The Complicated Woman

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This story is about a woman who had been through so much in life and through her trials and tribulations was seen as complicated when she was truly only a puzzle to be put together by true love ❤️

Romance / Mystery
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Meet Diamond 💎

On regular days she was just a average woman living life staying to herself. She wasn’t rich although she always day dreamed to be. She had goals set for herself that she was still not close to reaching. She lacked having the faith in herself that so many others had. Diamond was raised in the country and came up a tomboy type of girl she loved climbing trees and playing in dirt and with bugs just everything. She was raised to always have self respect and to always treat others as she would want to be treated. She was taught to cook she learned how to rake yards and how to mow grass and so many things that would help her to be as independent as possible when she became a woman. Let’s face it honestly speaking all women don’t grow up and end up becoming wives so u have to be able to do inside and outside work just in case because things still have to be done. Diamond was a very sweet person she would give the shirt off of her back to help someone but she also had a dark side, a side riddled in pain. She had been through things in her life as a child that she would not ever get over and in growing into a woman had been through so much in relationships. Her pain from her childhood taught her not to trust because she was hurt by someone who she had complete trust in to protect her and that person hurt her. A very traumatic experience she went through honestly that changed her forever. Relationships came and went and through each one she stayed prepared for the worst to the point that the first red flag she would stay throwing in the towel on relationships and walk away with no hate or bad feelings and move on with her life. She only expected the worst from people because she had suffered so badly in her childhood. Love wasn’t something that she expected to ever feel so deeply for anyone that she got with. She would care for them but her feelings didn’t ever get deep to the point of falling in love. She began to feel she was invincible to falling in love. She began to feel that she would not ever find anyone to be as faithful and honest and loyal as she was. She wanted to be the only one for a man who chose to be with her but not just the only one but also enough for them. She was raised to understand that temptation was everywhere and she knew nobody was perfect but she knew that if you loved a person with all your heart nobody else could even feel comfortable enough to approach you because u could gladly and happily decline their invitations. It’s all kinds of excuses used for cheating on who a person is with but they are just that excuses and definitely no excuse to hurt someone or break their heart. Diamond always wondered why they would choose to wanna try to be in relationships knowing that they were not capable of being with just one person. It makes no sense but it happens everyday. All she wanted was to meet someone real who would come into her life and truly love her for who she was. Love her in her good and bad times and not give up when days got ruff but to stand by her side regardless. She also wanted their full attention and to be top priority and to not ever be disrespected by anyone no matter who they were. Diamond had a heart of gold she just wanted love but not just any love true love that deep love that type of love where it’s strong chemistry where it feels like an explosion when they touch and even more explosive when they kiss. That intense feeling where when u look into their eyes you know in your heart they were made just for you. She stayed laughing inside each time she imagined this type of love cause in reality she didn’t think it even existed at least not for her. Diamond was a strong willed independent type she was a believer in working and doing for herself. She didn’t believe in being a woman to look for a man to take care of her while she sat home and did nothing. Independence meant a lot to her and she loved knowing that nobody could ever throw in her face what they had done for her or what she wouldn’t have without them. She wasn’t the fairytale believing type where you live life imagining getting proposed to or getting married or just lived life with that constant perception. She believed that if it was meant to be for her that it would be. She knew her worth as a woman. Diamond wasn’t perfect by far as no one is to be honest but she accepted all of her flaws and imperfections and accepted herself as who she was. She didn’t feel the need to be fake or pretend to be anybody that she wasn’t. The best person she could be was herself. She wanted to one day in her life to meet someone who could see her as she was and truly still be able to desire her and appreciate her and love her. Diamond was a strong minded woman and had no problem being honest even if it hurt someone’s feelings she refused to be dishonest. She had no problem standing up for herself when she was wronged by someone and stayed able to conduct herself in a manner to let them know how she felt without things resorting to violence. She was a home body type of woman she stayed out of the streets and out of the clubs. She didn’t use drugs in fact she didn’t even smoke and when it came to drinking she did love wine and dark liquors with chasers but she only drank sociably or occasionally she wasn’t the everyday drinking type. Diamond believed that the sexiest part of a person was their mind because if their mind was messed up the rest meant nothing. Looks we’re not ever her thing to look at to decide to give a person a chance to be in her life. She tried to look at how a person treated her or perceived themselves to her and gave them chances off of that. She wasn’t the one to deal with nonsense and she was quick to walk away before she did no matter how many years were involved. Some said she was too quick to give up but diamond felt if you cheat once you will do it again so u may do it once to her but she promised you wouldnt do it twice after she found out. Don’t get it twisted she wanted to be with someone and eventually get married but not at the extent of being put through any and everything. She knew that every person was different and that many were weak where others like herself were stronger. She knew temptation was around us all and it was always someone better looking or with a better job or better house or just more than who you had but that was the times that loyalty was tested and if love for who you had was more important than a one night stand with a stranger it was the only thought needed to bring back reality and help a person walk away from the temptation. Diamond refused to be a woman who lived life with the knowledge of having a man who lived with her and had a relationship with her but was having other women as well. So many women were ok with that but she wasn’t. She was willing to leave them alone and let them do whatever they chose to do. Diamond wasn’t the most beautiful woman face wise or body wise but she was decent and most definitely an attention catcher. She got constant attention but that didn’t excite her especially since most of the guys gave attention to all the females they found attractive. Was it too much to ask for to just get somebody that was done with the streets and ready to honestly be with one person? Only time would answer that question.
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