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Don't Get Close To Me

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Everyone thinks I am a happy person, I hide my emotions well. Inside I am dying. I can't trust anyone. I am a loner. No one knows the real me. The girl that is crying out for true love. A love who won't hurt her, who won't lie and cheat on her. She thinks she is ugly but on the outside she is beautiful. She just doesn't see it. She keeps people away from her. She doesn't see others look at her with longing sometimes. She hides away deep inside of herself. She left a man who she thought loved her. He way of showing her love was to beat on her. He left belt marks on her back. She started to believe that she was ugly and no man would really love or care for her. She believed that they would use her and then turn to the next woman. She thought she could stay in the background but that was before the VP Beast of the Wild Wolf MC saw her. He made her feel like he cared. But she couldn't be more wrong. Now all she wants to do is die.

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Chapter 1: Moving into her new apartment

Everyone thinks I am a happy person, I hide my emotions well. Inside I am dying. I can’t trust anyone. I am a loner. No one sees the real me. The girl that is crying out for true love. A love who won’t hurt her, who won’t lie and cheat on her. She thinks she is ugly but on the outside she is beautiful. She just doesn’t see it. She keeps people away from her. She doesn’t see others look at her with longing sometimes. She hides away deep inside of herself.

Linda just got out of a very abusive relationship. She found a small apartment across the street from some MC club called the Wild Wolf MC. She rented the apartment above the bar. It was a one-bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bath. The windows of the living room and bedroom face the street. It was a nice small apartment. She works at a nursing home four blocks from the apartment, so she doesn’t have to drive to work if she doesn’t want to. She works from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm

It was a weekend and she doesn’t work so her best friends’ husband is using his truck to move her furniture in. They started after the girls got off work at 11:00 on Friday night. They were moving the bed, dressers, couch, and chairs right now. Some of the club members had gone outside to smoke when they saw the girls lifting the dressers off the truck and carrying them up the stairs to the apartment. They could not believe that two small girls could lift them.

As they unloaded the dressers, they then moved the chair and couch. While Danny moved the twin mattresses up to the apartment. On the second load, they moved the refrigerator and stove. They saw the girl with hair down to her waist run to the truck and lift out a cooler and drag it up the stairs. They could see them in the window and watched the girl hand out beers. They talked for a while and then she walked back down the stairs with the couple and took a ladder out of the truck. She hugged them and they heard them say. We will come by tomorrow and help hang whatever is left. If I know you most of the stuff will be put away. She waved by and shut the outside door and walked up to the apartment.

The VP of the club sat in a chair staring at the windows. He watched as she walked into the bedroom leaned the ladder against the wall and walk away bringing sheets back and make the bed. When she was done with that, she walked back into the living room and brought out curtain rods and curtains. He watched her unfold the ladder and climb up and hang the rods. Next curtains were up blocking his view of the bedroom. They then watched her put curtains up in the living room. Since the light was on and they stayed open they watched her walk away. She was out of the room for about 30 minutes. She must have gone and taken a bath because she walked in wearing a long tee shirt and shorts and was brushing her hair and braiding it. The VP Beast couldn’t stop looking at her

She is so tiny. He watched as she sat down on the chair close to the window. A breeze was blowing as he could see the curtains moving. He watched a car pull up in front of the bar and two girls got out. They walked up and stood under the window. He heard them yell. Linda, Linda are you up there. She lifted the screen and put her head out. "Hey, you guys what are you doing here?" We are headed into the bar. Want to come. "Not tonight. I, Danny, and Sara just finished moving all my stuff tonight. I am going to watch some tv and then go to bed. You two have fun but don’t get into any trouble."

Ok, if you change your mind come down. "I will but don’t count on it." She smiled but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. She watched them walk into the bar and she shut her screen and sat back down. She turned the lights out and left the tv on. Beast yelled at his president Arizona. They call him Arizona because that is where he is from. "What’s up Beast asked." I noticed you watching the little girl over there. What is drawing you to her? "I don’t know beast said honestly. But I intend on finding out soon." Arizona laughed. Maybe you will. There were three apartments above the bar. There was another one across the hall from her and one in the back of the building. Beast knew that two of the prospects had the apartment across from her.

They have been out of town for two weeks. He wondered what they would say about their new neighbor. They were coming back tonight. And right on time, he heard the bikes drive into the compound. As they got off and walked into the clubhouse one of the members said. You got a new neighbor. "What they asked. When?" She moved in tonight. "A girl they asked?" Yes, a tiny thing. Well, that is interesting. Beast said. "You will not bother her or scare her." Whatever you say Beast.

Beast was working on his bike when he saw the truck from last night parked in front of the bar. He watched as a man and woman got out. He thought that man looks familiar. He watched them walk up the stairs and then saw them sit down on the couch as the woman had her curtains open. They talked for a while and the girl got up and walked into her bedroom. He saw her take her tee-shirt off and put on a clean shirt and jeans. Dam she has a nice body.

He then watched as they came out the door and got into the truck. They were gone for a while and when they came back, they were taking groceries upstairs. They were there for a couple more hours and then he heard them say. We will meet you down here at 9:00. It’s a celebration night. "Ok, just tonight. See you in a bit." They must be going to the bar. That is where he will be tonight then. He must see this girl up close. He needs to look into her eyes he has to know if she is the one. Why is he drawn to her? Why does he feel the need to protect her? She heard Danny’s horn beep and she grabbed her license and money and put them in her back pocket of her jeans. She locked her apartment door and put the key on a chain around her neck. As she turned around, she bumped into one of the prospects.

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