My Forever Love (BK2)

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Chapter 16

Anna went and stood over the crib and softly awed at the tiny bundle in blue that lay there. The two little girls soon left, and it was just Eric and Anna.

“Does it make you want a little one, Anna?”

She smiled softly at him as she snuggled against his chest. “I’ve always wanted one Eric, so yes, it makes the urge stronger.”

“Mm… well, let me know when you’re ready.”

She turned to wrap her arms around his neck and tugged him down for a kiss. “I will, but for now I just want time to be us. Time to learn from each other and grow even closer. I’ll know when the time is right.”

“I’m ready when you are, love,” Eric reassured.

So, after one more kiss, they went to join the others.

The week went by way too fast, and it was soon time for Anna and Eric to return to their town and their jobs. Anna cried almost the whole plane ride home after leaving her parents behind, but Eric promised they’d go see them again soon.

Their plane had barely touched down when Eric’s phone rang. He answered as they waited for their luggage. “Hello?”

“Eric, Tony here. I wasn’t sure if you’d be home yet, but I just got Minnie in a room at the Pack Clinic. She says those babies are coming soon,” Tony told him.

“We just got here, but as soon as we get our luggage we’ll head for the clinic,” Eric answered before hanging up.

“Is Minnie in labor?” Anna asked, her eyes wide.

“Apparently so and is telling the father-to-be that they wait for no man,” Eric told her with a chuckle.

“Well, she should know, I suppose,” Anna said as she pointed out their luggage.

Eric grabbed them, and they headed for the exit. Twenty minutes later they were pulling into a parking space at the clinic.

Eric and Anna walked into the pack clinic hand in hand, making their way to the maternity ward. In the waiting room, they found Alpha Pete and Maura already there.

“Well, has she had them yet?” Eric asked.

“Nope, but Tony was just here. He said that she’s fully dilated and should feel the urge to push soon,” Maura said.

“It will take longer with twins, at least it did with my sister. Of course, I guess with Minnie it will be different anyway, huh?” Anna asked.

Maura shrugged. “Having a baby is having a baby. The only difference will be she’ll heal a bit quicker.

“Mm… nice,” Anna murmured.

So, they waited, but surprisingly it wasn’t a long wait.

Three hours later a grinning Tony made his way into the waiting room. “Anyone ready to see my beautiful children?”

Maura jumped up. “Lead the way, Daddy!”

Tony quickly led them down the hall to Minnie’s room. Walking in, they found Minnie sitting up and holding one baby, the other lying next to her.

Tony quickly walked over and picked the baby on the bed up. “Okay, so Minnie is holding baby one, our boy. His name is Emerson. I’m holding baby two, our girl. Her name is Ember.”

“I can already tell Emerson is going to carry the alpha gene, his eyes already have a slight gold ring around them,” Minnie said softly as she rubbed Emerson’s little cheek.

“We also think Ember might carry my omega gene because her wolf scent is weak,” Tony said just as softly.

Alpha Pete stepped up and held out his hands. “May I?”

With a nod, Tony handed Ember over. The baby opened her eyes and let out a small yawn as she seemed to stare into Alpha Pete’s eyes. Leaning in, he closed his eyes as he breathed deeply. After a moment, he pulled back with a nod. “Omega.”

“No matter, she will be loved all the same,” Tony murmured as he took her back.

Everyone in the room nodded their agreement.

Later that night Anna lay curled into Eric’s side in their big bed, one hand running up and down his side. “Minnie and Tony’s babies sure are cute, aren’t they?”

“Mm… they are, but ours will be even cuter.”

“I think you’re biased.”

Eric rolled over to nuzzle her neck with his beard causing her to giggle. “Maybe I am. What say you to a bit of practicing on those future babies?”

“I say…” She started, then paused for a long moment.

He growled before tickling her neck again with his beard. “So, slow with your answers.”

She giggled again, then ran her hand over his firm and very bare butt. “Maybe I like it… slow.”

He growled again, nipping at the mark on her neck and making her groan in pleasure as her back arched.

“Oh, my love, it’s gonna be anything but slow,” he growled low. He then kissed her before he set out to prove it.

**A little over a year later**

Anna stood at the kitchen sink, finishing up her dishes before wiping down her counter. She had the radio playing an oldies station softly in the background as she worked.

Eric had been called out but said he wouldn’t be gone long. She hoped he was right because she was feeling extra restless tonight. Maybe it was because all day she’d been thinking about how she was ready to start a family. She had wanted to talk to Eric about it after dinner, but he’d been called away, so she hadn’t had the chance. Now, here she was feeling this restlessness and the beginning of desire sparking.

Vaguely hearing something about lovers on the radio. Realizing it was the country band, Alabama singing ‘Face to Face’, she tuned back in to hear the soft words.

Run your fingers through my hair and softly kiss my lips

Hold me close in your embrace and love me face to face

Face to face, heart to heart, body to body

Tingling, tangle feeling, lovers face to face.

Anna gave a light whimper, biting her lip. Listening to the words reminded her of the night before. She remembered the feel of Eric’s hands moving along her body. They had created shivers along her spine as his kisses heated her insides. The fire, oh the fire, of passion that grew between them as he moved between her thighs. His movement pushing her higher and higher. His mouth on her mark, sucking until she’d exploded.

I’ll caress your body, and hold you close to me

I’ll slide my hands around your waist and love you face to face

Face to face, heart to heart, body to body, lips on lips, arm in arm, body to body,

Tingling, tangle feeling, lovers face to face.

Anna whimpered again. A white-hot need, so fierce as it hit her, had her almost doubling her over in its intensity. She gripped her hands over her stomach as her desire for her husband grew. She didn’t know where the aching need had come from so quickly, only that she needed Eric to put the heat she was feeling out. Tossing her head back she moaned, hoping he’d be home soon.

Eric was in wolf form, hurrying back home after straightening out the problem on the pack’s eastern border. Some humans had wandered in, hiking, and lost. He’d helped them find their way out again before he’d shifted and headed for home.

He’d had this feeling all through dinner that Anna had something on her mind, and she’d seemed so disappointed when he’d ended up having to leave. Now he planned to make it up to her as he moved swiftly across their yard.

Suddenly his wolf pulled them to a stop, his nose going up as he let out a whine. Then he was pushing Eric to the back of his mind and taking over completely.

Wolf shifted into his human’s body with a growl. He could feel his mate’s need of him and swiftly move across the large yard and up the steps. He felt awkward in this body, but he was also determined. His human side had been with their mate and it was his turn.

Walking in, Wolf found his mate standing in front of the sink, head tossed back, and eyes closed as she whimpered. Giving a whiff, he smelled her arousal and it caused him to harden at the thought of taking her. Striding across the room, he wrapped his arms around her, growling his need as he rubbed himself on her.

Tonight, she was his.

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