The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters

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. . .Into the Woods. . .

Everything was going perfectly up until the day before the dance. Go figures, isn’t that the way it always goes? It always seems like everything will turn out just right until it’s too late to turn back. That’s when the roadblocks jump up and stop you short, whether that roadblock is an actual bump on the street or a police car in the rearview mirror or maybe even a fire-breathing dragon in your driveway, if we’re going to go ahead and stick with this whole fairy tale thing.

My roadblock was less of a dragon and more of a bridge troll. You know, the kind that lurk under the bridge and then swipe your legs out from under you when you try to pass. Yep, a big, ugly bridge troll called “Step-dad.”

Bet you saw that one coming, didn’t you?

- The Cinderfella Blog

“Into the Woods”

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