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Always Alone

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I was 18 years old. I moved into what they call the mother-in-law house. My older brothers found me and brought me back. I couldn't be around a lot of men even though I had been raised by them. But I don't remember. I don't remember them. I have to be alone. I don't remember what happened to me. I don't want to. I work on motorcycles to keep sane now. It also keeps me from dealing with my past and the scars on my body.

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Chapter 1: Jean

I was working on one of the guys from the club’s bike. They know they are not supposed to be out here in my garage but when I looked up he was standing there watching me. I began to shake. "What do you want I asked." He leaned against the wall with his arms folded across his chest. When I looked at him again I noticed he was a new prospect. I looked over to where Spike my wolf lay then back at the man. "What do you want I asked?" I just wanted to find out why we are told this area was off limits. I think I know now. You are one beautiful woman. "I think you better leave now." I think I like what I am looking at. I reached inside my coveralls and pressed the button on the necklace I was wearing. It was an alarm that went off in the clubhouse. The man pushed himself off the wall standing up.

I started to back away from him and he was walking toward me. Animal heard the alarm go off and ran to the garage. The man grabbed my arm and Spike growled. "I yelled let go of me. "My brothers will kill you for this." I felt a sharp pain on the side of my face and I fell hitting my head on the cement floor and heard the man yell “call off your dog” and then the door slam open. I don’t remember anything else but someone picking me up and carrying me. I started to wake up and I heard “she will be fine”, ” I did have to give her 10 stitches in the back of her head”. I moaned. Jean you are going to be fine. "My head hurts" I said. "What happened?" A new prospect disobeyed orders but he is being dealt with. "Where am I?" At the clubhouse in the doctor’s office. He had to put stitches in your head. "I am going to be sick." I rolled over and started to vomit. You need to stay here for 48 hours to be monitored around the clock.

Psycho, Savage, and Trucker from the Knight MC saw Animal carry the unconscious woman into the clubhouse and the members growl when they saw her. "Who is that Psycho asked?" Rider and Malice said "she is our baby sister. she doesn’t come to the clubhouse anymore." Animal yelled "send two prospects to her garage and take that fucking new prospect to the shed." How dare he disobey our orders. When I got there he had slapped her and she hit her head on the cement floor. He was getting ready to rip her clothes off of her. That fucker is going to pay. I watched as he carried the woman out of the room. Granted she was beautiful and there was something familiar about her but I could not place where I had seen her before.

"Psycho what the hell is on your mind my president asked me?" I have seen her before but I can’t place where. I don’t know, she just seems familiar to me. I sat listening to the talk around me and how the club members here cared about her. What did her brother mean by her garage and how it is off limits to everyone but them and that she doesn’t come to the clubhouse anymore? I looked at the clock and said “I’m going to my room” I got up and walked down the hall to the room assigned to me. As I passed the medical room I heard someone say “nurse, you need to get her brother’s. She has been vomiting way too much”. I watched a woman walk out of the room and down the hall. Then I heard fuck, Jean I’m sorry but they have to know. You are getting worse. You’re hitting your head brought your memory back.

I heard her scream at the doctor “No, they can’t find out, he was there best friend and it will kill them.” I walked down the hall and opened my door shutting it. I wonder what she meant by he was there best friend and it would kill them?

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