First Love: First Everything.

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Age has its fading privileges. but youth has its eager, raging priorities, and they will not be stopped.

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Love will not be stopped.

This is a story of adolescent love, so be careful.

David saw a movement out of the corner of his eye and looked up from where he was sitting. He saw a wraithlike figure approaching him out of the darkness of the attic, carrying a candle.

There was nothing to be afraid of where he was, and he was not a lad who might be easily scared. As the figure became more distinct, he saw that it was Margaret. He was excited and pleased to see her, as he always was, and greeted her with a smile.

It was well after midnight, but he had been unable to sleep, thinking about what he would need to do, as well as wishing she was here to keep him company, and now here she was.

She may have heard him going up into the attic and across to the adjoining barn, and decided to follow him, as she often did. He had been here for ten minutes, and had begun feeding two of the litter; the ones least likely to survive if they were neglected. She hadn’t come in by the door to the loft of the barn; she would have had to have gone outside of the house for that and come up the stone stairs to the top of the barn; something she knew better than to do after dark when it was pitch black. Besides, it was too cold, and with her too lightly clad for that.

She had followed him through the attic and that tight space beside the chimney that neither her mother nor father could negotiate. She could easily see him, as there was light enough from the single candle in its lantern, above where he was sitting. She also carried a candle of her own, which she blew out when she got closer. Candles were dangerous around hay. Like him, she was dressed only in her coarse nightdress which came to just below her knees. He spoke quietly, but not because he feared being overheard. They were far enough from the childrens’ bedrooms.

“What are you doing here, Margaret? Everyone is still in bed and so should you be.” He gently took her to task. He was always protective of her, and she liked that.

“I want to help you.” She always did, and he did not mind. She never wanted to be far from him, but her mother decided otherwise, where she could. She was aware of the dangers of two such maturing and adventurous children being allowed too much freedom to be alone together.

However, on a working farm with so many things to do, it was always difficult to know where either of them might be, with both of them busy doing their chores, or whatever they might be doing after she had sent one or other of them on some task, and then did not know where either of them might be once they left her sight.

She could not keep either one or other of them constantly in view.

Margaret counted on that.

Her mother had seen the way they looked at each other and held hands when they thought no one might see them, as well as, undoubtedly, getting up to much more than that too, as such growing children would, if not properly or closely watched.

They had kissed, too, suggesting too close a relationship developing between them. A mother only had two eyes and there were always other calls upon her time, and far too many distractions with other, younger children to watch. She gave up. Whatever was going to happen, would happen, if it hadn’t happened already. She still watched them, needing to know.

“Tell me what I can do to help, David, and then you will be finished that much sooner.”

Margaret had come, not just to help him, as they both well knew, but with other things in mind. It excited him already, as she could see for herself by the way his cock was even then beginning to become erect in anticipation of what they would also do, causing her to smile. She knew about that, and she could clearly see it poking up, the way he was sitting.

He was sitting beside the large stones of the warm chimney of the house they had both just left, with his legs apart, almost flat on the floor and his knees bent so that his feet were up close to his buttocks. The way he was sitting, he had his nightshirt up near his waist at the front, and was sitting on it behind him.He didn’t try to bring it down to cover himself from her sight and to disturb the piglets lying along his bent legs.

He wasn’t shy with her, any more than she was shy with him.

She had seen him; his boy parts, many times before and knew what boys looked like, especially when they were excited, just as he knew all about her and her soft, delicate parts that he loved to investigate, and touch, and kiss.

They had played their games together over the years, curious about their differences, and had closely examined each other often enough when they were left alone, and would do so again tonight too.

They often got rid of all of their clothing and ran about naked together, but only when they were certain that they were alone, and that there were no nosey sisters watching them.

He was always curious about her body and her developing breasts, as well as those interesting differences between them, especially how she was different between her legs. She liked him to be curious with her, just as he liked her to be curious about him.

There was also a change developing in their curiosity with each other, with her being the instigator of most of it.

She excited him already, just as he always excited her in a way she did not understand, but which she eagerly accepted.

He had begun to grow steadily—that part of him—and unavoidably, as she knew it would, even as she had come into sight, and had begun to affect him even then by her proximity. She always seemed to excite him that way. He didn’t understand it, but it was a pleasurable sensation for them both. They would be able to play again after he’d fed the piglets.

His inevitable response to her, intrigued her, and she was not shy to reach out and find out for herself, as now, knowing the effect her touch would have upon him. They smiled understandingly at each other as she touched him and held him, moving the skin back from him, causing him to flinch and to become even more erect with her touch. They did not need to say anything,

He had one piglet lying in the crook of his bent leg, suckling on a bottle that he rested on his knee, and was sloping down toward the hungry little animal.

The piglet, one of the runts, was sucking on a teat, covering the neck of the bottle. It was obviously getting milk. He had another piglet on his other leg, suckling there too, on another bottle. He was fully exposed between them and looked almost comical, with them like living-book-ends, supporting those other living bits of him in the middle, with that other even more interesting part of him beginning to stick up more, now that Margaret had appeared and was touching him, but he didn’t move to change anything. There would be time for that, later.

Once he’d finished with the piglets, they could do again what they always did with each other when they were alone, now. Though she had something else in mind this time.

She put the candle and its holder on a slab of rock jutting out from the chimney, and flopped down in the hay opposite him with her legs drawn up under her chin as she held on to her ankles, with her knees together, but her feet apart. She knew that she was revealing herself to him like that. She was framing that part of herself for him to see, intending to inflame him as she always sought to do when she let him see her there, which was always... when she was with him.

It was interesting to see how he changed.

The hem of the front of her nightdress was resting above her knees, and she was, like him, not at all covered or hidden from his view under there. She rarely wore knickers. It only meant more work to get them washed.

She liked to torment him. She liked to see the change in him and what it would mean for them both in a short while.

“Which ones can I feed?”

“You can take over these, and I will get two more started.”

He did this most nights.

She sat as he had been sitting, with her legs wide apart, and her feet up near her buttocks. She pulled her nightdress out from under her and off her knees to allow her to do that. She had to pull it even up to her waist, as he passed her one of the piglets, still attached to the bottle, and then passed her the other. He was always curious about her there too, and wanted to touch her as he did that, and did so, touching along that fleshy groove, tormenting her, as she had tormented him. He also leaned in to kiss her too. She could see the intent on his face, but he said nothing, just smiling at her. He would touch her much better, later. He leaned in and kissed her again.

They had behaved this way with each other for more than a year now, and had gradually learned more, the more they were left alone together.

She sat back against the partition behind her and left the piglets to suckle. He stood up, retrieving the remaining two bottles of milk from the bucket of warm water. He still couldn’t help himself but was as hard as a rock about then with what his mind, and her exposed body were doing to him, and what he knew would happen between them again after the piglets had been fed.

“How do you know which piglets to get?” He was over on the other side of the open floor by then, gathering two more piglets from their mother.

“I have them marked. They are always the two that keep getting pushed off by the other piglets, and must go for the forward teats. Not much milk there for them.”

He came back and sat in front of her as before, with two struggling, complaining piglets. Complaining only until he got them started to suckle, and then they went quiet.

He was still erect, very obvious there, and very hard.

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