School Crush

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The Next Morning

It was around 5am when c/n woke up

C/n’a POV: ‘wait w-was I sleeping on y/n?’ I asked myself. I looked as saw y/n peacefully sleeping, I could tell I was blushing thankfully we were the only ones there and she was sleeping. ‘She’s so adorable :3’ I confused to myself as I started to blush harder. All I wanted to do is stare at her. It’s been about 5minutes since I had woke up my eyes were starting to grow heavier by the second I was just about to fall back to sleep when I heard a small sound that sounded sort of like a groan. I looked down then saw y/n sleeping on me. I smiled as I blushed even more and slowly went back to bed.

~Back to Before~

It was now 9:30 in the morning I was still asleep but somewhat aware I was sleeping. All the sudden I heard ‘BANG BANG BANG’ the clashing sound of pans being banged “WAKE UP CHILDREN!” C/m/n yelled. You suddenly wake up scared and surprised. You suddenly realized you were sleeping on c/n. You start to blush as you sit up right and yawn. “Good morning y/n~“ c/n says with a yawn. “Your annoying” you say sacking c/n with a pillow. “Aww are you blushing?” “W-what no!” You slightly stutter. “Mhmmmmm” c/n said with a smirk.

C/n’s POV: It was so adorable when y/n realized she that she was sleeping on me, when she woke up and blushed. I just wanted to kiss her right then and there but I knew I shouldn’t.

~Back to Before~

C/n sat up and placed his head on your lap “what the heck c/n!” you exclaim blushing as you hit him with the pillow again. C/n sat up and hugged you. “Boi what are you doing?!” You yell turning a darker shade of pink. “Making you flustered, and it’s working” c/n replied with his signature smirk. “Well stop!” You yelled again.

C/n’s POV: I tried to make her flustered and it was working she is so adorable. I wanted to kiss her and so she would stop yelling.

~Other POV~

You were so red from c/n’s actions you wanted to leave but still wanted to stay. C/n hugged you even tighter “C/n!!!” You yelled he let go and unexpectedly cupped you cheek in his hand and kissed you. C/n pulled away “well that shut you up” he said winking “oh shut up idiot” you say putting you hand c/n’s forehead pushing his face away.

*DING* you revived a text from Uncle Carlos
‘Hey y/n I’m coming to pick you up I’m 2 minutes away’ the text read. “Who is it?” C/n asks curiously “it’s my Uncle he’s coming to pick me up he’s 2 minutes away” “awwww” c/n wined . “Shut up idiot” you say jumping off the bed. “Wait y/n I need to show you something turn around” c/n said. You turned around and was kissed by c/n again. “Idiot” you say smiling pulling away. *DING DONG* “I think your uncle is here” c/n said in a sad tone. “Yeah your right, well I’ll see you on Monday! Thanks for letting me stay over” you say waking to the door “y-yeah no problem!” C/n said sadly with his head down. You glance back and see how sad he was you felt bad so you quickly but quietly walked back to him. You tilted his head up kissed him on the cheek “see ya Monday, Love you idiot” you say as you walk out the door.

C/n’s POV: I was so sad when y/n said had to leave I wished she could of stayed longer...I was so disappointed when my head unexpectedly was tilted up y/n stood right in front of me I didn’t even notice she hadn’t left. She kissed me on the cheek and left while saying “see ya Monday, Love you idiot.” She left leaving me blushing hard.

~You know who this is now~

You walked downstairs thanked c/n’s mom for letting you stay the night. You walked out the door into Carlos’ car. “Well how was it?” He asked pulling out. “It was fun” you said smiling. “What did you do?” “Basically just watched movies” “let me guess Star Wars?” “Yup!” You reply smiling. *10min l8r* “well here ya go kid” Carlos said as he pulled into your drive way. “Thanks Carlos!” You thank him hopping out of the car. “Anytime!” He replied pulling out. You walk inside as you get a text “hey honey we’re on our way back home we’re so sorry about what happened” “it’s ok!” You respond as you run to your room and think about what had just happened. DING you revived another text “hey y/n uh I meant to ask you this when you were at my place but uh um” c/n said. “ just spit it out” you say “uh would you like to be my gf?” He asked. Your heart leaped for joy “of course idiot” you reply filled with excitement. “Yay! Oops I gtg my mom is calling see ya Monday ;)” C/n said. You were so exited about what happened you were jumping all over your room. 10th grade didn’t seem so bad anymore.

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