School Crush

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Spending the Night

“Thanks!” C/n said as he walked over to his nightstand to grab his TV remote. “What do you want to watch?” He said as he turned it on. “Star Wars?” You say with puppy dog eyes. “Hmm nah. How about this.” C/n said as he clicked on a different movie. “WHAT NO! DEFIANTLY NOT!” You exclaim sitting up right. “Aww why not are you scared?” He said with a smirk. “I-I’m not a-scared” you insisted crossing your arms while looking away.”aww com-on! I can hold you?” C/n said as he put his hand on your shoulder trying to get you to watch it. You still didn’t budge “ I’m good with not having nightmares for life” you say getting up and walking to the window “ y/n what are you doing?!” C/n asked confused and concerned. “Imma jump out the window if you play that movie” you reply. “What if we watch all the Star Wars you want after?” He said still pushing. “FINE! But ONLY because I get to watch Star Wars after!” You say storming back to the bed. “yes!” C/n said to himself. “I got to go to the bathroom real quick” c/n says as he hops off the bed. “Ok” you say closing the door once he was in the bathroom. ‘TIME FOR A FORT!’ You exclaim inside your head. You quickly try to make a fort but fail so you made a little blanket area on c/n’s bed. “Alright time for the movi-“ “did you attempt to make a fort? And is that my shirt?” He asked smiling. “Definitely not” you say sarcastically. “You sit there” you say as you point to c/n spot. “Why thank you” “Yup”. “LETS START THE MOVIE!” “noooooooooooo” you say sadly. “ hey you’ll be fine I’m here” c/n said putting an arm around you. You took a deep breath in “ok start it” *30 minute into the movie* “nope I hate this” you say hiding you face agents c/n. C/n only laughed “look at this!” He exclaimed turning your head toward the tv at a unsettling part. “Flip you c/n” you say quickly shutting your eyes and hiding your face again. Of course c/n only laughed, he was enjoying this a lot more then you. 1 hour and 30 minutes pass by and you and c/n are now cuddling. “C/n I hate you” you say hiding your face. “I love you too” he commented smiling. You had a light blush in your cheeks. The movie was soon over when you jump up and exclaim “YES ITS FINALLY OVER!!!” But as you jumped you a suddenly knocked c/n off the bed. “Owwww” “woops sorry” you apologies snatching the remote from c/n. “Hey give me my remote back!” He shouts as he jumps up from the ground. “I’m your dreams fly boy!” You yell attempting to escape the room. But right before you got out the door you were lifted from your waist and was throne onto the bed. “Give me my remote” c/n said reaching for it from your hands. You quickly held it close to your body “In your dreams!” You yell. “ you leave me no choice then.....” c/n paused then started to tickle you like crazy. “ give me my remote back” he said laughing even tho he was the one who wasn't getting tickled. “N-nev-ver!” You exclaim in between laughs. “YES FINALLY GOT IT!” C/n yelled as he took it from you and reaching his hand if the air. “Dang it” you say disappointed. “ AYO I get to watch Star Wars! Put it on right now!” “What’s the magic word?” “Pwease” “alrightly then” he said as he put on Disney+. “What movie do you want to watch shortie?” “AYO IM NOT SHORT IM AVERAGE HIGHT” you exclaim “yeah yeah whatever” he said smiling. “You want to watch Prequels, Originals, or Sequels?” You ask sitting up. “Ummm which are what again?” C/n asked confused. “Boi! You need to be educated!” You say “yeah yeah I know now which are what?” He said smiling. “Originals are the ones with Luke Leia and Han, Prequels are the ones with Anakin Obi-Wan and Padmè, and the Sequels are the ones with Rey Finn Poe and Kylo” you say looking at c/n impatiently. “Uh let’s do Sequels” “alright, 7 8 or 9?” You ask. “Uh let’s do 9” c/n said completely confused. “Alrightly then Rise or Skywalker it is, get comfy and pay attention” “okie” c/n said as he climbed into the bed placed his head on your shoulder as played the movie” *after the movie* (cuz I don’t want to reveal any spoilers for anyone) it was now 3:00 a.m. and C/n ended up falling asleep on you. ‘Dang why dose he have to look so cute!’ You yell inside your head. You turn off the tv look at c/n one last time and went to sleep.
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