Not So Perfect

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The Fourth of July is a huge deal to my family. It's almost like the last day that everyone can hang out before being busy with work and school.

Things have definitely changed this year so I decided to not go. My parents both invited me which surprised me. They're still adjusting to being involved in my life and vice versa.

My decision to stay alone in the apartment is due to my lovely sister. This is her opportunity to say something to me and embarrass me in front of our friends and family. To avoid causing a mess I'll just opt out of going altogether.

I sit at the counter with a cup of coffee in my hands. Alice runs around trying to get everything last minute before she drives to see her family.

Watching in amusement, I drink my coffee.

She comes back into the kitchen out of breath. "Are you sure you don't want to join us?" She asks.

"I'm fine Alice, I have leftover pizza."

Her eyes narrow. "At least go with Thomas then."

Shaking my head, I mess with the rim of the mug. "You guys go, I can handle a few hours on my own." I laugh.

I can tell she's hesitant, and knowing Alice she would cancel just to stay with me. She sighs, agreeing with me.

"Okay, fine. Call me and I'll drive back as fast as I can." She kisses the top of my head. "Don't eat the leftover pizza either, you're gonna get sick."

I wave, feeling like a child. "Bye!"

The door closes and I'm left alone. It's a little past twelve so I finish my coffee and wash the mug. Gathering clean clothes to shower.

I take my time, scrubbing myself and washing my hair. The room smells like my lavender scented body wash as I dry off.

I brush my teeth, fix my hair, and head into the living room. Scanning through the movie section I select one that looks decent.

It takes the beginning for me to lay on my side until I'm comfortable. I figure that a nap won't hurt and shut my eyes.

I'm awoken by the sound of knocking. It felt like a dream at first, until I processed that I was even asleep. Sitting up slowly, I rub my eyes. Making my way to the door.

My eyes light up in surprise at the sight of Chase. He wears a white T-shirt and skinny jeans. In his hands are a couple of bags.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, holding the door open to let him in.

After he has set the bags on the counter he turns to me with a smile. "Alice was worried about you being bored to death so she called Chelsea."

I roll my eyes knowing that she would do something like that. "I'm fine." I laugh. "Is Chelsea coming?" I ask.

Rummaging through the bags, his brows are furrowed until he finds what he was searching for. "She stayed with our grandma. My parents had a house to show so they had to leave early." He explains.

I keep eyeing the bags which he. notices. "What did you bring?" I question curiously.

After pulling out snacks and drinks for us, we decide to watch a movie. Chase chooses one that he's excited for me to watch because in his words it's amazing.

I can't help but smile every time he explains something to me. The movie is confusing and I feel bad but Chase has no problem with helping me understand. He's so engrossed in every second of the movie.

When it's over we sit on the floor and eat skittles. I hand him the yellow and orange ones, never eating those colors in any candy.

"I've never seen anyone do that." He laughs, watching me pick the two colors out.

I shrug. "I think I focus too much on the colors, the taste is pretty bad too."

I grin when his mouth drops open. I toss one his mouth, missing.

We take turns, asking each other a question for every one we make.

"What's your favorite season and why?" I ask.

Not even thinking twice he answers. "Spring, the weather is always nice and the air feels fresh."

He makes one in, not surprising because he's missed three. "What's a mistake you've made that actually made your life better?"

The question is a lot deeper than intended. I could answer honestly but I'd have to mention Thomas. "Deciding to move here," I say. "The result of my mistake anyways." I shrug.

His eyes search mine but I avoid his gaze. "I thought you moved here because Alice needed a roommate?" I remember her covering up for me when we first met them.

"Something like that." Definitely a lie.

Relieved that he let it slide, I turn to him. He's already looking at me as if trying to figure me out.

"You look down when you're lying."

My cheeks heat up. "How d-"

Chase gives me a look before tearing his eyes away from me. "Your nose also twitches when you're annoyed. I noticed the other day when Kayla was taunting you." He says.

Pressing my lips together, I question him. "What do I do when I'm happy?" I ask sarcastically.

His lips turn up at the corners. "Your eyes twinkle."

I push him slightly, standing up to throw away the trash. "You are very observant."

He joins me, tossing the bottles away. I learned a lot about him. One, that he's very outdoorsy and a people's person. Two, not to show any emotion because he notices even the smallest things.

"Thank you for not letting me bore to death."

With a boyish smile, he slips his shoes on. "Anytime." He chuckles. "I'll see you at work."

Standing at the door, I smile. "Bye Chase."

I text Alice and thank her for worrying about me. Feeling grateful for them for even caring. When my parents ask what I did, I answer with a short response.

My day didn't completely go to waste, I enjoyed it.
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