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My forever Book 1

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Ella has never been lucky in the love department. She goes on vacation with her 2 best friends where she bumps into a mysterious guy. Will she overcome her issues and find happiness?

Romance / Erotica
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“Oh my god, we’re finally here!!!”

I look at my friend with a smile on my face. Emma and I have been friends for years. Being around her always meant we would have fun and share the best moments of our lives. She’s such an easy-going type of girl who’s always there to crack a joke. She and Maddy are my number one partners in crime when it comes to traveling. We’re at the airport to catch a flight to Vancouver and meet up with Maddy. We will then go on a road trip down memory lane visiting locations where the Twilight movies were filmed or based on.

“Do you want me to go to Starbucks? We still have 1h30 before boarding.” I ask Emma.
“Sure I’d love a caramel macchiato.”

I make my way to Starbucks and as I’m waiting in line I notice 2 young men. One is tall. It doesn’t help that I’m only 5 feet but I’d say he’s over 6 foot tall. He has brown hair and light eyes, maybe green, I cannot tell with his hat on. The other is a little shorter with blonde hair. My focus stays on the taller one. Suddenly, I can’t stop myself from smiling at him. “What has gotten into me?” I feel stupid until I see him return the smile. I have to fight the urge to keep staring at him.

”Miss, can I help you?” the girl is trying to get my attention. Embarrassment takes over me as I hurry to make the order and stand on the side, waiting for it to be ready. I grab everything and rush to our gate without looking back at him. “God, he was sexy!” I think to myself as I get there.

“Hey! Are you warm or something, your cheeks are red?” Emma asks me as soon as I hand her the drink she requested.
“Umm, no... I... saw a very handsome guy.” I smile, his face pops in my mind.
“Ohhh! Did you snap a picture?” she sounds excited.

Emma and I have this thing where we snap pictures of hot dudes we randomly meet on our trips. Kind of sounds creepy but always fun for us to look back at.

“No, I smiled and he smiled back, then I was too shy to try and be sneaky.”
“Wow, he must be really hot because you’re usually Miss Sneaky!”
We both laugh and then I turn around to see him walking towards us. I freeze, Emma sees my reaction.

“Oh! So he is hot…” she giggles looking at him.

An hour later of me trying to ignore him, even if he’s sitting close to us, the lady announces boarding is starting. Emma and I get in line knowing we have first-class tickets. I try not to pay attention to him as we scan our passports before going down the hall. Once we get to our seats, Emma takes hers while I try to take care of our carry-ons. I'm struggling with mine, of course, because being short makes it a hard task. Suddenly I feel a presence behind me reaching out to help. I don't even need to turn around to know he’s the one helping me. The electricity between us is undeniable. His lean body presses gently on mine, his arm brushing mine as he puts the carry-ons away. I turn around still feeling his body against my body. I thank him and, of course, my cheeks turn bright red again. He leans down whispering in my ear. “The pleasure is all mine.”

I feel like my body was just set on fire! I sit down only to see him, followed by his friend, taking their seats next to ours. Emma teases me saying I may not be able to sleep on this flight like I usually do. I try my best to focus on her and act casual but deep down inside I'm dying to touch him again. “His body felt so nice pressed against mine.” A series of dirty thoughts cross my mind. Emma settles on a movie featuring Chris Evans and I put my headphones on. Almost 6 hrs until we get to Vancouver! I need to clear my mind, being this turned on sitting next to him isn’t helping me. He's also listening to music so I try to close my eyes and focus on a Justin Bieber song blasting in my ears.

I wake up as we’re getting close to Vancouver. Emma hands me her phone. “I wrote down some things we need to check out while we're here.” At first, I'm confused because we've already written down a list of things to do. But then I read the note telling me that my mysterious neighbor had been checking me out while I was sleeping. I’m mortified at the idea, then a part of me is also flattered.

We land safely and I stand up when I feel him against my back reaching out for the suitcases. “Let me help you, babe,” he whispers. His voice sends a shiver down my spine and the fact that he called me babe makes me smile like an idiot. ”Umm, thanks again I appreciate it,” I say as Emma and I rush to get off the plane. My mind is still wrapped around my dirty thoughts. I want to feel his fingers on my skin. Hear him say my name. “Alright, stop!” I have to mentally scold myself. I’ve been attracted to men before but for some reason, he’s different. The attraction is unquestionable. I glance back when we get to baggage claim but I don’t see him. Goodbye stranger.
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