Weight of the Heart

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Chapter Five: The First Encounter (+18)

I look around cautiously before pulling the flap away bidding entry into the mysterious tent. A steaming heat wraps around my body making me sweat as soon as I step in. The smell of burning incense, ginger I believe, prickles my senses, and I feel my body loading up with exhilaration.

Before me hangs a long black curtain that hides whatever is going on in here. I’m about to look behind it when suddenly the curtain is drawn back and I find Lusia standing right before me. Her emerald eyes gaze upon me as she takes off the golden veil, revealing to me her face that could easily be mistaken for that of a real Goddess. The last time I saw her she was swollen and bruised. Never could I have imagined such a stunning beauty to be hidden beneath those wounds. Rosy cheeks, a cute button nose, and luscious lips painted a ruby red. The very sight of her makes me weak in my knees. Even more so when she flashes me a radiant smile.

“I welcome you, dear Assassin. My name is Lusia.”

She speaks with a voice, soft and sultry, and puts her hand out to me. I gently grab it and plant a lingering kiss without taking my eyes off her.

The heat inside the tent affects her body as well as I see drops of sweat running down her chest. I feel envious of those dripping down between her curvy breasts. My mind wanders and I imagine myself stroking her with my tongue and licking the drops off her body…

A tight squeeze of her hand snaps me back to reality. I scrape my voice and present her the golden flower.

“I have only come to return this to you,” My voice is hoarse from heat sliding down my throat with each breath I take. “I also wish to say thank you, but I have no interest in it.”

Shocked by my disinterest she looks at me confused as she reaches for the flower. Her fingers brush against mine adding fuel to the craving that’s growing inside me, making it hard to pretend that I am lying.

“You do know that I am not the one providing services?”

She glances at me with a seductive gaze and opens the curtain behind her, allowing me to look in. There are candles and oil lamps set up all around to create a mood. The incense is burning and there’s a cozy place set up with a mattress, loaded with colorful velvet pillows. Next to it is a table full of foods and drinks, and on the pillows lie four beautiful half-naked women, ready to please a man like me.

The girls take one look at me and stand up smiling as they all walk over. Soon I’m surrounded by them gently stroking my arms, my back, and chest, using more than just their hands. I feel lips brushing my neck, teeth nibbling my earlobe and one of them gently sucks the tips of my fingers.

Instead of enjoying this, I feel myself freeze under their touch and stare intently at the Goddess standing in front of me. I look at her from top to bottom before meeting her eyes. A shy smile appears on her face when she notices I only have eyes for her. She holds her hand up making the girls pull away from me, and steps up closer.

“You seem to be troubled, dear Assassin," she says, slowly stroking her hand, down my chest. "I usually don’t do this, but if it is not them, that you want, I may make an exception, just for you.”

Before she reaches my crotch I grab her wrist and she looks at me, stunned.

“I bet you say that to all the boys.”

We now stand eye to eye and I can smell her perfume almost as well as I did laying close to her in the desert. Lusia is a gorgeous, breathtaking woman, but I see the images of her in my head, getting dishonored by those two brutes in Bagdad. That is why I will not take advantage of her.

I release my grip on her wrist and take a step back creating more distance between us.

Lusia looks at me intently like she’s trying to figure me out. Her eyes soften and she smiles.

“Honestly? I do not…”

For a while, we’re just staring at each other before I regain my trail of thought.

“If you are not the one providing services, then what is it that you do?”

She looks away trying to hold in a smile then looks back up to me. “I watch.”

A frown falls upon my face and I don’t know what to make of that.

“Because you… like that?”

“I have four women in here. That is a lot for most men to handle. They don’t know what to do with them, especially young men. And as experienced as these girls are, sometimes they are in need of some, guidance.”

Lusia walks over to the girls who laid back down onto the pillows, playfully touching each other while looking straight at me. I do my best to ignore them stroking and exciting themselves trying to lure me to them.

I pull my eyes away and focus on Lusia. “What kind of guidance?”

“I watch and coordinate what needs to be done, so there’s not a moment wasted, and the man will leave here feeling utterly satisfied. And if you think it’s weird, for me to be in here, most men don’t even notice.”

“I truly doubt it is possible for you to go unnoticed.”

She smiles shyly and looks down at the ground. “You flatter me dear Assassin.”

I see her fidgeting with her fingers and realize I make her nervous. Although I have no doubt leaving here satisfied, I don’t want her looking at me as I make love to other women.

“Well, I am equally flattered you think of me worthy to accept your flower, but I will not be in need of your services tonight.”

Lusia scowls and slowly nods when she realizes I’m being serious.

“Alright… if that really is what you want. But, should you want to pass this experience on to someone else, you can. My girls aim to please someone tonight.” she says and motions to the girls, who all seem to be in need of relief.

Suddenly a thought crosses my mind. “The ultimate experience huh? I think I might know someone.”

A little while later I walk back into the tent to drop of Sef. It didn’t take much to convince him, although Asad was also prying to take my place. Eventually, he accepted the fact that Sef might be more entitled to a reward tonight.

Lusia happily welcomes him and takes him with her behind the curtain to meet the four women that will be taking care of him. Knowing he’s in good hands, I take my leave and walk out of the tent, thinking about poor Sef and how worn out he’ll be tomorrow.

Before I’m gone I hear Lusia calling out.

“You’re a good friend you know. He will not be disappointed.”

I stop and turn around to face her. Under the blue light of the moon and wind blowing through her long dark hair, she looks even more mesmerizing than before.

“…If you are going to stare at me like that, dear Assassin, can you at least tell me your name?” she says with a smile.

I pull my gaze away and scrape my voice. “Yes, my name is Diran.”

“Well, Diran, no regrets of giving up your place?”

“This is not my thing. I rather…connect with a woman first.” My eyes are drawn to her beyond my own will like I’m scared to blink and realize she is just a dream I am looking upon. I see her swallow as I’m making her nervous once more.

“So you really never participate in these little orgy’s?”

She shakes her head and shifts as if feeling uncomfortable. “Let us say I had some bad experiences… which make me a bit uneasy with the idea. So I rather give knowledge to those who enjoy it.”

The hurt in her eyes is clearly noticeable. She was beaten until she bled, tied to a bed with ropes, and dishonored in the worst way possible while being defenseless. Seeing her now makes me more than happy that I followed my gut instead of my head.

“I know…”

Her eyes narrow and she looks at me puzzled. ’…what is it that you know?”

“I mean I understand,” I quickly say, correcting myself.

I don’t mean to hide telling that I was the one who saved her, but being a stealth Assassin, I must. Really though it doesn’t even matter. What does matter, is that now she is safe.

“…but do know this, not all men are bad men.”

My words make her smile and she gently nods. “…I know.”

“Well, thank you for making sure Sef has a good night. I feel secure that he is in good hands with you.”

“That he is.”

Lusia turns to go back inside but looks back at me over her shoulder before entering.

“It was really nice meeting you Diran.”

“And you Lusia. Until next time.”

“May it rather be soon than later…” she says with a mischievous smile.

I nod politely and wait for her to go inside. Then I turn around and walk back towards the crowded part of the garden.

As I join the rest of my brothers, I notice that I am out of breath. My encounter with Lusia was more intense than I had anticipated. I am glad my efforts were not for nothing. There is just one thing that I don’t yet understand. Why is it her eyes I’ve been dreaming about?

“And? How was she?”

Lorena suddenly appears out of nowhere, standing before me with crossed arms. I look at her incomprehensibly.

“What are you talking about?”

“I know you went to see her. So, was she good?”

I look at her stunned and frown angrily not appreciating the stern tone of voice.

“I don’t have to answer myself to you. I am not yours.”

Startled by my reaction, she looks at me with shame in her eyes.

“I…I’m sorry. You are right, it is none of my business what you do.”

I sigh and want to pass her by but she grabs my arm and stops me.

“I said I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be jealous…” she says and strokes both sides of my face. Her touch triggers my still exhilarated body.

Gently I grab both her wrists and pry her hands away from my face. “I have always been clear about what I want with you. If you are no longer satisfied…”

“No,” she responds quickly. “No…I am.”

I study her beautiful face and stroke her cheek with my thumb. My body is loaded with desire from my encounter with Lusia and now nourished by Lorena kissing the palm of my hand. She traces butterfly kisses up to my fingers, sucking gently on the tip of my index finger. She looks at me expectantly while sliding my hand down to cup one of her firm breasts.

“Please forgive me…” she whispers and brings her lips closer to mine as she slides her hand down my stomach and beyond. She gasps and so does I as I feel her caressing my growing excitement.

I have just reached my limit and grab Lorena by the arm, pulling her with me towards my room. As soon as we enter I press her up against the wall, enclosing her in between my arms.

Knowing I’m doing this for all the wrong reasons, I can honestly care less. My body is loaded and craves relief. I kiss her firmly on the lips before picking Lorena up leaning her back against the wall. She tightly wraps her legs around my waist as I free myself and immediately slide into her, taking her hard and fast up against the wall.

Somehow I already know, that I will regret this later.

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