"Why me?"

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I never thought Grayson would choose me. I am so surprised that he did. I'm not complaining though. He's hot. Couldn't help but wonder-" Why me?" 18+ INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT AND BAD LANGUAGE

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1- Moving Out/Moving In

"Mom, dad I'm gonna miss you guys so much." I said while pulling them both in for a hug. Today is my first day of collage and I'm so excited, but also nervous. I'm not gonna know anyone there. And I'm gonna be 2,915 miles away from my family and friends. I live in New York, and I am moving to California for this amazing veterinarian school. I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I was little. The weird thing is I have never had an actual pet. My mom is allergic to dog and cats, and my dad doesn't want any weird exotic animals in our house, so that pretty much means no pets at all. I have always asked for a pet, but my mom and dad just say-"Samantha we've been over this before." And in case you didn't know my name is Samantha Moor, or just call me Sam for short. I actually hate it when people call me Samantha. My parents just call me that when their either angry or their annoyed, but they usually never have to call me by my whole name, because I'm usually a good kid, or adult now, considering I am about to move 2,915 miles away from my family, and I'm also 18.
I have 2 older brothers, one already out of collage and one on their second year of collage. I have short, curly blonde hair, hazel eyes, a perfect nose, a very defined cupids bow, thin lips, pale skin, big breasts, a big butt, and an average sized body. So I'd say I'm kinda pretty. I mean most of the girls at my highschool are jealous of me because all the boys ask me out, and not them. But I always reject the boys at my school, I'm really not looking for a relationship right now, and also all the boys at my school are nothing but a bunch of big buffoons." Okay Sam, it's time to go." My dad says while picking up my suitcases, to carry outside. I am going to miss my family so much! I got an academic scholarship from the collage I'm going to. I got all straight A's my whole highschool year. I got B's and A's 6th-8th grade, and in elementary I got straight B's.
So yeah I'm pretty much going to get a scholarship somewhere. I actually got a few offers from different collages, I turned them all down until this collage in California. I've never actually been to California, except one time when I had to go there for a cheer tournament. I did cheer since 8th grade, I only did cheer in 8th grade because I wanted to become one of the popular girls at school, and I joined the cheerleading squad. It worked I actually became popular, and when cheer was over for the year I realized that I actually liked it so I stuck with it. I really hope they have a cheer squad at the collage I am going to! I'm hoping that the collage will allow pets in the dorms, because that would be my first pet ever! It's not like I have never seen an animal ever in my life, because when I was a teenager I would volunteer at the Humane Society. And when I went over to friends houses they would always have a pet.
My dad is going to drop me off at the school, and I am going to get a tour guide to show me around a little bit. I don't want to leave yet, because my best friend isn't here yet." Mom dad, Avery isn't here yet. We have to wait for her."
"Well, Sam if we wait any longer you are going to be late on your first day." I took a long sigh. And then someone rushed in to the house giving me a large bear hug. It was Avery!" Were you really about to leave without saying good by to your besty." Avery said giving me a huge grin.
We have a whole friend group, that contains 5 people. 3 girls, and 2 boys.
Which is...
Mellisa, Adrian, and Alex. And then of course me and Avery. Me and Avery have known each other since we were baby's, our mom's were best friends when they were kids." When you come to visit us on holidays, you better bring yourself a hot collage guy!" I roled my eyes at her. Ever since we entered highschool she has been trying to hook me up with someone.
"Whatever, do you know if everyone else is coming or should I go a head and leave?" She shook her head." No, the last I heard was the day before yesterday." Well I shake my head, and gave everyone one last hug before me and dad head out.
When I got to the collage it was huge. And there were so many people there too. To be honest I was excited to get out of my house for 4 years.
"This is where we part." Dad said frowning." Yeah, I know." I gave him one last hug." I'll call y'all everyday." He shook his head ok, and then left. It is up to me now. I have to live in the real world now. Good thing my parents prepared me for the real world. This is where my story begins.

After 10 minutes of walking I finally found the front desk. When I got there, there was one tour guide left. He was a handsome guy, he had chestnut brown hair that was swooshed to the side, he had hazel eyes, cute dimples, and was at least 6ft tall. He was cute, but I don't know he looks like the school bad boy, or something. I walked over to him." Ummm, are you a tour guide? I'm new here." I said while waving at him. I could feel my face heat up as he stopped talking to the pretty girl he was talking to, and looked at me up and down.
" Get lost loser freshman!" The pretty girl said while roling her eyes." Oh, sorry. I just thought that maybe one of you could-" I was cut off by the whore that told me to get lost." Yeah well I'm talking to him right now, so go find someone else to pester with you personal problems." I started stomping off when I heard someone tell me to come back." Hey new kid, don't leave. I am a tour guide I'll show you around. I told that whore to get lost." I looked at him and blushed." Okay, thanks." He looks at me and roles his eyes." Yeah well, don't think to much of it, it's my job." Wow, rude! I thought he was actually nice!" Um, okay. I guess." He looks at me and roles his eyes AGAIN! I wish I could just take some forks, and jab them in his eyes, so maybe he won't role them anymore!

He started showing me around the collage." So, this is the dorms." I wonder if girls and boys can share a dorm?" If your wondering yes, girls and boys can share a dorm." It's like he can read my mind.
"Where will my dorm be, and who is my roomate?" He looked at me and roles his eyes." How am I supposed to know?!"
" You know if you role your eyes that much it makes it easier for you to get wrinkles at an early age."
" You don't have to act like that."
" Like what?" I said with a straight expression on my face. " Like a bitch." I gasped." Oh hell no. You can't act like a dick to me and then say I'm being a bitch, you asswhole!" He looked at me and then looked at the ground with a frown on his face. I felt bad for losing my shit on him, I didn't mean it, well partially." Hey, look I'm sorry, ok? I didn't mean it" I lie.
" No, it's my fault. You wouldn't have acted like that if I wouldn't have acted like a complete dick first."
"It's okay. But I didn't catch your name before."
"It's Grayson. What's your name?"
"Samantha, but I hate that name so call me Sam." He held out his hand for me to shake. I hesitated but eventually took his hand and shook it. After that Grayson showed me the rest of the school.

"Would you like me to show you to your dorm?"
"Ummm, if it's no trouble than yes please." I say while smiling. He returns the smile.
"Right this way then." He said still smiling.
We got to my dorm, and he handed me a key." This is the key to your dorm."
"How did you get the key to my dorm?"
"The lady at the front desk gave it to me." He said while rolling his eyes. Well there goes the nice Grayson." Okay, thanks for showing me around."
"It's kinda my job."
"Oh, right. Okay see ya." I said waving. He roles his eyes and leaves. He is seriously bi-polar. I walked into the room to see a girl sitting on a pink velvet couch." Oh, hey. You must be my roomate. I'm Sam, what's your name?"
"Eeeeeee! Hi! I'm Charlotte!" She squeled like a girl on her 16th birthday, and her parents just got her a pink convertible.
"Your room is over there." She pointed to a plain, empty, white room straight ahead.
"And the bathroom is right there." She is now pointing to a room right beside mine that has blue painted walls, and is decorated beach themed." You can go get settled in. I think we will be good friends!" She said with a ear to ear grin on her face.

After I got moved in a little bit, me and Charlotte sat on the pink velvet couch and got to know each other. She said she was from Alabama, and I said I was from New York." Ohhhh! What's it like in New York?!"
Well, it's very noisy at night, and it has a lot of buildings. Oh! And it has broadway!" Her eyes widened like she just walked in on her mom and dad having sex.
" Awwww. I wish I was from New York-"
I cut her off." No. No you don't wish you were from New York." She looks at me and frowns." All I'm saying is that the only good thing about New York is Broadway, everything else sucks, that's why I moved here. And also because California has an amazing vet school."
"Ohhhhh, so you wanna be a veterinarian, I wanna be a Docter." She said smiling." I actually wanna own my own vets office. I love animals, I have ever since I was little, but not just that cute love a little kid has with animals, I wanna help animals." She looked at me as I said that, and then she said-
"I hope you don't mind company. I invited my boyfriend over, and he will be staying the night." I know where that leads. I feel my face turning red." By the the look on your face, I can tell you already know what I mean." She giggled a little bit after that." Oh no, it's fine I'm used to going over to my friends house, and him having a girl over everyday." She smiled and got up, and then walked to the other room. Okay this could be fun. I already like my roomate, and mom said that you need to become friends with your roomate, after all I do live with her. And if I didn't like her that could be awkward. This going to be one hell of a journey.

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