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What will you do if you were me? If you had to go across the planet for a better future? But not alone! What would you do then? It's not easy to start your life all over again in a foreign country but I have I don't have a choice. There was nothing to keep me there so I just packed up and left. Just like that.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - Collision

Tia's POV

"Ouch!!" That's all I say as my ass hits the pavement. I am soaked with coffee from head to toe. Loads of coffee as it was mine and the guy's that run into me.

As I lay down I am waiting for the classic like "watch were you going fatty" or something like that but it never came.

But all I heard was "Are you OK?"

Lifting my head up I see a hand outstretched and thinking that is something wrong with this picture.

"Miss are you OK?"

The man in frond of me asks and I still don't answer his question. Ignoring his hand I start lifting my body in a not very gracefully way untill I am in my full height.

Only then is the first time I look at the strange man in front of the wory look on his face. Oh God!! This guy is really huge.
He is tall really tall,built like a fighter, dirty blond hair and the most amazing Grey eyes I have ever seen. Got he must be a mobel and even if he is not the world don't know what their missing.

His wearing a very dark blue suit that fits him like a glove with a light blue shirt and a grey tie which now is stained with coffee and by the looks of it is one of the expensive ones.

I don't know much for fashion but I can tell the difference between a cheap one and an expensive one, and this one is definitely one of the latter.

I groan inside because no matter who's fault was it I am gonna pay for that man's dry cleaning. I can't afford that, money are really tight and any extra expense is torture.

As my mind drifts to a much darker place the man asks again "Are you alright?" and that gets me back to reality.
"Yeah yes, I am fine! Everything is OK. Oh! How much that coffee costs!?"
My question surprised him and he didn't answer so I asked again.
"How much that coffee costs?"

He blincks a few times and says
"Why are you asking that?"

"So I can replace it"

"But it wasn't your fault what happen I was the one that wasn't looking and you want to pay for my coffee?"

"Yes, and apparently for your dry cleaning too for you suit.i took most of the coffees but there is a stain on your tie and I think maybe a little on you collar. "

He just stare at me with an amused smile on his face not saying a word to me.I don't know what he finds funny but I can only assume that I don't look in my best.

Waiting for him to answer me I glance at my watch to see the time. Oh fuck!! I am late. Mina is going to kill me. I search for something to write my phone down so I can give it to the guy. Don't think anything wrong is for the bill, not that I would have a chance any way. I glance at the now empty cup that is now at my feet I pick it up and I lift my pen from my back pocket and writed it down. Who knew that it would be handy one day?

"OK I really have to go. Here take 3$ for that coffee and this is my phone for the dry cleaning. My name is Tia.BYE!! "

I am really late right now and the girls are gone to kill me. I start running down the street and i hear him calling my name but I don't slow down I have to hurry I am late.
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