A Christmas Kiss

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Chapter 4

Oh, crap. I did. And he heard me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I couldn’t help but blush as he smiled. The guy I stood in front of was probably the most gorgeous one I had ever laid eyes on. And of course, he was Australian, so his accent was probably...

“G’day. I’m Jax.”

Holy crap.

He reached out his hand as his smile widened. I couldn’t look away from him. The moment our hands touched; I swear I felt something.

“I’m Beth,” I muttered a little too low that he probably didn’t hear me.

“So, Beth. Are you able to show Jax around New York the next few days? He’ll be staying here indefinitely.”

Hell yeah, I can.


Wow. Just wow. Shit. Why am I still holding his hand?

I pulled my arm away and tucked my hair behind my ear.

“So, your mum tells me you’re a writer?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I am.”

There was something about the way he said Mum that made my knees go weak.

“That’s cool.”

“Sweetheart, can you please show Jax to one of the guest rooms?” My mom asked.

“Sure thing.”

I glanced at Jax. There was something sweet about his piercing green eyes that I couldn’t pry my gaze from. And he was tall. So much taller than I was, which I found incredibly sexy. He was muscular, and his biceps popped out of his shirt. Clean shaven, and wow. Sexy.

Okay, now I look like a fucking pervert. Stop staring at him, Beth.

“Come on. I’ll show you to one of the rooms,” I smiled. “Where will your parents be staying?”

“They’ve booked a hotel as they’re only here for a few nights until they go home,” he said. “They’ll be back at Chrissy though.”

“I can only assume you mean Christmas?”


It was my favourite time of the year. My family and I had traditions which we participated in. Snow sledding, Midnight service and my absolute favourite, Christmas carolling in the park.

We made our way inside the house. “So, will this be your first Christmas here?”

“Yeah, though it’s not my first visit to America. I’ve been here a few times before.”

He grabbed his suitcase from the lounge room, and he followed me upstairs to the spare bedroom. My parents’ place was large, but nowhere near as big as Ezra’s.

Oh, man I really don’t want to think about him right now.

I opened the door to the bedroom and stepped inside. “Okay, so this is where you’ll be staying for however long you’re here for.

Hope it’s for a while now.

Jax’s eyes widened as he looked impressed. “Shit. It’s massive.”

I couldn’t help but laugh nervously as I adored his strong accent and deep voice.

“Okay, well I’ll let you get settled. I’ll see you downstairs.”

I turned around to leave, but he stopped me. “Hey, Beth?”

God, I love the way my name sounded coming from his lips.

My attention shifted back to him and I caught my breath when he smiled at me.

“Thanks heaps.”

“You’re welcome.”

I turned away for the second time leaving Jax alone before I made my way downstairs. I had no idea how I was going to hang around that guy and not want to kiss him. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about kissing him. I wondered what it would feel like with his hands moving up and down my body, taking every inch of my curves. I imagined his hand tucked against my neck as his lips moved with mine.


I snapped from my thoughts when my mom called out to me. I stood in the kitchen and she had clearly been trying to get my attention by the look of frustration on her face.

“Sorry, mom. What’s up?”

“Did you show Jax to his room?”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “So, how long is he staying for?”

“Oh, maybe a year or more. I know he’s here for work, so I need you to show him all the best New York has to offer.”

I’m the best New York has to offer.

“Not a problem, mom.” Not a problem at all.

She walked back out to spend more time with her guests. I opened the fridge and took a look inside, contemplating on what I felt like having. When nothing caught my eye, I grabbed a bottle of water and closed the fridge again.

“Do you have any spare towels?”

I jumped at the sound of Jax’s voice. “Fuck!” I swore. “You scared the shit out of me.”

His lips curved up to a smile before he let out a small chuckle. “Sorry, mate.”


“Spare towel?” he asked for the second time.

“In the linen closet. I’ll show you where that is.”

I opened my bottle of water and brought it to my lips. Jax stood and watched me with his mouth slightly parted. I couldn’t help but wonder what he thought about.

“This way,” I said as I closed the bottle. I opened the doors to the closet and grabbed a towel before I handed it over. Our fingers grazed against one another and I felt that spark again.

“Thanks,” he smiled before he turned away and ran up the stairs to his room.

Shit. This is going to be interesting.

“So, darling,” Kate asked. “What do you write?”

“Oh, mostly romance novels.”

I was back outside with my mom and her guests from Australia. They had talked business for a while until his mom shifted her focus back onto me.

“Romance novels, huh?”

I turned my head and noticed Jax’s smile. His hair was still wet from the shower, and I couldn’t control the dirty thoughts which invaded my mind.

“Yeah---romance,” I stuttered, unable to understand why this guy had such an effect on me.

Our eyes couldn’t move away from each other, even when he sat down on the chair opposite mine. He seemed to have the same problem. I only managed to break my gaze when I felt the fire in my cheeks. I grabbed the jug of iced tea and poured myself a cold glass, hoping to cool down. But that attempt failed when he watched me bring the cup to my lips.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” My mom asked. “You look flushed.”

I choked on my water.God, if she noticed me like this, what the hell does Jax think?

Kate handed me a serviette from the holder before I wiped my mouth clean. “Thank you.” My attention shifted to my mom. “I’m just tired from the flight.”

“Maybe I should have let you rest up.”

I shook my head and glanced at Jax. Definitely not. I’d much rather be here admiring the---view.

“No, it’s okay,” I said. “I’ll head off soon anyway.”

I wasn’t sure if I was right, but I swore there was a slight disappointment in Jax’s expression. God, I hope it was.

“So, Beth,” Kate asked. “Are you seeing anyone?”

Before I could respond, my mother interjected. “Oh, no. She’s single. She won’t date anyone after that boyfriend of hers cheated on her.”

Great. Thanks, mom.

My eyes away from Jax’s, knowing that I couldn’t look at him for fear he was looking at me. I hated that my mom had just blurted out the details about my past relationship with the man I thought I loved. I despised what he did and therefore hated him, but it stung every time he crossed my mind, which was more often than I’d liked.

“Oh, that’s terrible,” Kate sympathized.

“Sounds to me like the guy needs a kick in the head,” Jax spoke. There was a hint of anger in his eyes even though his lips had curved up.

“Yeah,” I replied. “He definitely deserves---his head kicked in.”

Jax laughed deeply as I put on my best Aussie accent, which didn’t go too well.

“Actually,” my mom cut in. “There’s a party we’ve been invited to. The family knows we have guests. Jax, you’re more than welcome to attend.”

He broke his gaze from me and turned to my mom. “A party sounds awesome. Thanks.”

A party with Ezra and Jax. Yay motherfucker.

“You will need a suit. Did you bring one?”

“I did, but more for business,” he replied. “I’m sure I’ll be able to buy one around here.”

“Well, Beth can take you shopping too,” my mom offered.

Jax looked at me and smiled. “Only if she has the time. I don’t want to bother you if you’re busy.”

“It’s fine,” I said. “We can stop by a few places when I take you around the city.”

I suddenly received a text message on my phone, and my blood boiled as soon as I read the text from Anastasia.

You won’t fucking believe this. Your douche of an ex will be at the mansion.

“Fucking balls!”

Suddenly, everything went quiet, and it hit me where I was. I glanced up at Jax who grinned at me from cheek to cheek.

“Beth!” my mom scolded. She did not look impressed.

“I’m sorry. I---shit. May I be excused for a moment?”

“I think that would be best,” my mom replied.

I stood, and briskly walked away into the house before I frantically dialled my friend’s number.

“Beth, did you get my text.”

“Yes, I got your text. What the actual fuck? Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I heard it from my parents. I wanted to tell you.”

“Fuck it. Forget it. I’m not going.”

“Don’t let asswipe stop you from enjoying yourself.”

Wonderful. Not only will Ezra be there, but my asshole cheating ex and Jax too.

I couldn’t think properly and needed to calm myself down. “Look, I have to go. I won’t make that decision yet.”

“I’ve made the decision for you,” Anastasia said. “You’re going to look mighty fucking sexy. You’re going to make Ezra want you, and your ex wish he hadn’t lost you.”

I took a deep breath and thought for a moment. I hadn’t seen Layton, my ex, since I caught him cheating on me.


“You’re going, and that’s final.”

“Arghhhh,” I grunted. “Fine, I’ll be there.”

“Good, now make sure you get something sexy to wear.”

I knew I was taking Jax out shopping, so popping into a few stores to try and find something nice wasn’t an issue. Though, I didn’t want to be petty and try to make Layton jealous.Why would I give a shit what that asshole thinks of me?

My lip caught between my teeth when I thought of Jax.

Damn fine specimen.

“I’m on it,” I said. “Look I have to go. I’ll talk to you later, babe.”

“Send me photos!”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

I hung up the phone and shook my head before I turned and made my way back outside.

The next day, I headed to my parents’ place to take Jax out sight-seeing. I turned into the driveway and parked my car out the front.

Another car pulled up next to mine and I froze. It was a car I recognized all too well.

“Oh, hell no!”

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