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" I know you are attracted to me and can't keep your eyes off my body. I know that right now you are imagining how it would feel running your hands on my perfectly tone body. Don't deny it baby," Luke tells me while looking at me intently with that smirk that makes my body all hot. I hate him. I squirm in my spot but do my best not to show it and cover it up. " Ooo really? You know what? I think you are right." I counter looking up at him and slowly making my way towards him. Samantha May Johnson is a loving, beautiful, funny, strong minded yet childish 22 year old woman who has lost all her belief in love after the betrayal from all her previous boyfriends. Now her main focus is to take care of her younger siblings who her parents left her with after they passed. Her siblings are everything to her. Luke Donovan is your perfect guy. He is insanely attractive, outgoing, committed, polite and works hard. His priority is to expand his start-up company and make more money. He swore off women after he saw what women did to his older brother and nothing can change his mind. What will happen when they clash and collide? Will they change their minds on love and let their hearts choose? FOLLOW ME ON THIS JOURNEY OF LUKE AND SAMANTHA TO KNOW ALL THESE.

Romance / Humor
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This is the first story am writing on inkitt and I really hope you like it. It might be a little or a lot cliche' but am gonna do my best to make it unique and address some of the major issues faced in the community for example bullying and stigmatisation which has lead to a lot of suicide and suicidal thoughts. I hope that by the end of this book I shall have shed a light on these societal issues.
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Love, Donna
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