Ivory Kisses

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Chapter 6. The One With The...Oops


It was Christmas Eve, and the crackling fire was the main source of light in the dimly lit lounge room as well as the T.V. blaring in the background. Some Prince’s Wedding was being aired on repeat, and I quickly turned it off not wanting to be reminded of Prince Abubu. Needing additional romantic ambiance, the Christmas tree sparkled as soon as I switched it on. I invited CC over for dinner, slaved over the stove and cooked her favourite meal. Not that I was any good at it, but she had been so busy at work and doing her own catering, I wanted to give her the break she deserved.

I glanced towards the dining table, making sure it was set up to perfection.

Wine glasses. Check.

Unlit candles I need to fire up. Check.

Marginally expensive bottle of red. Check.

Nerves. Check. Check.

We had discussed moving in together---and I knew she would say yes, but there was always that nagging voice in the back of my head which told me everything was too good to be true.

I wish it would shut the fuck up.

That persistent thought probably had more to do with the betrayal by my ex, and Nick the fucking prick, who first wanted to use CC for his own gratification, but it soon turned to revenge and hatred---because Nick always wanted what I had. But there was no way he would get my girl.

The aroma from the kitchen alerted me that the food was ready, just before the ding of the oven. CC always loved a good home cooked meal, and the first night we met, she’d told me that a good roast dinner had always been her favourite, as it reminded her of the time she shared with her family.

Meeting her was the greatest moment of my life, soon followed by my friend’s Wedding. CC was everything I wanted in a woman, and nothing like my ex, which is why I had fallen in love with her so quickly. There was something about the way she would stare into my eyes, as though she was still surprised I would be with her---but the truth was, CC was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. And I was a complete gonner when it came to her.

After taking out the roast dinner, and placing it on the stove to rest, I quickly ran to my room to change into something more formal. It had been a year since the wedding, and I wanted to make sure I looked presentable---for her.

Fixing the button on my shirt, I made my way back downstairs, only to find CC smiling at me. She entered the house with the spare key I had given her.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

“E1,” she beamed. “Something smells so good.”

E1 was the nickname my friends gave me a few years back to differentiate between the other Evan---and clearly it was something CC needed since she mistook me for my best friend.

“I made your favourite.”

CC gasped. “You made Fettuccine Pesto?” My mouth gaped open and her lips curved to a smirk. “I’m kidding. You made my favourite roast, didn’t you?”

“I did. You needed a good home cooked meal after working your ass off.”

“So, why are you in a suit?”

“Did you forget we said we would meet everyone after dinner?”

She slapped her forehead, clearly stressed that the minute detail slipped out of her mind. “I’m so sorry.” CC glanced down her perfect form---except she never thought of herself as perfect, but I did. “Look at me. I’m not even dressed.”

“You’re gorgeous,” I said, and that was the honest fucking truth.

It had been a year since we got together, and a year later she still blushed whenever I paid her a compliment she was well deserving of.

“Dinner’s almost ready if you want to take a seat.” I pulled out the chair in the dining room and motioned her to sit down.

CC smiled, and placed her bag down on the bench before accepting my gesture. I moved towards the kitchen and unfoiled the roast. Picking it up, ready to take it to the table.

As I turned around, food in grasp, I noticed CC down on her knee.

“Now? Fuck, CC. I won’t say no.”

Hastily, I placed the food back on the stove before I frantically fumbled with my belt. One look from her was all it took to get me to flail my clothes off. After my pants dropped to the floor, and my boxers fell with them, I held onto my cock while staring into her confused eyes.

What the fuck?

CC lifted her arm. I was sure she was about to grasp a hold of me, ready to use her tongue and mouth where I needed her the most, but something else happened instead.


In her hands was a tiny blue box, which she aimed towards me.

“Yeah, Evan. This isn’t what you think, but I kinda don’t care that you’re naked right now. It’ll be a good story to tell our friends one day.”

“CC---what’s going on?”

Her tongue slid against her bottom lip before she cleared her throat, gaining whatever confidence she needed to talk.

“Evan---I never thought I would ever find someone as amazing as you. I was hooked from the first night we met, and I think part of me fell in love with you then. The other was heartbroken things didn’t work out---but in the end they did. Because of you, I know what love is supposed to feel like. What true love is supposed to feel like. You’ve given me everything I have ever dreamed of---and more.”

I wasn’t even disappointed that she was on her knees for a different reason than what I had originally imagined, with her lips secured around my shaft. This was better. So fucking better.

“I don’t want to spend any part of my life without you, Evan. I’m so in love with you.”

Without her saying another word, I fell onto my knees with my girl. She immediately smiled, and opened up the tiny box. “Marry me, Evan.”

She took my silence as refusal, until I collected my pants from the floor and tucked my hand in the pocket, pulling out my gift to her.

CC’s eyes widened when I opened a box of my own. “I was going to propose to you tonight as well.”

She smiled, tears filling her sweet eyes, and this was definitely a proposal neither of us would forget.

“I’m so fucking in love with you too, CC. Of course I’d marry you, if you want to marry me.”

Eagerly nodding, we exchanged our rings while I was bottom half-naked on the cold tiles of my kitchen floor, my cock semi-hard still, but my heart was filled with love for the one woman who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

“Merry Christmas, CC.”

“Merry Christmas, Evan.”

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