The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters

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. . .Great Expectations. . .

With graduation getting closer every day, it felt like the teachers had unanimously decided that the best way to prepare us for finals was to pile on as many homework assignments and papers as they could manage without facing child endangerment laws. To make matters worse my step-dad seemed to have decided that it was time for me to do a little (read: all of the) spring cleaning. I was up well past midnight every night just to have enough time to do everything.

You know, everything except sleep.

No matter how hard things got though, nothing could dampen the excited spark glowing in my chest. The dance was only days away and the closer it got the more hopeful I felt. Every great fairy tale has that part where things make the shift from bad to good, and I felt my time had come. My mystery princess could be that pivotal part of my life that makes everything start working out right.

This was my moment.

- The Cinderfella Blog

“Great Expectations”

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