The Barbaric Renegades: Book 1

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Chapter 1: Elena

I'm driving down the road and can't see. The tears are steadily falling down after countless times of me wiping them away. I'm going 100mph down a curvy road when my phone rings. I look down to see "Mom" on the screen, so I ignore it. When I look up a motorcycle comes out of nowhere across the other road and I almost hit it. After I swerve I'm going down the grass towards the trees and can't stop, then I see black.

My head is pounding and I slowly open my eyes. The sun is staring down through the windshield of my beat-up car. What happened, I thought. Then I remembered that stupid motorcycle cutting in front of me. Ugh, I hate people who does that. Then I realized that I saw a patch on the dumb bikers jaket the read "The Barbaric Renegades." Should I get revenge? I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that it will be fine. Then I felt a sharp pain in the back of my mind. I try to stand up but my legs are weak so I fall back down. When I fall I land on a big piece of glass and it cut into my side. Now my head hurt and I'm losing alot of blood damnit. What else could go fucking wrong? I thought. I was getting so so tired but I had to make it back up to the road. It hurts so bad as I start to crawl and I can feel the blood leaving my body as I get weaker. I hope they don't find me. Is the last thing I thought before everything went black once again

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