School Crush

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First day of 10th grade pt2

After your first two class, you had history. You walk into the classroom you decide to sit in the back. You were getting your notebook out when c/n enters the room, you didn’t know anyone enters the room since you were trying to find your notebook. You finally found it, you sit up right someone grabbed you from behind “BOO!” They yelled “AH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD I SWAER C/N IM GOING TO SMACK YOU WITH MY STICK!” “Aww chill out it’s just a joke” c/n says nudging your arm. “Yeah yeah whatever” you say rolling your eyes. “Looks like I have to sit next to you” c/n said plopping down in the seat next to you. “There are plenty of open seats” you say, even though you were happy c/n was sitting next to you. “ welp too late”. “OK CLASS I ONLY KNOW A FEW OF YOU SO LETSGO AROUND THE ROOM AND SAY OUR NAME AND A FACT ABOUT YOURSELF” your teacher announced. Everyone in the room went and it was finally your turn “Hello there, I’m y/n I love Star Wars :3” c/n smiled. After the lesson you at lunch and had 2more lessons. You were relived that the first day was over. You walk outside and wait for Carlos to pick you up. “Hey y/n uh would u like to come over?” C/n said nervously rubbing the back of his neck. “Uh I’ll have to ask my parents give me a sec” you say as you take out your phone ‘Hey can I go over to my friends house?’ You ask Carlos since you knew your parents didn’t mind because they knew c/n and his family. ‘Sure thing kid! Just tell me when to pick you up.’ Carlos replied. “They said it would be fine” “Yay! Let’s go!” You smiled and ran after c/n. “Hey mom y/n is coming over” “ok honey” “Hello there Mrs.c/m/n thank you for letting me come over!” “Anytime y/n :)”. C/m/n pulls out of the school parking lot when “hey y/n” “yeah?” “ remember this?” C/n said as he played a song “YES!” You say exitedly and start to vibe to your song. C/n laughed and vibed with you. ‘Dang there so cute together my c/m/n thought as she too was vibeing. You reach c/n’s house, you were about to get out when “wait y/n stay there” c/n said as he got out and rushes to your door and opens it for you. “ thank you kind sir” you say with a giggle “of course m’lady” he says with a bow. “I don’t want to ruin the moment but I got to go to the store so you two will be home alone alright?” “Ok mom that’s fine!” C/n said “bye mom! No common let go y/n!” C/n yelled as he grabbed your hand and dragged you inside. “ Alright alright chill” you say with a giggle. Once inside you both were inside “nice place! I see u did some redecorating since the last time I’ve been here” “Yup” c/n replied “so now what do u want to do?” You ask “How about we-“ c/n said as he slowly walked towards you. You started backing away “c-c/n? What are u doing?!” You ask in a worried tone. “ oh nothing” he replied with a smerk. Before you knew it you back was up agenst the wall. “ c/n stop I’ll smack you” “ you wouldn’t do that to me” c/n said as he put his right arm above your right shoulder, he started to lean in for a kiss. *WACK* c/n backed up” I told you I would smack u idiot” “ and you were right” he replied “of course I was” you say. It seemed to happen so fast, c/n quickly picked you up by your wait and carried you upstairs to his room. He plopped you down on the bed “ nice room” you say with your head upside down hanging over the edge.
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