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Chapter 17

Anna looked over her shoulder at the man behind her, Eric. Her love, her husband, her wolfman. Tonight, his eyes were more yellow than the mossy green she loved so much. Was this his wolf showing?

“Eric?” She questioned even as his hands moved on her body continued to heat her body up.

He gave a slight growl of an acknowledgment as he turned her and began to rip her clothing from her body.

Anna whimpered with each touch of his hot hands on her cooler skin.

He continued to make growling sounds deep in his chest as he finally removed all her clothes and began to kiss along her neck. Those light kisses soon had her grabbing hold of his head and moaning as she moved one leg up to rub against his thigh.

He growled before he turned her, moving her toward the table where he bent her over. There he began nipping at the mark on her neck a bit roughly as his hands parted her thighs.

Anna whimpered feeling his arousal hard and hot against her inner thigh. She was hot, needy, and liked this bit of rough.

“Eric, please…” She whined as she rubbed back against him wanting him inside of her.

His grip on her thighs tightened as he bit down on her neck. This shot a flame of desire through her, her stomach clinching even as the tingles between her legs became almost painful in their intensity. She bucked her hips back against him, telling him without words of her need. When she did, his hard cock slid into her wet folds causing him to growl loudly.

Anna mewed in her pleasure as he began to move. Whimpering and moaning as he pounded into her from behind. She stretched her arms out, gripping the table as he became rougher, his grunts louder.

“Eric!” She yelled as she felt her body tightening up getting ready for her release.

He let go of her neck and straightened. This seemed to give him better leverage and he pounded into her even harder. Then, just as she let out a loud moan, her body clenching tight on his, he let out a howl that almost shook the windows. Moments later he was almost collapsing onto his forearms, one on each side of her.

They stood like that for long moments, both out of breath and panting.

“Are you alright, love?” Eric finally whispered close to her ear.

“Yeah. Do you want to explain what just happened though?”

Eric gently kissed his mark on her neck, answering, “I hope you’re ready for that baby now because I think… I think my wolf just made sure he planted his pup in your belly.”

Anna turned her head, trying to get a good look at him. “I am ready, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about earlier. How though?”

He sighed softly. “My wolf took over completely. He felt your need and decided to take advantage of it I suppose. Love, he’s ready for a pup and says in nine months you will be giving him one.”

Eric stood up as her body released his and picked her up. Carrying her into their bedroom he heard her whisper. “I hope so, oh how I hope he’s right.”

“So, Anna, are you excited about it almost being time for the baby to come?” Minnie asked as she took a drink of her water.

Anna and Minnie were sitting at the steak house having lunch together after last-minute shopping for the baby Anna was expecting in less than a month.

“Are you kidding? I’m ecstatic because I never thought I’d get pregnant. Yet here I sit looking like I’m about to explode,” Anna said with a bit of a laugh.

“I told you it would take your soulmate to get you that way,” Minnie teased, a twinkle in her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Anna said, rolling her eyes. “To answer your question, yes, I am. Eric finished up the baby’s room this past weekend and my parents sent a bunch of stuff,” Anna mentioned with a huff. “Oh, Minnie, you wouldn’t believe the things they sent. Blankets, sheets, toys, clothes, diapers, bottles, and the list goes on.”

“Mm… your mom’s that upset about not being able to be here when the baby comes,” Minnie asked.

“Yeah. Mary’s having a lot of problems with her pregnancy though, and the doctor has her on bed rest. I’m only glad we were able to go see them for Mary’s wedding,” Anna said as she watched the waiter place their food on the table.

“Well, maybe for the next one.”

“Next one? You sound like Eric now, let me get this one here before we start…” Anna’s words froze as she spotted a familiar smirk across the room at a table.

“Anna? Anna, what’s wrong?”

Anna swallowed hard before shaking her head as the man left. “N-nothing, I just thought I saw someone.”

Minnie looked behind them. “Who?”

Anna frowned; her good day had gone dark as she thought about the man. “Mark.”

Minnie frowned. “Are you sure it was him?”

Anna sighed. “No. It looked like him though. Minnie, I thought he was gone. Why would he show up again now?”

“I don’t know Anna, but I think we need to tell the men about it. Tony said something about going to your house tonight. He said Eric had asked him to come help set up the crib and things.”

“Yeah. He mentioned that. He said we’d invite Pete and Maura too and have a barbeque. Something about us women knowing more what to do with all that stuff my mom sent then he would.”

Minnie chuckled. “Yeah, men are so useless in that department. Ember has been nagging to see you anyway.”

“Still sending her to daycare?” Anna asked.

Minnie almost growled. “Yes. Emerson loves it but says Ember practically ignores the other kids and sits in a corner. I know it’s the omega in her, but still, it worries me.”

“Well, one day she’ll find a friend and be happy. I had trouble making friends, but once I trusted someone enough, they were my friend for life.”

“I really hope your right,” Minnie said. “Now, let’s finish this delicious food before it’s cold. We still have much to do.”

“I could swear it was him, Eric. There one second and gone the next…” Anna tried to explain as she cried, almost hyperventilating.

“Sh… love, calm down, this isn’t good for the baby,” Eric murmured as he pulled a sobbing Anna into his arms.

“I’m sorry Eric, I just… I thought since it’s been almost two years since we last saw him, that he was gone. Now...”

“I know, I know. If he’s in town, my love, I’ll find him,” Eric soothed. “Now, let’s put your feet up okay. Minnie and Tony are coming over in a bit along with the Alpha and Maura. I’ll talk to the Alpha and see if he’s heard anything okay?”

Anna nodded and wiped at her tears. “Okay.”

“Good. Now, just sit there while I…” He was cut off by the ringing of the doorbell, so he got up to answer it. “There they are now.”

“Auntie Anna!” Little Ember yelled as she raced into the room.

Anna laughed. Ember and Emerson were always a joy to have around and she loved being their honorary aunt. Though sometimes it made her miss her nieces and nephews badly. “Hi, Ember.”

Ember ran over and kissed Anna’s belly before rubbing it gently. “How’s my baby?”

“Your baby?” Anna teased with a chuckle. Since the day, Ember had found out Anna was having a boy he had become her baby.

Ember nodded. “Yep.”

“Well, he’s doing good. He’ll be here before you know it,” Anna told her as Tony and Minnie walked in.

Anna gave them both a slight wave.

“When?” Ember asked.

“When what?” Anna asked confused as she looked back down at the little girl.

“When will my baby get here?” Ember huffed.

“About a month,” Anna told her.

Ember whined pitifully and stomped her foot. “That’s too long!”

“It’s not that long Ember,” Minnie told her.

“It is so! I’m not getting any younger you know!” Ember cried before running out of the room.

Anna sat staring after her. Ember had always been a bit more emotional than her brother but…? “Um… did I miss something there?”

Minnie shook her head. “I don’t know, she asks every day when her baby is going to be here, but I’m not sure why.”

“I think it’s because Ember is still having trouble making friends,” Tony explained softly. “So, she’s attached herself to your baby, Anna, and feels he will be her friend.”

Anna gave a sad sigh. “Poor Ember, she’s such a sweet girl. Do the others just not want to be friends with her?”

Tony sighed. “I don’t think she even gives them a chance. When I asked, she said, ‘they’re too loud daddy, it scares me’.”

Anna rubbed her belly. “Well, maybe my boy will be a good friend to her even if he is younger. I know he moves a lot when she talks to him.”

“Anna, we’ve got the grill going. Do you want to go outside now?” Eric asked as he came to stand in the doorway.

Anna carefully stood. “Yep, sounds good.”

Then everyone headed outside. Ember and Emerson were already running wild.

Maura stood up to hug Anna. “How are you feeling Anna?”

“Huge,” Anna told her.

Maura laughed. “That’s to be expected. Eric is an enforcer, and they can be almost as big as alpha babies.”

Anna cringed as she looked Minnie’s way. “How on earth did you carry two then?”

Minnie laughed. “Probably because Ember was so small compared to her brother.”

“Anna, Eric tells me you thought you saw Mark today. Can you tell me if he looked the same as before?” Alpha Pete asked.

“Yes, same hair, and clean-shaven. Is that what you meant?” Anna asked.

Alpha Pete nodded. “Yes. I talked to some of the pack around town, told them to keep an eye open for him. If he sticks around, we’ll find him.”

Anna nodded. “Okay.”

Then they moved on to other things before she could get upset again.

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