A Christmas Kiss

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Chapter 10


I pulled away from Ezra and shifted my attention to Jax.

Shit. What the hell is he doing here?

Standing next to him was Amber, though there was a bit of distance between them, and I could see she was upset by the tears in her eyes.

My shoulders slumped with disappointment. I had missed out on kissing Ezra. We were so close, and our lips were about to touch when Jax decided to show up. I liked Jax. He was funny, clearly loyal. God, that one’s important. But he had just watched me about to kiss Ezra. I was curious as to what he thought, and was it wrong that I wanted to kiss Jax too? Ugh. What am I thinking? I couldn’t go down that road and catch feelings for someone who was unavailable.

I wasn’t the type of girl who was with someone for the sake of being with someone. It wouldn’t be fair on them, or me, though I couldn’t help to like them both.

My thoughts shifted to Jax, who had an apologetic look on his face, but that wasn’t all I noticed. There was something else which I didn’t think was possible. He can’t be jealous, can he? No. Definitely not.

“Sorry,” Jax apologized. “I didn’t realize...”

“What’s wrong?”

“Amber’s not feeling well. She wants to go home.”

Amber rolled her eyes at Jax.

Oh, yeah. Definitely something going on between them.

I nodded and turned to Ezra. “Sorry.”

“Do you have to go?”

“I think so,” I replied. “I’ve had a few to drink so I can’t drive them home. I might call a cab and come by tomorrow to pick up my car if that’s okay?”

“Okay. On one condition, though.”

I narrowed my eyes. “What’s that?”

“I can take you out on a date tomorrow.”

My cheeks flushed, and I tucked my hair behind my ears. From my peripheral vision, Jax watched the both of us intensely, as though he waited for my answer as well.

“Sure thing,” I replied. “I’d like that.”

Ezra smiled before turning to Jax. “She’s all yours.” I went to stand, but Ezra grabbed my hand. “Wait.”

I turned my head. Ezra smiled before he leaned in and gently pressed his lips on my cheek. “Bye, E.”

“I’ll walk you out.”

Ezra stood, and took my hand in his. Jax and Amber made their way back out to the front, while Ezra and I followed them close behind.

As we walked, I noticed Anastasia and Morgan on the couch drinking. “Hey, girl. We’re heading off now.”

“Wait?” her eyes widened. “Really? Jax said he wanted to look for you, but I had no idea he wanted to leave.”

I nodded. “Amber’s not feeling well, so I’m going to make sure they get home. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

After saying goodbye to my friend and Morgan, we made our way to the front. I noticed the distance between Jax and Amber. At one point, she reached over to take his hand, but he rejected her advances.

What the hell is going on there?

I unzipped my bag and pulled out my phone to call for a cab, when Ezra stopped me. “I’ll get one of our drivers to take you home.”

“Oh, no. You don’t have to do that.”

“Please, Beth. I insist.”

“Thank you.”

Ezra contacted one of his chauffeurs, and within a few minutes, they arrived at the front entrance.

“Message me when you get home,” he smiled.

“I will. Thanks.”

He let go of my hand and the driver opened the door and I stepped inside the black stretch limo. Jax and Amber went in after me.

The driver closed the door and I sat on the side, glancing around before finally noticing the mini bar on the opposite section of me. The black leather seats were extremely comfortable, and the sunroof above my head looked inviting.

The driver started the engine and slowly wheeled the car out of the driveway and to the address I provided. I pressed the buzzer and watched the roof slide across. My eyes closed as the instant breeze came through, cooling my flushed cheeks. I stood and placed my head through the open area and smiled as I glanced outside.

“God, what are you like five?” Amber sneered.

I narrowed my eyes and leaned down at the girl who was obviously being a bitch. “I’m sorry?”

“Really? You want to do this here?” Jax scoffed at Amber. She just shrugged her shoulders.

I stood again to avoid the awkward tension, not wanting to get involved with anything they were going through.

After a while, the cold chill got to me. I sat back down and pressed the buzzer to close the roof. Amber’s eyes caught my gaze and she gave me the same filthy look as the one earlier in the night.

What the fuck is her deal? I hadn’t been rude to her at all, and the misunderstanding had been cleared up.

“Which hotel are you staying at?” Jax asked.

Amber bit her lip. “I didn’t book one.”

Jax’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?”

“I was hoping I could stay with you.”

My expression was neutral, but deep down my blood boiled. This damn girl came here after they had broken up, tried to give him a blow job in the middle of my parents’ living room, was rude to me for God knows what reason, and she thinks she’s going to stay at mom and dad’s place? Fuck that.

God, why do I sound like a jealous bitch?

“Amber, there’s no way you can stay with me.”

Amber glanced in my direction. “It’s her house too, I’m sure she won’t mind.”

Jax looked at me and shook his head, but his ex didn’t notice.

No way you’re staying at my house, bitch. I didn’t trust her. Not because I might have been jealous, but I had no idea what this girl was capable of, or how vindictive she might be.

“It’s not my house. It’s my parent’s place. They’ve only given me permission for Jax to stay there because they know his family. They have no idea who you are, and frankly, neither do I.”

There was a relief in Jax’s expression as he let out a small breath, but a disappointment in Amber’s. “Whatever.”

“I’ll get you a hotel for the night, and you can sort everything else out tomorrow,” Jax offered.

“It’s fine. Forget it.”

Jax rolled his eyes and shook his head, clearly frustrated she had put him in that position.

“Fucking bitch,” Amber whispered beneath her breath, thinking I couldn’t hear her, but I did.

“Amber, I’m not normally the confrontational type, but I need to ask you what your fucking problem is? I haven’t been rude to you, but you’ve taken the liberty to give me dirty looks the entire night and called me a bitch for no reason.”

Amber placed her hand on her chest as though I had said the most ridiculous thing to her. “What?”

It must have been the alcohol still in my blood which gave me a new confidence I wasn’t aware had been missing. “I don’t know what your problem with me is.”

“I don’t have a problem with you.”

“Clearly your actions and words say otherwise.”

Jax mouthed the words I’m sorry to me. I wasn’t sure why he apologized for his girlfriend’s behaviour. She was the one being a bitch.

“It’s funny how Jax-.”

“Amber, don’t even think about opening up your mouth,” he sneered. “Just drop it.” Jax pressed the button which wound down the window to the driver. “Excuse me?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Can you drop us off at the nearest hotel please?”

“Yes, sir.”

Jax turned to me. “I’ll get her a room and come straight back here.”

“Won’t be long,” Jax said, as he stepped out of the limo with Amber. Twenty minutes later, and me looking at my Facebook account, he returned and took his seat opposite me.

“Thanks for waiting.”

“Not about to leave you here.”

“I dunno,” he said. “I wouldn’t blame you if you did.”

My lips curved up to a smile, but it faltered the moment I remembered the words that came out of his mouth earlier in the night.

I can’t be next to you.

Hell, why would he even say that?I knew what I did was fucked. Telling Layton that we were going on a date, but I couldn’t see why that would make him turn away from me, even as friends.

“Listen, about what I said before.”

I held up my hand and motioned him not to say anything. “I got it. You don’t want to hang around me. I’m good with that.”

The driver continued the journey to my place. As soon as we arrived, my attention turned to Jax. “Do you have the spare keys my mom gave you?”

“Yeah, I’ve got them.”

“Okay,” I replied. “So...I have to ask. What happened with Amber?”

Jax took a deep breath. “Well...”

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