School Crush

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First day of 10th grade pt1

“I am a Jedi like my father before me” you said while sleeping BEEP BEEP BEEP “ugh not nowwwwww” you wine as you try to turn off your alarm. “Ugh of course in the best part of my dream” you say as you sit up and rub your eyes. “OH WAIT TODAYS THE FIRST DAY IF SCHOOL!” You yelled rushing to get ready. You got to the bathroom brush your teeth yea yea yea. You put on your favorite Star Wars shirt, ripped jeans, black converse, your favorite baseball cap, and put your hair into a low messy bun. This was your go-to outfit so it seemed right to wear it the first day of school. You run downstairs to get breakfast “ MOM! DAD!” You yell but no response. You found a note on the table that said ‘Hey y/n! Sorry we can’t drop u off at school today we both were called into work supper early. You can either take the bus of have uncle Carlos take you, Love you have fun -Mom & Dad’ “YES UNCLE CARLOS!” You yelled you took your phone from your pocket and called uncle Carlos. “Yep sure thing y/n! I’ll be right there!” He said as you hung up the phone. “Alright breakfast, no, no, no, no” of course there was nothing to eat you thought. DING DONG “COMING!” You yell as you grab your book bag and an apple. “You ready kid?” Carlos said walking to the car. “Yup!” You reply. “You think there’s gonna be any cute guys this year?” He said as he smirked. “Really Carlos?” “I’m serious this time!” He said. “Uh idk maybe?” “Ok then kid” he laughed as he pulled out of the drive way. “You think that one kid I like is coming this year?” “Uh idk” you say with a light blush on your cheeks. “Well if u need any advice just text me ok?” “Alright” you say with a giggle. “Your ready for this?!” “YES!” Carlos blasted the radio, and you two were vibeing to your guys favorite song. 20minutes later you reach school. “Thanks Carlos!” You say as you get out of the car “no problem kid! I’ll pick u up later ur parents are gonna be out all day today” “alrightly then see ya later” “see ya!” He said as he drove off. Carlos has always been more like a best friend then a uncle, which is what you loved about him. As you took a deep breath in you walked inside the school, it wasn’t your first time at that school you have been going there ever since 4th grade. As you walked to your first classroom you saw your best friend in the hallway “B/f/n”You yell “Y/n!” She yelled as you came and gave her a hug. “How u doing?” You ask excitedly “pretty good, U?” “I’m doing alright!” You two continued to talk. Few minutes later you see b/f/n eyes go wide. “You alright?” You ask concerned “oh yeah I’m fine just lost in thought is all”she replies. Little did you know your crush c/n was sneaking up behind you. “Ah!! Gotcha!!” He yelled as he bear hugged you from behind. “Ahhh!” You yelled as you kick their shins. “Owe what the heck y/n it was a joke” c/n as he let u go and rubbed his shins. “Holy stuffed toaster is so sorry c/n!” You say as you help him up. “It’s fine I should of expected some sort of attack anyways!” He said with a smile, you giggled. This was a normal thing that went on between you two, you guys loved teasing and pranking each other.
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