The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters

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. . .Can You Feel The Love?. . .

At this point is seems logical that this is where the story would be drawing to a close. The prince has conquered the monster and found his princess. They are happy and together. They are both on the right track to finding everything they ever dreamt of. It seems like the perfect point to insert a little happily ever after tag and call it good.

But this story doesn’t go that way. This isn’t the place where my story ends and it all ties up in a neat little bow.

Being with my princess really was every bit as wonderful as it should have been, at least under the circumstances. We took full advantage of our few times of peace together. We discussed everything we could think of, from our lives to our dreams to the stupid trivial things that were the center of the world in high school. She was my perfect match and at the same time a princess who was so much greater than a lowly pauper like I deserved.

But the stories always neglect to mention what happens after that last page, where The End is printed in thick, flourished script. The truth is, finding a princess was only half of my story.

- The Cinderfella Blog

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”

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