The Rival

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Two business rivals, Grayson and Storm must come together in this mysterious story. He must keep her secret, while she must help him find two people of high importance to him. As time passes, they become more tolerant of each other and even go so far as to work together. Her stone cold heart begins to slowly warm up to him… but that doesn't mean there's no longer a rival in town…now does it?

Romance / Mystery
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Nothing but crickets, gentle waves breaking on the shores of the lake and the rustling of tree leaves were heard in the dead of the night. The waning gibbous moon and the backdrop of stars reflected onto the quiet lake. A calm, peaceful atmosphere was displayed.
A draft breezed past, rippling the reflection of stars on the lake.
Suddenly a head jolted up from the lake, the woman gasping in large amounts of air. She was in immense pain, dragging along with her the body of her beloved sister towards the shore. She dropped the unconscious body onto the rocky ground, before collapsing herself.
She looked up towards the sky, then clenched her eyes shut, roaring loudly as she pushed her baby out.
Tiresome hours later, the cries of a baby filled the peaceful atmosphere.
The woman took her silk dupatta off, rung it dry and wrapped the baby with it before placing it beside her unconscious sister.
“ ‘Atamanaa ‘an tusamihani ya ukhti,” she said before dragging herself up on her feet, leaving her sister and newborn baby behind to go up onto the broken road bridge to seek help.

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