Cut wings

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Liana Frye is a young and bright fairy who always wanted to leave her he people because they have always treated her wrong even though she is strong enough to become a elite fairy know one will let her that's until she did a teleportation spell and ask to go to a place where she would find happiness but that happiness brought her to Cole Frazer who is one of the most powerful men on land and feared. So does she find her happiness

Romance / Fantasy
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Cut wing

Wake up Liana you have to get up now today's the big day they're going to be picking new elites so wake up my mom says, so I wake up.

I'm not feeling happy they are never going to let me become an elite why? I never knew
all my life they looked at me like I was some monster and my mother takes care of me, but even she looks at me differently

So I get up not caring how I look what I wear today I just want some food, to be honest, I don't pay much attention to these ceremonies because even though I feel I'm worthy because whatever their problem with me is they will never let me become an elite.

Each day I look in the mirror for a long time

I guess because everyone hates me, I try to look for imperfections in the way I look, maybe I have some features that aren't normal. No one ever tells me why they don't like me, so I try to find it myself.

I look at everyone else and what they consider Beauty that I have, at least I think.

I Go in the bathroom look at myself in the mirror surprisingly I look pretty good my long dreadlocks that are naturally red are somewhat curled in a way my blue eyes look even more blue and pleasant I guess because of the light my thick eyebrows arched as always my plump not too small not too big lips are a little swollen
my high cheekbones and my natural freckles show I have a few white ones comes in the family my light-brown skin looks much clearer than usual

My long lashes are getting caught in my eyes, so I rubbed them.

I've never been called beautiful so honestly, I don't know if I am, but I hope one day I'm called Beautiful I look at my body not big breasts they're full though
flat stomach
and long legs I'm pretty tall. Nice hips, not the biggest butt though.

people may dislike me in my Village one thing people have said is I have a very Angelic voice when I sing it's the only compliment I've ever gotten probably the only one I'll ever get.

My mom called for her to come downstairs " come downstairs, please"

I stopped looking in the mirror and ran downstairs.

My mother hands me a plate of food and my other siblings as well surprisingly there are plated like they're in some fancy Pub or something mine's look like you just threw whatever on it
looks like she didn't put no effort she never does I'm not treated the best so I'm not going to be picky
I'm just happy she still cares about me enough to feed me. I finished my food my mom quickly takes my palate and tell me to "go upstairs and dress properly" I don't even know why she's making me go honestly she knows that they're being unfair to me but she never defends me no one does.

I go upstairs try to find any dress, to be honest like I said I'm not putting in much effort but before I fully get dressed I look outside the people that live on this land might be a jerk but this land is beautiful The most magnificent sites you will ever see

I've lived here all my life for 17 year and it still takes my breath away but somehow someway as much as I love to look at it I am leaving I cannot stay here anymore I will leave and I think I know-how

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