The Hood Princess and The Prep

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Victoria Duvall lives a simple life she goes to a simple public school, she has simple friends and she lives in a simple one bedroom apartment with her simple mother. like most people in her neighborhood she has not dad, make that no family at all, except her mom. but on what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life a grandmother shows up.......and not just any grandmother but a queen. angry and confused she is pulled away from her mother to a whole new country, a whole new life, and a soon to be husband. suddenly nothing is simple anymore. what can she do but raise as much hell as possible and be sent back home or not? Cornell Pole is anything but simple, he grew up knowing he would one day be king. he was ready, always polite, always courteous, and from his wife to be he expects nothing else. but when he meets Victoria he is appalled.....and intrigued. she challenges everything he says and plays with his mind something terrible. but can she stand the heat when he gets on her level, when he starts to challenge her.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

I had my hands in the air and a big smile on my face. The steady flashes for the various cameras made me feel like a star, this was the day that I had been waiting, twelve long years for. and it was finally here, it felt like a dream. I looked to my left at my two best friend in the whole world, my aces, my girls since the fourth grade, Nasha and Tory. The look on their faces I’m sure was an exact mirror of mine, it was their day too.

My smile got bigger as I watched the principle approach the podium, she was all smiles to. Ms. Givings was a gift to this school and she knew it she had done in four short years what nobody else had seemed to be able to do. Tame the students at Vashon High. She had also made my life easier and she had been determined to see every senior graduate.

Not that I was a troubled student I just always seemed to be where trouble was. But she had my back every time, constantly reminding me that I deserved better and that she was gonna make sure I became a lady. Not that anyone could do that, I put on a front for her most days, just as I did my mom. But I still had my own mind and regardless to where or when, I was determined to stay me.

“And know it is with the greatest honor that I present to you all the biggest graduating class since 1996, the Vashon High graduating class of 2011.” she was clapping so hard he jaws were shaking and her smile looked like it hurt, but she was happy and I could see tears of joy in her eyes.

Then as if on cue the auditorium erupted with applause, and our class song was coming from the speakers even louder, “Hear me coming,” by Young Joc. we chose the song as a group. I think the ground was actually shaking. looking around you could see people dancing, jumping up and down, hugging each other, we had made it and we were coming I hope the world was ready.

I was almost knocked over as my friends bum rushed me with hugs, “we made it y ’all,” I said.

“I know rite,” Nasha said, “no more homework.”

“No more books,” Tory put in.

“Yes yes,” I said tossing up my graduation cap. I scanned the crowd looking for the most important person in my life. where was she I know she wanted a picture of us all.

“Looking for me, princess.” I turned around with a frown, I loved my mama more than pancakes but I hated that nick name she was determined to keep calling me.

“yes I was looking for you, and can you please stop calling me that. I’m far from a princess,” I said hugging her, “but you’ll always be my queen.” I kissed her cheek and gathered with my girls for the picture she wanted. we ended up taking like six pictures and I hadn’t even noticed that a couple of other people had joined in the group.

“So Vikki,” Terrance to hot for school was saying. “you coming to Tony party tonight right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, boo.” I said kissing his cheek. He wasn’t my boyfriend but he was definitely my boo and he really was to cool for school, I had no idea how he was graduating, because he never went to class. but here he was so......who was I to question fate.

“I’ll see you there,” He said picking me up wedding style for a picture my mama was taking. then he walked off with his friends.

“Please tell me you gonna give that boy a chance now that we out of school, he been crushing on you for like five years,” Tory said

“Yep, since eighth grade,” Nasha confirmed while putting on her lip gloss.

Terrance was cute, her was even considered hot and he was Nasha’s twin brother. I always told my friends that I wouldn’t date a guy from school because of all the hateration that be going on but that wasn’t entirely true. I just didn’t want a boyfriend. as far back as I could remember my mom had never had a boyfriend, never even went on a date and she was beautiful. Tall light caramel skin, almond light brown eyes, beautiful wavy hair, and she never dated. Not that men didn’t try, she got hit on every time we left the house, and she always nicely turned them down. I wouldn’t date until she did, which would probably be never so, I would never date.

I slowly shook my head, “naw, I’m good. but y ’all coming to the part with me right?”

“Damn right,” Tory said doing the two step, “I’m taking somebody virginity tonight.”

I smiled and watched her shake her abnormally large behind. Tory was not what you would call a slut, but she liked being the center of attention, especially if it was male attention and she liked inexperienced guys, she said she liked to be the leader. Nasha was a closet freak, good girl on the outside but behind closed doors she was a beast, or so I had heard, literally, I had heard, and me I was a flirt or maybe a tease, cause I never backed up my flirting.

“Vikki we need to go, I have to be at work in a couple hours and I wanna talk to you before I go.” my mama was saying and I was actually thankful. I knew my friends were about to start drilling me about Terrance.

“okay, mama,” I said. To my friends I said “Be ready at nine or I’m leaving y ’all butts.”

Then I turned away and me and mama made our way to her car. She cranked up the engine and started towards our apartment in silence. I had a feeling what she wanted, she figured I was gonna move out, which I was. Our apartment was a one bedroom and while she gave me the bedroom it just wasn’t big enough, my friends and I had already decided to get an apartment together. I couldn’t take the silence so I switched on the radio and started singing with three six mafia about chicken-heads.

“What did you want to talk about mama,”

Suddenly she looked sad, and I think she was tearing up a little but she kept her eyes on the road so I couldn’t really tell. what the hell was it with her. For the last week she had been very distant towards me and I was really getting sick of it we were always close. We were all we had. I didn’t want her to be mad at me.

“Is it because I’m moving in with Nasha and Tory?” I asked

“No Vikki,” she said turning onto our street, “you wont be moving in with your friends.”

“You don’t want me to?”

She pulled into the parking lot, “I want you to be able to do whatever you want to, but unfortunately its not up to me or you.”

I got out the car because she had, but I was not done talking, “What do you mean ma.” I was really getting irritated I hated for people to talk in circles to me.

I looked in her face, and frowned she wasn’t even looking at me or at the apartment her eyes were looking over my shoulder at something, and she looked mad as hell. I turned and looked to, and did a double take.

Behind me parked awkwardly in our small parking lot was a stretch limo, the door had some kind of symbol on it. It looked like a mascot of some kind, a red scorpion with huge huge claws on top of a diamond. There were flags on the bumper of the limo with the same symbol. A tall lurch looking guy stood by the back door looking creepy as hell, and even though I was staring him down he didn’t look at me once.

Parked next to the limo was the most beautiful thing I have seen, my dream car, a orange Monte Carlo, GTO, duel exhaust, pimped out like Xhibit did it. The plates didn’t have any numbers, just the same weird scorpion. I looked back at mama and she was crying now.

“Mama is this a present for me, how could you afford all this, ” we weren’t exactly broke but we were lower class, everybody around here was. My mama worked two jobs just to be broke most of the time and I had a job at the local grocery store. But if my mama bought me that car, she must have spent her life savings. then I thought of another problem, we lived in the hood, not to bad but a car like this was not gonna make it here, it would be stolen before next week.

Mama wiped her face and came towards me with a forced smile on her face, she hugged and kissed me and stepped back like she was looking for something.

“Its a gift for you.” She said.

“But how?”

She was wringing her hands now, “I thought I’d have more time, I’m so sorry Victoria, its a gift from your grandma.”

I smiled, then I laughed. Who was she kidding what grandma? I had it on her good word that all my grandparents were dead. She had to be joking.

“Come on ma, a grandma? A rich one at that. No really mama did you rent the limo and the car.”

She wasn’t smiling, she looked worried and even a little scared. I’ve never seen my mama scared even when we got disconnect notices for the bills. She was looking over my shoulder again and I turned to see a beautiful, well dressed , older woman step out of the limo. She was flawless like an old time movie star, like out of the black and white movies. Classic beauty. She wore a silk yellow skirt suit that looked like it was made for her. She walked towards us with determination. All I could think was presidential. Then mama spoke again barley a whisper.

“Your grandma is not only rich, but she’s a queen, and you really are a princess”

I heard her words as the lady approached, and when she got close enough to hear me I said exactly what I was thinking.

“What the fuck.”

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