The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters

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. . .Bella Notte. . .

It seems like in every fairy tale, the moment of the princess’ great unveiling is the most moving part. Doesn’t matter if the story’s about the girl or a guy or even a frog. The second that princess steps out in her full glory, she’s the center of the universe. Everything else in the world grinds to a halt; the orchestra picks up; the sea of people parts and there she is, standing front and center, bathed in a light that makes her look like an angel. And then that light washes over the man’s face and you can see the pure love in his gaze as he instantly falls in love.

Well it didn’t work out exactly like that for me. We were still in a high school gym that looked like a party store exploded inside it. The fancy romantic symphony was actually an 80′s rock ballad. There was no piercing spotlight to illuminate her every beautiful feature because this side of the gym was mostly in shadow except when a roving colored light flickered over it. The rest of the world didn’t stop for us; in fact no one really seemed to care about the totally monumental thing that was occurring, not even the teacher watching us like a hawk in case we tried to slip vodka in the Hawaiian punch. All in all, it was probably the least romantic setting possible.

That didn’t make it any less magical for me.

- The Cinderfella Blog

“Bella Notte”

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