Once Upon A Snowball Fight

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It's Christmas time, snowballs and wine, with houses decorated, and trees lit up, let's see what joy they spread. With one set of fun parents and the other stuck up, two people are brought together by coincidence. When they meet after ten years of not seeing one another, sparks fly in all directions. Just hope that no one gets electrocuted in the process.

Romance / Humor
Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1


A Christmas love story between two people who once grew up as neighbours and are returning home for the first time in years.

It's been Ten years since Charlotte last saw Jackson when a coincidence brings them together.

Charlotte Harris has escaped the busy life she has been leading, only one reason brings her home.

After living a hectic life in the Marines, Jackson Forbes, is a man who has come home wanting some peace and quiet for the holidays.

Chapter 1

Driving slowly along the snowy roads, Charlotte classed herself as a good driver but snow made her nervous. She was going home for the first time in years. Her parents had been getting older and she felt bad the last couple of years as she promised them she would join them so they could have a "family" Christmas once again. Finally she was nearly there.

Humming softly to the song on the radio the car made a sudden loud noise from the hood, making Charlotte lose control. She hadn't been going very fast but the car still skidded and bumped into the snowy side of the road bringing the car to a stop. With her heart hammering in her chest she was glad there was a banking of snow to stop her.

Out in the middle of nowhere the long road home suddenly felt even longer. Charlotte had to shuffle over into the passenger seat and climb out that side due to the driver's side being up against the snow.

Trying not to grumble, she struggled out. Popping the hood she had no clue what she was looking for. Apart from the basics of checking her oil and windscreen water level the rest was a big metal spaghetti mystery. With the engine not even turning over, Charlotte swore at the car, kicking a wheel.

Taking a look down the road there was no sign of any other car on the road. Her mom and dad wouldn't even be worried about her as she had told them that she wouldn't be arriving till tomorrow. She had finished up early so she thought she would go before she was called back. She checked her phone, "of course no signal." She muttered. Trying to work out how far she was away when the sound of an engine appeared from behind her. She threw her bag in the back of her car and waved her arms about pleading with the driver to slow down. Thanking her lucky stars as the vehicle started slowing down and pulled up.

Jackson Forbes had been driving for several hours, he was tired and all he wanted was sleep. He had been away working non stop and this was his escape this year. When he got closer and saw a female at the side of the road with her car hood up, he wiped his face with his hand. "All I fucking need." He passed her slowly and she caught his eye. She was stunning in his eyes, long blonde hair, he couldn't tell her figure as she was wearing a big puffy jacket. He pulled up in front of her car and stopped the engine. He took a deep breath as he opened his door and put his jacket on.

As he stepped out she was already thanking him, she had thought he was going to keep driving past her.

"I nearly did." He muttered.

She was still yacking away, it was only then he recognised her as the girl he used to tease and was also mean to her when growing up. She was oblivious to who he really was. He had left home as soon as he could, joined up with the marines and moved up from there into the job he was doing now. Sighing as she was still talking he could feel a headache coming on.

"I'll take a look if you like?"

"Yes please, thank you, thank you, I have no clue what I'm looking at."

Her sweet innocent smile captured him and he had to remind himself who she was. He wandered up to the hood, straight away he could see the drive belt had snapped which meant the car was fucked. He poked around a bit more and as he came out from under the hood she was standing right next to him.

"What's the verdict?" She chewed her bottom lip.

Her bright green eyes twinkled at him, he could see worry behind them as he stood longer than he should staring into her face.

"Hum, yes it's knackered."

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened. "What do you mean it's knackered?"

Rolling his eyes. "The belt has gone, your engine is knackered."

"Can it be fixed?" Her innocent voice was followed by the biting of her lips again, something she did a lot when she was nervous.

Jackson ran his hand through his floppy hair and Charlotte watched. He caught her staring and couldn't help a little smile. She blushed when she realised what she was doing.

"Look, grab your bags and I can drop you off. You'll have to arrange for a recovery vehicle to come get it."

Charlotte stood staring at her car, silently swearing in her head at what a piece of shit it really was. Huffing she walked up to it and pulled out two bags and a suitcase from the trunk. Jackson watched as she bent over to double check inside the car. She was leaning right over the back seat trying to grab something from the floor behind the driver's seat. He moved in closer to see what she was doing when he realised that he was looking at her ass.

"Do you need a hand?"

She shuffled backwards puffing. The zip went on her jacket and she took it off handing it to him. "I can't do anything in that thing."

As she went back in, this time he couldn't help but let out a groan as she showed off her figure. Now he was staring at her cute little ass wriggling about in front of him. Her legs kicked up snow as she fumbled about. "Got it." Her voice chimed out.

She came back out holding her phone, it had fallen down and under the driver's seat. Her face was all flushed from her little workout, Jackson stood there amused. She still hadn't worked out who he was yet by the way she was around him. He wondered how long it would take her till she realised.

He was standing holding her coat as she moved about. She grabbed two bags in one hand and her suitcase in the other as she didn't want some strong handsome man thinking she was a feeble woman not capable of carrying her own stuff. She saw him looking and thought she would show him. As she dragged the case along in one hand and carried the bags in the other Jackson sighed.

"Give me your case and I'll take it for you."

"No, I can manage." She kept on pulling it.

"Still stubborn." Jackson muttered under his breath.

He still had her coat in his arms, he could smell her sweet perfume coming off it, the same one she used to always wear when she was old enough to wear the stuff. He opened up the back door of his truck and took the bags from her putting them on the seat. She insisted that she did her own case at least. He stood back letting little miss Independent do it. Disaster struck and the case opened, all her clothes fell out over her and the snowy ground.

Charlotte couldn't believe her luck. She let the case go and the rest fell at her feet. The case fell and banged her shin on the way down and she let out a cry. Her tears started falling and Jackson felt sorry for her. She bent down to rub her leg when Jackson came up behind and put his arm around her. It was the only thing he could think of to give her some comfort without being too much.

"Why don't you sit in the front and I'll sort this mess out." His voice was soft and calming, she had had enough so agreed. Helping her up into the front as the vehicle was quite high to climb into. "I've got a first aid kit if you want me to check your leg?"

"It's probably just a bruise, I'll be okay." She sat chewing her lip again.

Jackson wanted to reach up and run his finger along her lip to stop her. Instead he ran his hands up her leg pushing the material up exposing her skin. He had to hold his breath as he thought of all the naughty things he would love to do to her.

As his hand went around her calf to support her leg whilst he looked at the front of it. He ran his fingers softly along her skin admiring her leg. She was right, it was only a bruise.


Jackson sighed and let her leg go. "It's fine, you were right."

He went to pick her case up and started stuffing her things back in. Now he was smiling for other reasons as he collected her underwear. He had a couple of pairs of her panties in his hands and it made him wonder what she was wearing right now. He glanced up at her still sitting in the front and though she looked sweet and sexy. Wondering how some blonde haired, annoying teenager had grown up into the beautiful woman sitting in his truck.

She was sitting dreaming of his hands caressing her leg, she was glad she had shaved them at least. She suddenly realised this stranger was picking up the contents of her suitcase. As she looked he had hold of her panties in his hands and he glanced up at her. She blushed as much as he did.

When he realised he was comparing them and she caught him he jumped up a little flustered apologising and fell on his ass.

She jumped down wanting to grab her things and her feet went from under her as she landed. She slipped and landed face first into the snow. Jackson couldn't help but burst out laughing. Charlotte was not amused by it at all and was pissed off that he was laughing at her. Her day had just gone from bad to worse. She rolled over, gathered up some snow and threw it at him.

The snowball hit him in the face and he sat up shaking it off. "You always were a good shot." He broke out into a huge smile.

It was at that moment she realised who he was. Her eyes widened and her mouth hung open as she stared at him, unable to speak.

Both of them sat in the snow staring at each other. He still had her panties in his hands and gave her a cheeky smirk. "So what colour are you wearing then?"

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