Ivory Kisses

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The Conspirator's Note

Hey, lovely readers!

Phew! This was one hell of a ride, huh? But like all good things, the story of Evan and CC has to come to an end as well.

First, both of us, Aviana M. and @LizzieLioness, want to say a warm thank you for reading our first-ever collaboration.

We appreciate you all so much for supporting this story with your votes and comments, which we absolutely adored reading! We might not have been able to reply to every single one of them but we promise we have read them all and were over the moon about your reactions.

You all have no idea how much we have enjoyed working together, and writing this short piece, which we had fallen in love with. Working on the epilogue today, was a bittersweet moment for both of us.

If you weren't already aware, the two of us were obsessed with teasing our readers, giving you a hint of Christmas with a dash of romance and a lot of drama, mixed together with some laughs. And sorry, for the hair-pulling cliffhangers... kinda, hah!

We also want to mention that a few people commented on how smoking hot each character was, but we had you fooled. These people are not real models, but the image of two models combined into one, so we are sorry, but there are no Instagram accounts to follow!


And, we have enjoyed working together quite a bit, that we have an idea of a new project to work on, and if you looked carefully in Ivory Kisses, we gave you a few subtle hints about our future story! ❤😍🥰

Last but not the least, a very special thank you to the amazingly talented writer and a very good friend, @Luci82Fer, for creating that gorgeous mock-up that we have used on the cover of this chapter on Wattpad.

Thank you so much for sticking with us till now.

Stay tuned.

Lots of love xoxoxo

Aviana M. & Lizzie Lioness.

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