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Revenge and love...

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PROLOGUE-10 years earlier

"I can't find Gaelyn!" Samantha to me. My head whirled around in confusion. The seige on our kingdom was very bad. Mother and father were both dead in the castle, shot down with poisoned arrows.

And now I couldn't find my little sister. Panic was everywhere. I hugged Samantha tightly to my heaving breasts. The soldiers from the enemy's side will soon be here, we had to find her. We heard the hooves of horses approaching and we fled wide eyed into a nearby bush.

Four soldiers appeared with a little girl. My hand flew to my mouth, concealing my gaping mouth. It was Gaelyn. The soldiers had her. My heart hammered painfully in my chest. A fifth man on a horse appeared with a little boy sitting in front of him.

He looked like royalty and I recognized him. He was King Hansen and the little boy in front of him was Prince Elvis. I opened my seven year old mouth wide.

To my horror, the king ordered Gaelyn to be killed, thinking that she was the only child of our parents and therefore the heir to the throne. Then before my eyes and Samantha's, Gaelyn was slashed into two. The halves of her delicate body falling to each side and her guts spilling out. Blood and internal organs were everywhere and Samantha sobbed silently into my chest.

With an agony filled heart, I vowed then and there to avenge my parents and my sweet sweet Gaelyn.
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