The Barbaric Renegades: Book 1

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An assassin running from her past and a MC leader with his own secrets to hide.

Romance / Action
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An assassin running from her past and a MC leader with his own secrets to hide.


Elena Mancini (Redstreak) was trained to not feel, care, or think about how people are. She was trained to kill. In the assassin world she is known as Redstreak, one of the world’s most powerful and agile assassins. But she ran away and met Rubble.


Rubble is the Pres of his MC club The Barbaric Renegades. He always makes sure his daughter is taken care of. He has secrets of his past that he wouldn’t dare talk about with anyone except his closest brothers. His club is one of the strongest MC’s in America. Then he saw a strange woman laying on the dirt in the woods.

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