Not So Perfect

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My dads' apology was a lot more straightforward than my mothers was. He admitted to being so in love with the idea of his two daughters going to a top university. I reminded him that this doesn't mean that I'm giving up the idea. I just want to figure things out first and then consider college.

Overall, we both had a conversation that didn't involve one of us getting angry. We both sat there for an hour and for once he didn't try to control my decisions.

To top it all off, him and my mother gave me a check of a thousand dollars. For the baby. The short note on the envelope said.

He specifically told me to open it when I got home. An hour away from them, knowing that I'd be reluctant to accept their gift.

Which I absolutely was, my jaw dropped to the floor. That's nothing to them, just a small present for the way they reacted. Their apologies and request to start over have really helped me. I feel relief and a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Having their support is all I have ever wanted.

It's a big step forward from where we were a few days ago. It's gonna take some time to get used to. My parents aren't all that comfortable with sharing their emotions with me. They have always talked to me in a formal way as if we're acquaintances and not family. So for them to suddenly change isn't likely.

Healing takes time, we're all going to have to accept the changes.

Alice and I head to the beach, where the party that Chase invited us to is. I tell her more about my afternoon and how she never expected my parents to speak to me in the first place.

She turns into the parking lot, circling a few times until we find a spot. "Holly is next?" She questions.

I laugh, "Doubt it." We make our way through the groups of people.

My sister is a whole different story. One that is confusing even to me. I can't remember a single time where Holly wasn't insulting me.

Music is already blaring through a speaker. There are a few tables set up with foods, snacks, drinks: both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. From what I've heard, a few guys rent out the beach once a summer.

It's packed, most of them hanging out by the drinks. We spot our friends, to my surprise Kayla is here too. Chase stands behind her with an arm lazily wrapped around her shoulders. I smile, receiving a cold glare from the blonde in his arms.

Chelsea wraps an arm around me. tugging me and Alice along with her. She must have begun drinking already, her laughter becoming lighthearted as she dances.

Her eyes land on me. "You're not dancing?" She pouts, her brown hair in light waves. When I shake my head, she turns to Alice instead.

Jesse waves with two fingers, one hand holding a red cup and the other wrapped around a redheads waist. Giving him a slight tilt of my head, I smile with an eye roll.

Becoming uncomfortable with the dancing, I excuse myself to grab something to drink. Having to push through the sweaty and drunk bodies. I'm grabbed a few times, strangers asking me to join them.

When I finally make it out in one piece, I breathe out in relief. Picking up a water bottle I end up wandering towards the empty side of the beach. The sky looks beautiful with the colors mixed in it.

I'm sat in silence just enjoying the calmness of the setting. Leaning back on my palms to get comfortable.

A shadow looms over me, a gasp leaving my lips. Turning to see Matt, I hold a hand over my chest.

"You scared me," I mutter hugging my knees to my chest.

He gives me a lopsided smirk, blue eyes glimmering. "Oops?" Sitting right beside me leaving space between us.

Breathing in the fresh air we sit in silence. Matt and I have shared no words before this, so it's impossible to think of what to talk about.

I pick at a loose thread on my denim shorts. Lifting my head up to give him a glance. "Why aren't you with everyone else?"

His eyes are set on the sand in front of him. With a shrug he replies. "Because you're here alone, and there are a bunch of hormonal drunk teens here."

I press my lips together realizing how far I had walked. If anyone were to have followed me, I would be too hidden to be heard.

Matt nods. "Exactly. Be careful next time."

I roll my eyes although knowing to be more alert. "Okay, dad." I joke.

His nose scrunches up. "Don't say that again." He fake shivers.

My lips turn up at the corners. Now I see why Alice is so attracted to him. He says what's on his mind, much like she does.

"So... Alice is great, huh?" I ask, taking in his reaction.

He manages to keep a blank stare. "What are you doing Bea?" Pretending to not know what he's referring to I give him a smile. "If you want me to confess my love for Alice, it's not happening."

I narrow my eyes at him. "You can't hide that you at least find her attractive."

"I admit that I like her, she knows that already. Doesn't mean anything is going to happen." He sighs.

Not wanting to pry I let it go. "We should head back," I suggest.

Standing up, Matt grips my hand and pulls me up forcefully. I groan, rubbing where he gripped.

"Jeez, you almost took my arm off." I frown.

Rolling his eyes he chuckles. "I box for fun, sorry about that."

We walk back to the party, teasing each other. It's almost like we've been friends forever. When in reality this is my first time having a conversation with him.

The only ones we see are Jesse and Chelsea. "Where's Alice?" I asked concerned.

They shrug, too drunk to even stand up straight. Matt squeezes my shoulder in comfort.

"I'll go look for her." He tells us.

I stand away from all the dancing and stumbling to avoid being trampled. Kayla seems to be having fun, her hands all over Chase. I tear my gaze away, checking my phone relieved to see that Alice went to the restroom.

Feeling like a fourth wheel with the three pairs around me is how my night goes.
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