A Christmas Kiss

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Chapter 7

I covered my eyes, spun around and stormed back out as I yelled to Jax. “I’ll meet you in the car!”

He tried to grab my attention by calling out. “Fuck! Beth, wait!”

Nope. Not going back in.

The cool breeze outside was welcoming to my flushed cheeks. I opened my car door and sat inside, taking deep breaths as I tried to work out what I had just seen. My teeth pressed against my lips to stop myself from crying, but I had no idea why I felt the need to let out tears to begin with.


My mind couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw. A girl on her knees in front of Jax, but I turned my head quickly as I didn’t want to see what she was actually doing, though it didn’t take a genius to figure out what that was. Jax’s hands gripped her shoulders, while hers were on his waist.

I’m definitely not telling my parents their guest had been getting sucked off in the middle of their dining room.

My hands loosened the steering wheel when I noticed Jax and the girl walking out. He was fully clothed, and she looked dressed up to party as well. I checked the visor mirror to make sure there was no hint of disappointment on my face.

Why the hell didn’t he tell me he had a girlfriend? Fuck. This is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

I knew if she was coming to the party too, and both Layton and Ezra had thought I was his girl, when they see her with him, I was going to look like a fucking fool. Maybe I should drop them off and ditch the party, but then I’d have to pick them up again.

Fuck. Did I mention this was bad?

Jax talked to the girl, motioned her to stay put before he made his way to my car. He opened the door and sat inside.

I didn’t want to look at him, but I had no choice. “Hey.”

He cleared his throat. “I’m so sorry about that. Fucking hell,” he cursed. “I’m embarrassed right now.”

Not as much as me, pal.

“I um---the girl is...”

“Your girlfriend?”

“Well no. Not really,” he groaned. “Ugh. I don’t know. I’m confused about something right now. Things are tricky between us. She came up here to work things out with me. We had broken up about a month ago. I had no idea she would rock up like this.”

I nodded in understanding. I didn’t really want to hear more about his relationship with that her.

“Looks like you guys sorted things out,” I said.

“I don’t know about that.”

“Are you going to invite her to the party, or are you going to leave her out there waiting?”

He chuckled before he scratched the back of his neck. A trait I had come to adore.

“Yeah, we can’t leave her here, can we?”

I would. You can’t.

“Definitely not,” I smiled.

He was about to step out of the car when he stopped and faced me. “About what you thought you saw---”

I shook my head. “You don’t have to tell me.”

“I didn’t do anything. She tried, but I couldn’t---it didn’t feel right. Nothing happened. I promise.”

He looked intensely into my eyes, so much, I could feel his gaze burning right through to me. I turned my head away and glanced out the window. “You should get her.”

He nodded, stepped out and motioned the girl over. As soon as she settled in the back seat, she smiled at me.

“Hi, I’m Amber. Nice to meet you.”

My body swivelled and I smiled back. Was it wrong that I wanted to slap that pretty smile right off her face? Ugh. Stop it.

“I’m Beth. Nice to meet you.”

“So, Jax told me this is your parents’ place?”

“Yeah, this is where my parents live.”

I turned to the front and started the engine. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Jax starting at me, to the point I started to get a little uncomfortable. I shuffled in my seat before I swallowed hard and made the drive. It didn’t take long, but we spent most of the car in silence.

Well, Jax and I did. His girlfriend clearly liked talking.

“And then I took the first flight here,” she said. “I wanted to surprise him. He says we’re not together, but we’re trying to work things out. Aren’t we, baby?”

Man does she ever shut up? There was no one I had heard who spoke as much as she did. She’s just explained to us, in agonizing detail her relationship with Jax. He didn’t seem happy she openly expressed it either.

“Well, that’s great the two of you are trying to work things out.”

It stung a little, but I thought for a moment Jax saw the relationship differently than what she did. Maybe that’s why he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend, because in his mind, he didn’t think he had one.

I wonder how he feels about it.

Wanting to see his expression, I glanced over to Jax, but his eyes were focused out the window.

“Fuck,” he swore.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I just realized something---,” he whispered. “Your ex.”

A nervous laugh escaped my mouth. I knew what he was trying to say. My ex was going to realize I was lying about him when he saw Jax with his girl. Or not girl. Still unsure.

“Oh, don’t even worry about that. Just make sure you show your girlfriend a good time,” I replied.


“I’m okay. Really. This is on me. I’ll work something out.”

“What’s going on?” Amber asked as she leaned forward in the back seat.

“Nothing,” Jax and I said in unison.

What the fuck do I do now?

“Are we partying here?” Amber gasped.

I nodded. “Yep. Definitely going to be an interesting night.”

I turned into the long driveway and noticed a few valet people who stood and waited. We stepped out of the car and I handed over my keys.

“Beth!” Anastasia yelled.

Oh, thank God she’s here.

She smiled as she stood next to the water fountain. I walked over with Jax and Amber following me. As soon as I reached Anastasia, she pulled me in for a hug and whispered low enough only I could hear her. “Is that the Aussie guy?”

“Yep, and he’s brought a surprise guest.”

When she pulled away, her eyes widened before she shifted her attention to Jax. “Hi, I’m Anastasia. Beth’s best friend.”

Jax shook her head and smiled. “I’m Jax, and this is Amber.”

Amber’s lips curved up as she introduced herself. “I’m his girlfriend.”

Jax’s eyes closed briefly when she said the word girlfriend. He then turned his head to see my reaction.

“Girlfriend,” Layton sneered. “That’s interesting.”

Ahhhhhh, fuck.

My eyes closed knowing that the asshole behind me had just caught me out in a lie.

“Sorry, why is that interesting?” Amber said. “Did I miss something.”

Jax tried to interject, but Layton didn’t miss a beat. “Your boyfriend here went out on a date with Beth a few days ago.”

Layton, you fucking ass!

“Jax, what is he talking about?” Amber glanced between the two of us.

Jax let out a deep breath, and his shoulders slumped down. I knew I needed to make things right.

“Amber, I did not go on a date with Jax. I took him sight-seeing and shopping at the request of my parents,” I explained. “Nothing happened between us and nothing ever will. Layton here is just upset because I dumped his cheating ass and won’t go back to him. EVER.”

Layton’s cheeks flushed slightly red before he opened his mouth. “I wouldn’t have cheated on you if you were half decent in bed.”

A lump in my throat formed, and I felt like breaking down. Tears flooded my eyes, but I managed to blink them away. Anastasia came to my defence, screaming at my ex.

Jax’s expression was unreadable, and I couldn’t tell what his thoughts were.

I cleared my throat before I turned around, then accidentally knocked into someone. When I glanced up at the person who stood in front of me, my breath caught in my throat.


His arms were linked with a gorgeous blonde girl. He smiled before he shifted his attention to my asshole ex.

“Hey, Layton,” Ezra said.

“Hey, bro.”

“Get the fuck out of my house.”

“What?” Layton’s eyes widened.

“You heard me,” Ezra replied. “Get the fuck out. You’re no longer welcome here.”

Layton huffed as he walked out of the front garden. Ezra smiled and winked then walked away with the bombshell.

God, the party hasn’t’ even started and I want to fucking leave already.

“Thanks, Anastasia.”

“You’re welcome, babe. He’s such a fucking asshole.”

I swallowed my embarrassment after what Layton had said to me, especially in front of Jax and Ezra. It surprised me that E kicked him out. I thought to make my night less enjoyable, he would have kept Layton at the party.

“Morgan’s here,” Anastasia said.

I turned my head and noticed her beau working towards us. “Hey, beautiful girl.”

A smile spread on my lips the moment he called her that. Anastasia deserved someone who adored her.

“Hey, Morgan. You didn’t get a chance to meet my best friend at the airport. This is Beth.”

“Hi, Morgan. Nice to meet you.”

“Hey, B,” he smiled.

“And this is Jax, and his girlfriend Amber,” Anastasia introduced before shifting her attention to me. “We should head inside.”

I nodded and turned to Jax and his girl to apologize, but they seemed to be in deep conversation with each other.

“I’ll meet you inside, Amber,” Jax said. “I need to talk to Beth.”

Amber leaned in and kissed him on the cheek before she gave me one hell of a filthy look.


She made her way inside with Anastasia and Morgan.

Jax shifted his attention to me. “We should talk.”

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