

I waited by the bus stop sign, and sighed. My dad was trying to get me out of the house early like usual, and, like usual, I fell for it. I smiled and laughed to myself and leaned against the sign, thinking about my plan for my second year of high school even though it was already halfway through the year, it was good to think about something.

Well, it’s obvious, stay away from boys. Get straight A’s. And stay out of trouble. My basic plan for every school year, and it’s never led me astray.

“Hey, look who it is!~” A deep voice I knew way too well cooed from down the sidewalk. I looked around the pole and spotted the worst guy I’ve ever met, Kai Sorion. His blue hair ended with purple bangs, and he had the perfect body. Basically, he was a walking anime character. His skin was almost pale white, but somehow, it made his blue eyes pop. He had a perfectly angled jawline that went with his broad shoulders and toned body.

Kai strutted over to stand beside me, smelling like minty shampoo, smiling, “Why are you standing by yourself?” He asked, leaning in, forcing his face closer to mine. “Are you waiting for the bus?”

“Obviously, moron,” I muttered, crossing my arms and avoiding eye contact. I didn’t want to be near this perv any longer. I hated his stupid face and stupid clothes and stupid smell. I hated this werewolf more than I hate school. “Now, leave me alone, please. I would rather smell the breath of a dog’s than yours, wolf-boy.”

“Well, dogs descend from wolves,” Kai started, rubbing his chin as if to think, then looked back over to me. “so, you’re are smelling thousands of years of dogs evolving to the next level.”

He shoved his lips next to my ear and whispered, “You’re welcome.”

“Oh, look, the bus’s here!” I said, walking over to the bus doors and walking up the small steps. I walk past the bus driver and start heading to the back when I almost tripped. I looked behind me and saw Kai stifling a laugh. “Why did you trip me?”

“Because,” Kai shrugged, not answering my question. He shoved past me and sat with his group of friends near the front. I growled and stomped my way to the back, walking by astounded faces and laughing looks.

I sat down and glared out the window, it was totally like him to make a fool outta me in front of a bus full of kids. I blushed and ran a hand through my golden brown hair, trying to think about something that wouldn’t piss me off. I closed my eyes and started to count down from ten, calming myself as the bus turned a corner and Grand High appeared.

“Okay, time to get today over with,” I whispered to myself, grabbing my bag and following the other students off the bus. When I walked away from the sidewalk to the school gate, an arm wrapped around my shoulders and pulled me toward them, their warm body colliding with mine; I flinched.

I looked up and saw Kai, smiling down at me, showing off his gleaming canine teeth that were larger than most. “God, why won’t you leave me alone?”

“I don’t know,” He sighed, letting me go. “I thought I’d say sorry for my actions on the bus ride to school. It was wrong for me to do and I want you to accept my utmost apology.”

“Sure, whatever, good-bye,” I waved him off, looking for Alycia, my best friend. I spotted her and waved, hoping she would notice and run over to save me. Her cocoa colored skin had a glow to it like normal, and her dark hair was tied up in a loose bun. She was wearing her normal hoodie and jeans, like every other girl. But, Alycia gave the attire a flare that no one else had.

One thing to love about her.

Alycia waved back and smiled, exposing her pretty white teeth in a friendly smile. “Hi, DarkAngel!”

“Hi!” I squealed running over to her. I was always happy to speak with her every chance I got. We didn’t have any classes together so we spent every moment between classes and talked.

We headed inside and chirped about what was going on in our lives. I glanced at the clock that hung from the wall and gasped, I was going to be late!! “Sorry, I gotta get to class, Alycia, bye!”

“See you at lunch!” She squealed after me.


I ran down the hallways, sprinting through the crowds, looking at the signs; checking for my classes number. I reached my classroom and sighed a great deal of relief; I wasn’t late and the teacher wasn’t there. Whew, I dodged that bullet.

I walked passed a bunch of talking girls and sat down at my desk, happily pulling out my books and began reading. I had just finished a chapter when I felt the presence of a devil. I look up and see Kai sitting right in front of me.

“What, do you want now?” I muttered looking down at my book; Kai made a ‘tsk’ sound and I placed the book down, looking up at him. “Hmm? I’m all ears, dude. Considering the fact you’re probably late for a hookup.” I check my watch to make it funny.

Kai raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Is that an offer?”

“No, it was an insult,” I said, rolling my eyes. I sighed and rested my head on my hand, “Seriously, what do you want?”

Kai smiled and leaned in, What the fuck is he doing?!

I was going to smack him in the face when he dipped his head, whispering in my ear, “If you want, you could be my hookup after class, baby.”

What. In. The. Actual. Fuck?!

“What are you talking about, asshole?!” I said, shoving his body away from mine, making sure to keep a distance between us. I glared at him but stopped when I saw him clutch his stomach and laugh, his cheeks red and eyes screwed shut. “Hey! Stop laughing, this is not funny!!”

“Y-Yes it is!” Kai howled, tears streaming down his cheeks. He stole a peek at me and saw my red face; angry and embarrassed. It only made him laugh even harder. “Oh my f-fucking God! You’re face!!”

Oh, so it’s going to be that way, huh?

I grab a fist full of Kais’ shirt and pull it towards me. Suddenly, his face was centimeters away from mine, I could feel his warm breath on my lips. Kai stopped laughing and stared at me, surprised by my sudden movements. I gave him the sexiest smile I could muster and leaned in to whisper, “Tell me your size, and I’ll be there...”

Kai’s eyes widened, blush forming on his cheeks. He smirked, “You’re bluffing, you wouldn’t do that!”

I tugged on his shirt, ours noses touched. With a raised eyebrow I said, “Try me.”

Kai gulped and his cheeks got worse as he looked over my face and whispered with a smirk, “Okay then, let’s go.” And without a second thought, Kai grabbed my wrist and began to pull me out of the classroom. I squealed, tugging with all my might, wanting to be let go. But, Kai held on as he pulled me down the hallway, looking for a quiet place no one would notice.

“Okay, Kai! I was kidding! Please, let me go now!” I cried looking for someone to help me, but to no avail.

“Hey, this is what happens when you tempt me, madam,” Kai said smugly, pulling on my arm to walk faster. He glanced back at me and narrowed his eyes with an evil smile on his face. “Besides, you asked for my size. I have to be a gentleman and answer in the most physical way I can.”

“Kai, seriously stop!” I said, the squeaking of my shoes river bated off the hallways’ walls as I tried to stop myself. “I was playing around, it should have been obvious! I am a VERY BAD ACTOR!!”

“Actress,” Kai corrected, opening a closet door and shoving me inside, which sounds wrong, now that I think about it. I almost collided with the shelves and shuddered, scared of what was to come- I shouldn’t think about that right now.

I felt Kai’s arms wrap around my waist from behind and pull me closer to his tall frame.

“You ready?” He asked, running his hands up my sides sending waves of warmth over my body. Kai snuggled his head deeper into the crook of my shoulder, he smiled. “Because, I am.”

“Kai, stop,” I muttered sternly, trying to wriggle out of his grasp, but he held on. “Please, this time you’re really scaring me. It’s not funny anymore, let me go.”

“What will happen if I don’t? Are you going to hit me? Sorry, but it’s only going to make me want to more,” Kai whispered in my ear, his lips barely brushing against my cheek. His hands slowly made their way up my front; underneath the hoodie, rubbing my bare skin.

“You feel good,” Kai whimpered, rubbing my stomach and sides with his fingers. “Nice and smooth, just the way I like it.”

“Stop,” I growled, clenching my jaw. I’ve had enough. “Let me go now, or I will scream and kick your ass.”

“You can scream, just as long as you're screaming my name,” Kai said. I shivered; his fingers had just started to creep into my jeans getting closer to my lower regions. I shivered, and Kai seemed to take that as a cue to move under my hipsters. “Besides, I feel like I could rip something in the process by accident.”

“Okay, that’s enough,” I yelled, pushing Kai away from me. I managed to move out of him grasp and walked over to the door, reaching toward the knob--

“Don’t bother,” Kai said from behind me. “The door is locked, thanks to me.”

“We are all alone,” He whispered, smiling. He was probably proud of himself for making such an evil plan to trap me in the closet. He began walking toward me and I stepped back, keeping my distance. But, I was instantly backed up against the wall, Kai’s body cornered mine. He smiled.

“Stop, please,” I whispered one last time, knowing that I wasn’t going to be the same after today. “I’m not ready for this, Kai...”

“Everyone says that at some point,” He said, pulling his shirt over his head, revealing his lean torso. Kai leaned in closer after dropping the shirt and he slowly unbuckled his belt as heat radiated off of his skin. He ducked his head down to whisper in my ear, so soft and quietly, that it shocked me.

“But, then they make a choice to do so,” Kai mumbled, unzipping his pants. He pulled back and caressed my cheek in his hand. He smiled, and lifted me off of my feet, pressing me against the wall. Kai smiled and winked, “And you should be on that list.”

And then I remembered my dream.

It was almost the same way, except, Kai and I were in the woods. The moonlight casted dark shadows on one side of his face, making the moment more romantic than it needed to be. And, we were on the ground, Kai loomed over me with a handsome smile, an amused glint in his eyes.


“Shut up and kiss me,” He ordered, smiling. He leaned in and our lips brushed against each other perfectly. We clashed together, wanting more than just one kiss. I could feel the pressure building on my mouth as Kai cocked his head to the left, fitting our lips like a puzzle.

I could feel his emotions; sadness, fear, hate, anger, and love. The feelings clashed together, making my mind spin with every stroke Kai’s hands made on my body. He pulled back and pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it on the soft grass before leaning back down and kissing me feverishly.

“Fuck yeah,” Kai moaned in between breaths, tugging on my skirt, pulling it down and throwing it. We began undressing each other.

Kai’s pants.

My shirt.

And we continued to rub our hands against each others’ bodies, tempting each other to move a certain way and make sensations spread on our skin. Every now and then Kai would claw at my waist, squeezing and whining like a real dog.

“Kai, stop it,” I squealed, interwinding my fingers around his neck. “You sound so cute.”

“That’s the point, babe,” Kai mumbled, kissing my neck. I giggled and my chin found the crook of his shoulder, and I bit it softly. I heard Kai wince, and kissed his neck, making my way up his neck to his lips again. Kai pulled away and whispered so softly, I had to strain to hear it:

“This is the best part,” He said, his hand landing beside my head. Realisation dawned on me and I blushed, looking up at Kai’s moonlit face and saw him smiling. He winked at me and sensations began to bubble in my gut.


I blinked and found myself looking down at Kai, smushed between a wall and his body. I smiled sweetly and said, “Let go of me, asshole.”

Suddenly, Kai dropped me and started to laugh, screeching almost, “That was SO FUCKING FUNNY!!”

“Huh?” I asked, standing up to dust myself off. I furrowed my brows and glared at Kai. I folded my arms across my chest. “You mean to tell me you planned this whole thing out?”

“Yep, and it was for a good laugh!” Kai sighed, wiping away his tears and regaining composure. “Aaah, man. Now that was funny.”

I turned and opened the door, leaving Kai to dress himself in the closet. I stomped down the hall fuming.

This battle is soooo on, pervert.

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